Hello everyone, thank you for all of the reviews. I am reassured that I am doing the right thing thanks to your suppor

Sorry I haven't added anything lately, it has been Christmas, and there was a crisis with the computers! Firstly, I didn't have one for a week, then I got a MacBook and had to learn how to use it (FUNNY SHIT: might do a Fic about it…), THEN the Microsoft Word ran out and I was unable to open my files for a week and a half, and now they're all converting. It is all very stressful when your work is in demand…

I am currently writing a different Fic, just so that I don't get writer's block with Cracks in the Looking Glass (it will be called something different when released so keep an eye out).

Hopefully – due to it's likeness in nature – you'll like my new Fic, it shouldn't be long before I start posting the first few chapters up, I hope that you'll be patient with it like you show my other work.

Again, even if you read this after this is posted, please review – there's nothing better than checking your e-mail to find you've got a review!

Thank you, again.