Out There, In Here

Hello. Welcome to the first collaboration between Sentinel103 and CajunBear73, posted under our combined pen names of BearSent176. No, it's not the strength of smell we put off from our writing, but rather a best effort at combining our pen names in a whacky way we hope you enjoy as much as what we offer to you for your entertainment on the KP site.

Below we present the beginnings of an AU of our favorite heroes from the 'Blush' episode on. But this time Ron, through no fault of his own, didn't make it to Kim in time and things in Middleton were a bit different for our heroes, friends and family. Just how different, we leave for you to find out as this tale progresses.

So without further ado, here is…

Chapter 1

Global Justice Headquarters:

"Sir please follow me Dr. Director will see you in her office.", Agent Brenda Smith said as she started walking the blond haired, brown-eyed young man to his destination. For a moment she looked into the weary eyes of someone who had seen more than most eighteen-year-olds, and smiled sympathetically.

"Yes Ma'am. Do you know what Betty wants with me? It's been very busy since she disappeared a year and a half ago.", the young man confided to her as he paused.

'Yeah I didn't make it back in time and her brothers really sped up what Dr. D was trying to do to her. I guess they've learned their lesson.', as he slowly shook his head while remembering the long ago end of that mission.

'It was one hell of a lesson though. At least Josh has moved on even if I can't.', he mused as he followed the GJ Agent. 'I would rather that he or anyone else had earned her love instead of what happened. Man, I am such a loser.'

"Please knock and go right in, she's waiting for you Mr. Stoppable.", Agent Smith informed him.

"Please come in Mr. Stoppable.", a muffled greeting from behind the door after he knocked.

The one-eyed Director of Global Justice rose from her seat as the young man entered. "How have you been Ronald?", Betty Director coolly asked the tired young man.

"Busy Ma'am; it's been tough changing roles from Distraction to Lead in these missions. That and all that goes into keeping up with my schoolwork, though Mr. Barkin has been tutoring me. Between the job, school and doing the best that I can on missions after…after I failed to save KP…frankly I just don't know if I can keep it up much longer.", releasing a tired sigh.

"At least I don't have to worry about making the grade for any extracurricular activities these days.", he replied with a tight smile.

"Yes, there's that.", Betty chuckled. Then in a voice tinged with incomplete sincerity, "And I'm sorry about GJ's overlooking you all this time Ronald; it's just that from the beginning we had plans for Kimberly, and not you, when she came under my, that is, our scrutiny."

Then, after a long pause, "Ronald?…..What would you say if I told you that we might have found Kimberly?"

"Either you're out of your mind or you're just pulling my chain!", Ron snapped as his eyes suddenly blazed blue, "Then I would want to know why the hell you didn't tell me before?"

Standing her ground, "Calm down Ronald, the reason that we didn't was because we didn't know how to use the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer...Even Dementor didn't know what it could really do. We just learned how to do this and activated the unit to where it locked onto Kimberly's DNA."

"We got a trace...actually more than a trace. We had a short visual before we lost the track and now we think that we can send someone through a portal of our making and bring her back to this dimension. The problem is we don't know where the portal is going to open in relation to Kimberly's location. We have a lock on her position, but we can't be sure of where we put someone.", Betty explained.

"Ronald, are you interested in maybe bringing her back home?", Dr. Director lightly questioned.

"Of course I'm interested in bringing her back! In a heartbeat! What do you think? Which arm do you want?", he raged.

Then calming down, "When do you want to try and what will I be facing?", as new hope of broke within him.

"One thing we do know is that if the air was bad or there was no water Kimberly would have died by now. We actually caught a glimpse of her and I have a screenshot off of the Command Console to prove it. She was in a cave or room of some sort and appeared to very thin and quite alone.", Betty replied, "The trench coat Mankey said she was wearing that night was wrapped tightly around her."

