Title: Smarticle

Author:Alex aka Numbuh 145362

Author's Notes:This is my first Suite Life story. I'm so excited to have this done! I've never done a London story… EVER! I hope I did her character a bit of justice! Hope you enjoy it!

Summary: You have to be smarticle. London-centric (Rated T for Themes)

Disclaimer: The Suite Life (of Zack and Cody/On Deck) is not mine. Period.


You have to be smarticle

No matter what

Study, study, stude


D's, D's, D's

No sleep

Must work


4x + 3y = 60

x = ?

x = 0

Wrong you zero!

Failer, failer, failer

Paler, paler, paler

Study, study, study

Pencil thin

(you didn't eat much before)

Papers look pretty in red

Wet spots all over the pages

Collapse in class


Oh, look at the pretty stars!

I wonder what they're called?

Don't remember?

I guess your not smarticle.

Oh, goodness. London! Don't do it! It's stressful being smart when you can't comprehend things. Poor girl! I hoped you like it! No flames please!

In God We Trust,