Wow its been a long time since I have uploaded on this story. I was going to give up on it but I decided to continue. Okay then here we go.

I started to walk in the bright sunlight with it warming me around my fur. Traveling in the forest was a great thing to do. I have been in a lot of fights lately and I have a feeling I am going to evolve soon. I was searching around looking for more pokemon to battle with. I smirked thinking about evolving. I also remembered that promise I made with Zack.

"Even though we become two opposites that fight all the time can we still be friends right?"

'Yeah nothing could break our friendship.'

Hopefully nothing would be able to seperate us. I won't allow it and he won't too.

But, when I think about it my parents want me to evolve into one of them. I also started to remember that night. It made me upset. I stopped and sat down. I looked at the emerald green grass under me.

'Darling we want to talk to you about something.'

'Sure mom what is it.' I said happily.

I respected my parents I wasn't expecting it.

'You know soon your going to be on your own soon and your going to need to evolve soon...' my father said.

'And we know you haven't been fighting so we want you to evolve into one of us.' my mom continued.

'What?' with my eyes grew wider.

'We already have the stones so are you going to be a Vaporeon or a Flareon?'

'I don't want to be either I want to be an Espeon I told you guys.' I said in shock.

'You wouldn't be strong enough to do it!' my dad yelled at me.

That offended me. 'I am strong enough!' I yelled at him.

'Dear calm-'

'No! I will show you. I am strong enough and I will be able to be an Espeon! When I see you again I will evolve and become what I want!' after saying that I ran out my shelter.

Tears slowly went down. It wasn't like me to act like that but I will show them. I got up and continued to hunt for some battles.

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