"I'll do it but I need a few days to get ready. No dammit, can you be ready tonight? Her friends and family have waited too long for her.", Ron decided, 'And who knows what's happened to her too.'

"We'll try, but I want you to take oxygen, first aid supplies, water, and food. I don't know how much longer she can hold out Ronald.", the Director of Global Justice replied with a touch of desperation in her voice.

Then, "Listen go home, get some rest. Have Wade tune his DNA sniffer to Kimberly's DNA, I know that he has a copy of it. Tell your parents that you'll be gone a few days to a few weeks."

'How about you Ronald, are you going to bring her home just for her family and friends?', she mused.

"Should I tell the Possibles?", Ron asked.

"No I'll do that; you just get rested and ready. I'll call your Mr. Barkin and let him know as well.", Betty replied.

"Well I'm taking Rufus along; I need another set of eyes. And I'm going to call a couple of others in case I don't come back.", Ron told her.

"Don't tell anyone where you're going or what you're going to try Ronald. I don't want to get their hopes up. Miss Rockwaller took over a year to come to terms with Kimberly's disappearance.", Betty urged.

"I won't tell them what I'm going to do, but I won't be coming home without KP, Dr. Director. I failed her once I will not fail her again.", Ron replied sternly.

"That wasn't your fault Mr. Stoppable. Who knew that her brothers were going to get involved? Especially the way they did that night.", Betty reminded him.

"They were young; they just thought it was a prank. If they had thought long enough about what could happen they wouldn't have shown that movie on Kim's last date. Then I would have had enough time to get the flower back to her.", Ron defended the twins.

"Well that was a hell of a prank. Of course Drakken hiring those Embarrassment Ninjas was low too.", Dr. Director remarked with a hint of anger in her voice.

"Well I showed them the error of their ways that night when I left him with enough smarts to realize what I had done to him, and Shego in a plasma-less funk because of her involvement." sighing as he took in a tired breath. "I've gotten a better handle on that, the first time I didn't know how to do it, I just sorta reacted"

"Then after they get their talents back I had to remind them again when Drakken tried to take over the world with those toys he flooded BN with. That time I gave him the IQ of little more than a rock, for six months. As for Shego, I think she's really starting to hold a grudge.", he chuckled at the memory. Anyway they're blocked until I'm happy they learned their lesson this time.

At Betty look of surprise. "No, I really didn't take anything away from them; I just kept them from accessing what they take for granted. It's a lot harder than you realize, but I have no reason to tell them that, it might make them easier to get along with if they think I can take their abilities whenever I feel like it with no problems on my part."

"Do you want to see them?", Betty asked as she racked her brains over how he was able to accomplish that little trick.

"Yeah let's let them know that you guys have found KP and that I'm going after her. Once she recovers I'll let them have their abilities back and we can resume the dance.", chuckling, "Of course blue boy won't understand, but I can adjust his condition enough to give him a little hope."

"Alright let's go visit our two celebrities. You do know, Stoppable, that Shego hasn't lost her abrasiveness over the course of her incarceration.", Betty commented.

"Doesn't surprise me." Then pausing to reflect, "Man has it been tough. This seems like an everlasting nightmare. All I want to do is go back to the way it was; the Sidekick, following KP around on those adventures.", He sighed wistfully as they walked down the corridors of the massive facility.

"I don't think you can go back Ronald, you've come too far and made too many enemies now." While walking, she turned to the young man and with something in her eye he couldn't read, she asked, "You love Kimberly, don't you?"

"Yeah I do, I didn't know that I loved her until sometime last year. It wasn't one of those in your face revelations; it just sorta snuck up on me. One day I was looking at her picture and just started crying. It was after a tough mission, and except for Rufus, I realized just how alone I was." Looking pointedly at the older woman, "I'd like you to keep that to yourself Ma'am."

Just as direct, she asked, "Do you want to talk about it?"

"We are talking about it and as a matter of fact we're just about done talking about it.", he replied growing tired of talking with the head of the international police agency.

