Chapter 15

Boston, Massachusetts

June and I entered our townhouse, me on crutches. I sighed with relief as I sat down on the couch. I'm home. June seemed restless as she paced around the living room. "What is it?" I asked annoyingly as I watched her.

"I don't think Roy would leave without saying goodbye," she said mostly to herself. "Simon was allowed to say goodbye to August, but Roy wasn't to me? That doesn't make sense. He likes me, I know he does. We kissed in Spain."

"June, what if Roy didn't want to say goodbye?" I asked. "Maybe he didn't want to make it harder for you."

"It wouldn't be hard if he had said something," she muttered.

"Well, what do you want to do?" I asked. "Track him down and force him to say goodbye? He went back to the CIA, June. There's no way to track him down! He's a ghost!"

"There's always a way." She ran to her laptop and started typing rapidly. The gears in my head began to turn. Roy's hurt. You can't recover from a bullet to the chest that easily. He's probably at a…

"Hospital!" June and I cried at the same time.

"Check army and federal hospitals in D.C.," I ordered. "Director George was catching a flight back there."

"Then what? I call them and ask if there's a Roy Miller registered there? They'll lie! They'll know it's me looking for him!"

"Kara," I whispered.

"What?" June asked.

I ran to our phone and dialed the number I had memorized. Please answer, please answer. "Hello?"

"Kara? Kara, it's August."

"August? What is it? What's wrong? I told you not to use this number unless it was an emergency!"

"It's Roy, Kara. He went back to the CIA."

"What? They'll kill him!"

"What do you mean? Why would they kill him?"

"August, he went rogue. They can't trust him. They'd never put him back in the field. He'll be dead the moment he sets foot on American soil." She paused for a moment. "But, he knows that. Why would he be so stupid to go back?"

I gasped. "Because of me."

"What are you talking about?"

June had a stricken look on her face. "He went back to protect you. He made a deal." I turned back to the phone.

"Kara, Roy's probably at a hospital in D.C. I need to know which one, now!"

"August, you're not planning on going after him, are you? You'll get caught! Roy wouldn't want you to get yourself killed!"

"Give me the name of the hospital, Kara!"

"No, August. I won't let you get caught or killed."

"Kara, Roy is in this situation because of me. If he dies, his blood is on my hands. Now give the name of the hospital!"

"Okay, okay. He's at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Just be careful, okay?"

I smiled. "I will. Thanks, Kara." I hung up and looked at June. "Are you ready for a road trip?"

June grinned. "Heck yeah."

An hour later, we were in June's recovered GTO, driving south to Washington. We had grabbed only a few basic necessities and were going at least fifteen miles over the speed limit as we sped towards the hospital. I painfully crawled into the backseat and pulled out a bag. "What's in there, August?" June asked.

"Something I hope to not use," I answered. I picked a pistol up out of the bag and loaded a fresh magazine in it.

"A gun, August? Really? Remember what happened the last time you used one of those? You almost ended up in jail!"

"We are breaking into a secure facility, June. We will need some form of defense," I argued. "Besides, it's a tranq gun. It will only knock out people, not kill them."

"Oh. That makes me feel better, then."

We continued to drive and I thought about Simon. I had no idea where he was, and it was a stroke of luck that we were able to find Roy. I will find you some day, Simon. I promise.


Walter Reed Army Medical Center

Washington, D.C.

We eventually made it to the medical center and parked in a secluded area nearby. We put on some scrubs that we had from one of our friends who was a doctor and had given some to me. (I used to want to be a doctor.) I tried not to laugh at June's boots that she wore underneath the scrubs. I left my crutches in the car and tried not to limp as we walked to the hospital. Kara had given me access to a program that made fake ID's and I had made two for me and June.

We walked into the hospital and had to go through a metal detector, along with getting our ID's checked. Mine said that I was an intern and June's was for a nurse. Luckily, the guards didn't look too closely and my gun stayed safely hidden. After making it past security, we strolled up to a reception desk where a nurse was sitting at a computer. She looked up at us. "How can I help you?" she asked.

I looked at her name tag. "Well Tori, you're needed to wait the desk in cardiology. They're a gal short," I lied. I had chosen cardiology since it was the furthest away from our current location.

