Hi! My name's Alyssa, and welcome to my fanfiction for Knight and Day. This story will be about the movie from the eyes of August Havens, June's teenage cousin who she is the guardian of. I'm going to stick to the basic plotline, but there will be some added twists! I hope that you will like it!

Knight and Day: August's Story

Chapter 1

"Come on, August!" my cousin June yelled as she tugged her fat suitcase through the Wichita International Airport. I rolled my eyes before following her. You're probably wondering who I am. My name's August Marie Havens. I'm fifteen years old, of average height, and I have dark blond hair and brown eyes.

Anyway, June Havens is my guardian since my parents died in a car accident when I was thirteen. We're in Wichita because my cousin is a car restorer and she needed some spare parts and in her words, "Kansas has the best scrap." She had picked up the parts today and we were heading back to Boston in time to get fitted for our bridesmaids' dresses for June's sister, April's wedding.

June had just gone up the escalator with me trailing behind when she ran into a short, handsome guy that looked a lot like Tom Cruise. I groaned with embarrassment as the guy politely helped my cousin pick up her suitcase.

"Sorry about that," I apologized to the man. "My cousin's a klutz."

"August!" June scolded. The Tom Cruise look-a-like only smiled understandingly to me.

"It was my fault," he admitted. "I was on my phone and didn't look where I was going." He smiled again. "You girls have a good flight." He then walked away.

June pulled me aside after he left. "I will kill you if you do that again."

I laughed and ran towards the security checkpoint. June muttered under her breath about "little cousins being a pain in the neck" before lugging her bag full of car parts to the metal detector. I put my suitcase on the conveyor belt and waited for June's bag to be inspected by the security guy.

As I waited, I saw the same guy June had run into getting his suitcase checked. He gave me a small smile and I caught June giving him nonchalant glances. I groaned again. He can so tell that she's checking him out! Why is she so embarrassing? Just then, June's bag finished being inspected and we headed over to our gate.

On our way there, June bumped into the same guy again! I smacked my palm to my face and pretended that I didn't know her.

"This is getting to be a habit," I heard the guy joke. June laughed nervously and got her bag. "Boston?" he asked.

"Yeah," June said almost in awe.

"Gate 12," he said. I rolled my eyes. We're not that stupid. June didn't say anything, but smiled. I had to pull her towards the gate so we wouldn't be late getting on our flight. I didn't care about the handsome guy that had captured my cousin's eye.

The guy followed us to Gate 12 and I realized with annoyance that he was going to Boston, too. What a flight home this will be. June will be falling all over that guy the whole way back. Good thing I have my iPod or else I would be in a living nightmare.

The boarding agent took a ticket from the man in front of us and then it was our turn. June handed over our boarding passes. The woman looked them over and frowned. "I'm sorry. You're not on this flight." Hallelujah! I thought. I won't have to listen to June trying to flirt with that guy! At this point, I wasn't thinking of how we were supposed to get back home.

"…we just checked in for this one, like, 10 minutes ago," June was saying. "That must be some sort of mistake."

"I'm sorry, the computer shows that we're booked," the boarding agent said with an apologetic smile. Now, I realized what was going on and the Havens wit came out.

"Listen, Sharry," I said a little forcefully, looking at her nametag. "Tomorrow my cousin- her little sister- is getting married." That was a lie, but hey, whatever works. I'd lied my way out of many situations before. June was a little shocked, but she played along.

"Yes, I practically raised her," June agreed in my defense.

"I'm sorry, but we are completely sold out," Sharry apologized. I could tell that she was getting frustrated.

"Listen, can you help us out for a second?" June asked politely. "She's my little sister. She's April, I'm June. My cousin over here is August. April's counting on me to march her down the aisle tomorrow. And August is really excited to be a bridesmaid." I nodded in agreement, even though I wasn't that excited to get in a poofy dress and stand in heels for five hours during the reception.

