Chapter 5

Mindy couldn't sleep. All she could think about was the horses on the ranch. Teddy was coming along great in his training. Her dad had moved them into the advanced class, which was a really great accomplishment for Mindy. He had also said she was a natural at training horses and her dad wasn't the type of person to give out praise. Cindy was doing well in her classes too with Sterling. Cindy and Sterling were starting their Intermediate classes tomorrow. Then Mindy started to think about what type of horse she should buy when and if she found the right one. Maybe a Thoroughbred, then again a Quarter horse would be cool, or maybe… and Mindy fell asleep thinking about horses.

The next morning she woke up to her alarm clock buzzing. Mindy wondered why she set it so early. Why would she want to wake up at 5:00 in the morning? She shut it off and was about to go back to sleep when she remembered why she had set the clock so early. Today was the day her father would take her out to see the mustangs. He had found them again and wanted to see if they could get closer on horseback than if they were in the truck. So she hurried up and leapt out of bed to get dressed. Mindy could hardly contain herself as she walked down the stairs, when she should be running, so quietly as not to wake Cindy, who would be staying home. She immediately told her dad upon seeing him that she would take Phantom Bay and that she had thought about it for most of the night. She had decided to take him because he was fast, great on trails, and easy to handle in hard situations.

"Good choice." McGregor praised his daughter and then added that they would be eating breakfast on the trail and to tack up quickly they needed to get a move on. Mindy almost slammed the door in her race to get to the barn.