"Abbey I don't have time!" A voice said to a phone that was right next to her ear.

"But you promised you would take care of Alexandra!" The voice in the other end said in a desperate pled.

"Why don't you ask Aland to watch her for you?" She spat.

"Father? Oh he's busy with his next new creation! You know how daddy is once he gets a new idea Jaimie" Jaimie bit her lip, oh she remembered all right.

"Then just ask mom to help you!" She said that this point frustrated.

"Jaimie please, Alexandra doesn't like mommy to very much I'm afraid and I understand how she feels! Mother always made me feel useless when I wasn't interested in any of her serious business"

"That's because you were always interested in those stupid ugly dolls father always made!" Jaimie was just getting ready to hang up on her little sister she was about just had it up to here with her.

"Jaimie Toulon now you see here big sister! When I asked you two weeks ago if you can do me the honor of taking care of little Alexandra you said and I quote "Sure, sure, just stop bothering me" now it's your turn to come up with the end of the bargain!" She sighed in annoyance, she knew she wouldn't be able to get out of this and if she did she wouldn't hear the end of it from her younger sister ever again.

"Alright, alright I'll take care of the little brat. I'll be at the Bodega Bay Inn tomorrow," Abbey made a gross gasp in the other end of the line.

"Oh why that old creepy place out of all the other places Jaimie"

"Well Abbey it's my motel that daddy left me since he left you the Southern Bay Inn down west"

"That's because your motel always gave me the creeps!"

"Says the girl who still believes in fairy tales"

"Why see here Jaimie at least I have some imagination!"

"And that's why you're running a stupid puppet store and I'm still in college getting a degree to be a professional violinist"

"Oh I don't see-"

"I don't see-"

"How mother-"

"How father-"

"Ever loved each other!" They both said in unison.

"Fine, as said before at the Bodega Bay Inn around 8:00 am, yes eight is the time I would be there"

"Are you going to be there alone?" Jaimie rolled her eyes.

"Why yes Abbey, no you idiot Paul is going to be there" Seeing that everything might be alright Abbey nodded in approval.

"Okay see you tomorrow morning Jaimie" She finally hung up and looked right at her little daughter Alexandra playing with Stacey her new doll her grandfather made her.

"Alex come here please" The little girl walked towards her mother she was only 12, her hair was brown and curly while her skin was pale and her eyes were oceanic blue. She stared straight to her mother and held her doll closely towards her.

"What is it mommy?" She asked.

"You're going to visit your aunty Jaimie tomorrow" Alexandra's face turned into a frown.

"But mom aunt Jaimie hates all my toys! I won't be able to bring any of them!"

"Alex honey you're going to the hotel you'll be able to explore, I thought you loved exploring" Little Alex nodded telling her mother that yes she was right, she did love to explore but she wouldn't be able to bring Stacey or Ace and they were her best of friends. Alex never had any real friends, since her mother was a toy maker and so was her grandfather everyone always gave her this type of 'respect' and no one would come play with her. This always made her feel lonely, her father left her mother after she was born but she didn't really need a dad because her mother all she needed really. She always made sure she had time to play with her daughter and teach unique things such as, sewing, fixing dolls, and making them look shiny or good as new. She never really understood her grandmother and aunty; they were always so serious and never any fun.

"O..kay mommy" She replied still a little disappointed knowing that both Stacey and Ace would have to stay behind.

*Watching What's new Scooby-doo*

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