"That's very sweet," Sharry said with a smile. "But the 11:50 will get you there tomorrow morning with plenty of time. Your boarding pass, sir?" she asked June's crush. I shrugged my shoulders at June, who I knew was disappointed. Tom Cruise's twin gave us an understanding look.

"Sometimes things happen for a reason," he said mysteriously. I was confused. That's something that you would put on a bumper sticker! What kind of line is that?

"Enjoy your flight, Mr. Miller," Sharry told him in almost relief. She was probably happy that he didn't argue with her like we did. He thanked her and got on the plane. June gazed after him, a tiny bit sad. She's wishing that she was with him, I thought with amusement.

"Come on, June," I said, taking her bag of car parts from her. "Let's go sit down and decide what to do next."


FBI Agent Fitzgerald was sitting in the back seat of his SUV, watching surveillance footage of Roy Miller running into two young blond women. He was also listening to his superior, Isabel George, director of counter-intel, chew him out about Miller.

"He came undone," Fitzgerald told her. "I should've seen it coming."

"Coming undone in our business means you need a margarita," she said angrily. "It doesn't mean capping a dozen people in a government lab and blowing it up. It doesn't mean stealing an object of critical importance. Does he have the Zephyr or not?"

"We believe so," Fitzgerald said gingerly, knowing he was walking on eggshells.

"Uh-huh. You believe so," Isabel said in disbelieve.

"Check this out," the agent beside Fitz whispered. Fitz ignored Isabel's lecturing to lean over and see what the younger agent was babbling about. His eyes grew wide.

"Play it again," he said quickly. "We'll have the Zephyr in hand by the time Miller lands in Boston." Fitz then hung up without saying goodbye. He looked at the surveillance monitor again and watched Miller talking to the two women. "Find out who and what they are," he ordered.

"Should I have the office in Wichita pick them up?" the other agent asked.

"No. I got a better idea." Fitz picked up his cell phone and made a quick call to the Wichita airport. Got you, Miller.


I leaned back against the uncomfortable airport seat, chewing on a red gummy bear. I had gotten them from one of the many gift shops for our flight, but now I was starved. Besides, it wasn't like we were going to be flying or anything. I looked over at June, who was deep in thought.

"Want a gummy bear?" I offered. "I haven't eaten any of the green ones. I know they're your favorites."

"No thanks."

"You're thinking about that dreamy Mr. Miller, aren't you? Because we're not going to see him again, you know."

"I know, but he was so nice and polite. So unlike my exes."

"Oh, June!" I cried, exasperated. "You just need to get over him." June grinned before getting a magazine out of her bag and settling back in her seat to read.

I was bored, so I watched people hurry to their flights or to security. I made up a game where I tried to figure out who the rushed passengers were. For example, a young couple came by our seats, giggling like little schoolgirls. I instantly knew that they were honeymooners. June kept herself occupied with her magazine.

"Are we going to go back to the hotel?" I asked, tired of sitting on the fake leather seats and gazing at people traveling to Hawaii. "It's getting late." I added hopefully.

"There might be another plane coming," June replied without looking up. "Or maybe a seat will open up on the earlier flight."

"It's been ten minutes!"

"You never know."

Just then, Sharry, the evil boarding agent, came walking over towards us. "Miss Havens?" she asked.

"Yeah?" June and I answered at the same time.

The brunette woman smiled. "Miss June Havens. We were able to find two seats for the both of you."

"Ask and you shall receive," June told me before getting her things. I put my gummy bears back and put my magenta carry on bag on my shoulder. We both followed Sharry over to Gate 12 and headed down the connecting tunnel to the airplane. Little did we know what was going to happen next. If I did, I never would have gotten on that plane.

A/N: End of Chapter 1! I hope that you all enjoyed it! I know that it's short, but I wanted to split the chapters up by location. So, Chapter 2 will involve the airplane! How will August react to Roy Miller's true self? You'll have to wait to find out! :)