So this is basically just a mini-tiny-little prologue to see if you guys would ever even think of reading this. I pretty much got this idea after the Rocky Horror episode after Sam confessed his self esteem issues to Finn. What if they were a lot worse than anyone let on?

Quinn Fabray didn't know how she got here. With a 18 year old blonde haired, blue eyed gorgeous boy crying in her arms. She had convinced herself it wasn't this bad, that he wasn't this bad. Every time he called she just told herself this boy just had too much on his plate and that when football, or school, or even his family started to settle down then he would too. But when she answered the phone that night she defiantly didn't expect this to happen. Maybe she should have ignored it, maybe she should have told him they were closed, no, he needed her, and as much as she didn't want to admit it she needed him.

Please let me know if you would read this. it probably wont be up for a while, most likely mid-way or after my current Fabrevans fic. also if you haven't read it check out my current Fabrevans fic Life In A Glass House.