Hey there peeps. This is another Warcraft story, however no one really knows how this is going to turn out. Co-writer Tyler Rohloff is also the author of this story. I will write one chapter, and he will write the next, and so on. So yeah, this could end up being completely ridiculous or extremely serious. The latter of which I doubt ;) Anyway, I hope you enjoy reading this! ^-^


Clams. So many clams. Filled with slippery goodness and if you were lucky, maybe even a pretty pearl. When the he-murlocs found pearls, they would stow them away in a secret place and wait until they had enough pearls to create a charm, bracelet or necklace for their loved one.

Haha, as if.

Glurglegum gargled hysterically and held the precious pearl up to the sun, where it glistened innocently against the light. He was going to be the richest murloc in the entire Likilly clan. He'd boast about it to every living creature in sight, because no one, not in ten whole years, had been honoured enough by the oceans to find a pearl.

The slimy, blue murloc looked around the golden shores of Tanaris. There was not a soul in sight. He shrugged apathetically and began his trek back down along the beach to his poor village, his eyes alert and darting to and fro in search of even the smallest critter of whom he could brag to.

Up ahead was a sea turtle, three times bigger than him and infinitely tougher. Yet so proud was Glurglegum that he sprinted towards the creature, pearl in his outstretched, webbed fingers.

"Look! Look what I've got!" He laughed, a guttural, odd sound that startled the turtle and made him ram his tough, spiked shell against the murloc's fragile, thin layer of skin, sending him flying- the pearl, too.

"Rarghgrl!" Glurglegum cried as he skittered along the rough, hot sand. "Oh, I'll get you for that, you thick-head!"

The sea turtle trudged back towards the gentle lull of the ocean waves as if nothing had happened, enraging Glurglegum even more. He came to his feet and readied himself before starting to charge the turtle. Step after step he ran, until suddenly, he hit a hard leg of plate and collapsed.

Moments, minutes, hours later; Glurglegum couldn't tell, his wincing eyes opened partially. He was greeted by the inquisitive face of a human, who looked at him with guilt.

Mortified, Glurglegum clumsily rose to his feet, only to fall back down in a daze. His first thought was, 'What's a human doing in the middle of nowhere?', followed by 'ARGH! Where's my pearl!'

The human chuckled at him and shook its head. Curiosity overcame Glurglegum, who studied the human carefully. It was bulky, with all that heavy plate armour, but underneath that, the human was rather small and petite. It had long brown hair and appeared to be female, though he couldn't understand why a female would carry around such a heavy sword and wear the attire of a warrior. Humans were odd creatures.

His moment of interest had passed. All he cared about now was the whereabouts of his pearl.

"Ekilmmlmul!" Glurglegum exclaimed furiously. He repeated the word pearl several times before realising that the human did not speak murloc. Frustrated, he waved his hands in the air wildly in an attempt to show what he meant. The human only laughed harder, and raised her arms in surrender.


Yeah, so, rather weird and uninteresting so far. Heh. Well, the next chapter should be interesting :P I hope you've enjoyed! -QueenAlla