A/N: Response to ladygris' New Years resolution challenge. This is also acting as one of my New Year's resolutions to write a pairing other than McKeller. Please read and review, those make the plot bunnies hop faster. It comes in at 514 words. I tried to cut it down, but this is as close as I can get.

To Find the Truth

John was lost in his own world, having a conversation with the bowl of soup that was supposed to be his dinner. "Sheppard you need to sleep," the man rubbed his eyes, sleep threatening to take over. The colonel was about to nod off when a voice cut through the silence that made him cringe.

"There you are. I've been looking for you everywhere. Don't you answer your radio?"

"I'm trying to eat, Rodney. Whatever you have to say can wait until I get some sleep," Sheppard said with a whine. Despite, being his best friend, Rodney could get on his last nerve at times

Rodney frowned and took the seat across from the cranky man, "Actually, this is better if I ask when you are tired." The Canadian stole a grape from John's plate and popped it into his mouth.

"Hey, I was going to eat that," John made a face. "Isn't it past your curfew? Should I call your girlfriend and tell her you are out past your bedtime?"

"Funny," the scientist clearly was not amused. After a moment of silence, Rodney finally spoke, "Did you ever sleep with Teyla?" He asked with a bluntness that could only be asked by a best friend and not get hit.

John choked on the soup, sending liquid spluttering out of his mouth, "Excuse me?"

"You know. Having sex. Doing the deed. Do I need to draw a picture?" Rodney spoke slowly as if he were talking a child.

"I know what you mean. Why would you ask me that?" John was confused why Rodney had asked the question. The idea of Rodney drawing people having sex was amusing to his sleep deprived brain. The thought would have gain McKay a slap to the back of the head had he not had three hours of sleep in the past thirty-six hours.

"Well, I was babysitting Torren..okay Jennifer was," Rodney corrected when he saw John's doubtful look. "Jennifer went to the bathroom and he climbed onto my lap."

"Did he think you were Santa Claus? You have been looking extra pudgy around the middle lately?"

He responded with an eye roll, "Comedian. He looked at me and I tried to teach him some theoretical physic then. Torren gave me one of those looks that you give me when you want me to shut up. I swear it was like you were looking at me, right down to the lopsided grin. His eyes are an exact match to yours."

"And your point is?"

"That's why I was asking if you and Teyla ever... you know. You have a kid and never told me."

John looked at the other man as if a thousand heads suddenly sprouted from his body, "You need sleep, Meredith." Truth be told, he had seen the growing resemblance between him and Torren and there was the one night after too much Athosian stout tea. It was fitting that the New Year was twelve hours away and at that very moment John made his resolution to find out the truth in the coming year.