For my favourite ultraman host ever.

For Asuka Shin,

Light from Light

Where Am I?

Am I dead?

I d-don't want to die

Stars keep an eye on me

Perhaps, living with this speed, I

Wouldn't want to caused much troubles in galaxies

Searching you, everywhere

The Diamond, Ruby, Amethyst, Sapphire, Turquoise, all wanted me to touch them

Waved at me

The sea moves everyway it touches


Is that you?

Oh, Thanks God,

Thank you so much!

Being a predator isn't easy as you think

Nah, the dark never show me the road,

The hole never got me the boat

Being a great pilot, who lost in the tears of God, is always useful

Psst, it always helps me, guards me to walk in the right path xD

This poetry based of the state "There's a legend of a great pilot who lost in light"

For the first and second also the last two episodes