The nurse sighed. "They always are. Thanks." She got up and walked away. I couldn't believe it. It had worked! I quickly sat down at the computer.

"What are you doing?" June asked.

"Looking up the patient registry," I answered.

"Do you think they'd actually keep Roy's name on it?"

"I don't know, but I'm willing to try." I found the registry and started searching desperately for his name. "Come on, come on." I kept reading but found nothing. I read over the list again. Nothing. I hit the desk. "She lied to us," I whispered angrily. "I wouldn't be surprised if the CIA is waiting to arrest us right now!" I put my head in my hands.

"Wait…" June said. She leaned in and looked closely at the list. She smiled. "Look." I glanced up and saw the name she was pointing at. I grinned too.

"Matthew Knight," I read.

"Room number's 507," June put in.

"Okay, let's go!"

We closed out of the program and hurried to a supply cabinet to find the brotine-zero Roy had used on June. That was June's idea-I just wanted to tranq him since it was faster. June was worried about the noise, though, so she won. "Do you think that they'd keep it out in the open?" I asked as I searched through the various drugs.

"I don't know, just keep looking."

I eventually found it inside a fridge. June grabbed a cup, a tray, and hair things for the two of us. I tucked my blond hair inside of it and we walked out into the hallway. I swiped a medical cart so June looked like she was delivering medicine to patients. I was supposed to stand guard once we got to Roy's room, so I quietly took a clipboard from a nurse's desk.

We made our way to the fifth floor, trying to avoid the glances of various soldiers standing guard in the hallways. We were about to Roy's door when my heart almost stopped. Isabel George walked out of room 507, heading towards the elevators. "June, get back!" I hissed, waving my arm. The two of us stayed hidden around the corner until she was inside an elevator. "Remember, try to hide your face from the cameras," I said.

June pushed her cart into the room while I remained outside, pretending to write notes on my clipboard. Come on, June, hurry up. I kept my head down, not wanting to get caught on one of the security cameras. I peeked around the doorframe and saw Roy looked a little funny. He turned around to look at June.

"Nurse, what did you give me?" he asked.

June moved from the heart monitor she was turning off. "Brotine-zero," she replied. Roy looked surprised to see her as he fell onto the bed, unconscious. I went into the room. June was sort of shocked.

"What do we do now?"

"Get the blanket over him," I commanded. "We'll make him look dead." June pulled out Roy's IVs and pulled his blanket over his face so he appeared to be dead. "Let's hope they don't look too close," I said. And let's hope that Isabel doesn't look at the security footage that close, either.

"We probably should split up," June put in. "They'll be looking for two girls, not one. You go to the car, and I'll take Roy out the back way. I'll meet you there."

"Okay," I replied. "See you there." I slipped out the door and headed the opposite direction of June and Roy. I continued to stare at my clipboard as I walked through the hallway. I made it to the front door and was about to leave when I noticed a soldier staring at me. I began to walk quicker. All of a sudden, a hand gripped my shoulder. I cried out and whipped around to see the same soldier. My hair thing fell off to reveal my blond hair.

The soldier gasped. "You're August Havens!" He reached for his radio, but I grabbed my gun and shot him in the leg. He let loose of me and I pulled the dart out before running from the scene. I had used twilight tranquilizers, which made the victim forget the last five minutes. He wouldn't remember me at all. I had to smile as I ran to where we parked the car. I made it.

June came a few minutes later, half dragging Roy. I helped her put him in the back seat and we took off. "June, what are we going to do now?" I asked. "We can't really take Roy to Boston with us. That's the first place they'll look."

"I know," June answered, not taking her eyes off the road. "That's why we're not going back to Boston."

"What?" I exclaimed. "Then where are we going?"

June sighed. "August, Roy and I aren't going back to Boston. You are."

"What…why?" I cried. "I have as much right as you do to run off!"

"But, you have a future still, August. You have high school and college ahead of you. You can't just run and abandon a perfectly good future!"

"But, you'll abandon me?" I yelled. "You'll go and elope with Roy and leave me to deal with the consequences? The CIA won't leave me alone, June. I'm as good as dead if you leave me behind!"

"August, you'll be fine. You're strong." She looked at me with tear-filled eyes. "I promised your father that night in the hospital that I would never, ever, let anything bad happen to you. And that means that I won't lead you into a life filled with nothing but lies. You will be safe in Boston. I'll leave you with April."

I sniffled. "Safe and secure?" I asked with a watery smile.

"Safe and secure," June answered.

"June, the CIA won't leave me be. They'll pester me until I tell them where you guys are. Maybe they'll even kidnap me to use as bait."

"If I leave you behind, Isabel and the others will know that you aren't a part of our group any more. They'll think that you know nothing. And you won't, since I'm not telling you where we're going."

I thought about this for a moment. "I just hope that they won't find some reason to arrest me."

"They won't. We kept a low profile tonight. I don't even think that they saw us on the cameras."

"I hope so." I noticed that June had pulled into the parking lot of the Washington, D.C. airport. "You were planning this all along, weren't you?"

June nodded and opened the glove compartment, pulling out a piece of paper. "Here's your boarding pass. I bought it before we left." She got some money out of her purse. "Use this to take a taxi to April's apartment. I slipped a note into your purse for her."

"I guess this is it," I said as I took the things from her. "We'll probably never see each other again, will we?"

"If it all works out, no," June replied. "I've got to go, though. Roy and I need a good head start if we're going to miss the roadblocks."

"Oh, yeah, of course." I reached over to give her a hug. "I'll miss you, Junebug," I said, using the nickname I gave her when I was five.

"And I'll miss you, August."

"Tell Roy that he better treat you right. Or I'll track the two of you down and I'll beat him up!"

June laughed. "I will."

I gave her one last hug and climbed out of the car. "Bye, June."

"Bye, August."

I closed my door and walked towards the airport. Just like the door, that chapter of my life was closed. Another one was about to begin. I only had to get on the plane to start it.


Boston, Massachusetts

"Thanks," I said to the cab driver as I handed him my fare. "Keep the change," I added.

"Wow, thanks, lady!" The cab drove off and I found myself standing in front of April's apartment building. I took a deep breath and sat on the front step.

"I don't have to stay here," I muttered. "I could go back to the townhouse." But deep in my mind, I knew that wasn't meant to be. The rent would be up soon and I had no means to pay for it. I had to go into that building. It was my only choice. I was just happy that April and Ben were waiting to go on their honeymoon.

I sighed and rang April's bell. She probably wouldn't be very happy to see me at four in the morning. As I waited, I thought of the long night I had just went through. I had freed a man that I had grown to love as family, said goodbye to one of the only family members I had left, and taken a red eye flight back to Boston. I was exhausted, but physically could not sleep.

The door opened and there was April, rubbing her eyes. They grew wide when she saw me. "August? What are you doing here?" She gasped. "Is something wrong with June?"

"Umm…I need a place to stay tonight, April."

"You can stay with us. The couch folds out…but what's going on?"

"I'll tell you when we get inside."

"All right." She let me in and we climbed up the stairs to her apartment. April sat me down at her dining room table. "Okay, what's going on? Why are you here in the middle of the night and where's June?"

"Well, it's a long story," I said.

"We have plenty of time. I don't have to go to work until eight."

I took a deep breath. "You might want to sit down, then." April obeyed, leaning her chin into her hands. "It all started when June and I ran into a man on the way home from Wichita. His name was Roy Miller…"

The End!

All right everyone! This concludes the first book of August's Story! Wow, I think this is my favorite story that I've written ever. I hope that you were satisfied with the ending-don't worry, I promise that August will be reunited with Roy and June eventually. I plan to make this series a trilogy so there will be plenty of August to love! I'd like to thank all my reviewers that gave lots of constructive criticism and encouragement, especially the awesome Guest reviewers! You guys are great!

For a sneak peek, I will release the "trailer" for the next book in a few days. (It will be tied to the end of this book.) I hope that you will enjoy it!

Oh, and the actress I chose for August? Her name is Britt Robertson and has been in two TV series: Life Unexpected and The Secret Circle. There were lots of actresses that I liked, but I couldn't see any of them with a gun. She was the only one that I could see fighting and firing a gun. Okay, so this is the end of this book! Goodbye, everyone!