"When you find Kimberly and get her back are you going to tell her?", Betty asked, her voice giving no emotion in her question.

"And ruin a friendship? Not on your life Ma'am, KP always chased after the hotties, not someone like me and I'm not going to screw her head up like that." Pausing a bit, "When this is over I think I'll go back to Japan and have a talk with my instructor about my feelings. He knows what's going on, and he was the one who told me not to give up hope.", the young man explained.

Shaking her head before stopping at a door, "OK here we are. Let's brighten up the day for these two.", Betty lightly announced as she showed her badge to the attending Officer.

"Good morning Shego, how are you doing today? Have you potty trained Dr. D yet?", Ron asked with a chuckle as they entered.

"You know, that was evil. A lot more evil than anything I ever thought about buffoon!", the pale skinned woman snapped.

"You guys should have played nice, but you didn't. And that last little thing with Syntho-901?...You know, Erin?" Pausing to let that sink in, "And trying to take over the world? I just got a little pissed. You're lucky I didn't make you two disappear when you made KP disappear! In my book she may be dead and to me and in the eyes of the law what you did amounts to the murder of a sixteen year old girl. And you know what the punishment is for that: the gurney and a date with a needle.", Ron snapped back, "If I'd have taken that step back then, I'd have saved the world a whole lot of trouble."

"The Princess wouldn't have liked that Sidekick.", Shego laughed, twisting the only knife at her disposal.

"She's not around to make her concerns known to me is she?", Ron asked, blue flaring around him.

"I hit a nerve Ronniekins?", she cackled.

"Yeah you did!", then turning to Dr. Director, "Ma'am you want to tell them" Or should I make sure that Shego never lights up again? I have thought about blocking her permanently. I think having pale skin suits her much better than the mint hued one she use to have."

Shego paled even more, "You promised, and just like the Princess you never break your promises.", squeaked a desperate reminder of a life she missed.

"And you went over the line! By a bunch! If I find out that KP is dead, remember I might just lose it and become Zorpox again!", he roared as she shivered at the memory, that and if it hadn't been for a pink rodent they might all be calling Zorpox, Master.

To this day she could not really understand how Rufus convinced the temporarily reformed scientist to repair the helmet and the combat mode he took up against the 'blue Stoppable'.

"You liked that one didn't you?", Ron growled as he noticed the once-green-skinned-villainess trembling from the flashbacks she was suddenly having.

"Alright you two this is not why we came here. Shego, we may have found a way to bring Kim Possible back. If you two promise to never hurt her again. I will ask Ronald to release his control on the two of you once Kimberly is back to normal.", Dr. Director told her.

"Oh should we get on our knees and thank you oh great Doctor Director?", Shego snarked as she dropped to the floor and mockingly prostrated herself.

"No maybe not me, but Ronald may buy into you asking for your powers back.", Betty replied inwardly smiling.

"OH PLEASE Master Ronald, I'd love to be able to kick your biscuit again. Just give me the chance...AND I'LL FRY YOU.", Shego began to get up.

Ron coldly stared at her as he began to glow, Shego, showing her intelligence, backed off.

"Dr. Director I think this meeting is over. I'd like a picture of what you think you have. Then I'll have Wade set his gadget up. I'd like for you to chip me and give Dr. Load the frequency."

Turning to the door, "I've decided to talk to Mr. and Mrs. Dr P after all and I'm going to give them the image. I want some of Kim's gear, she might have been without a change of clothes for some time and I'm sure she would appreciate it, so I'm gonna see if her 'rents will let me take her pack.", he informed her.

"I'd rather do this myself Ronald.", Betty replied.

"Well it's my job as a team member to break this kind of news to Kim's family. No disrespect Ma'am, but they may turn me inside out if I asked for Kim's things without telling them why.", making direct eye contact with Betty.

"And Mrs. Dr P is making brain loaf and has already invited me to our weekly supper.", lightening the moment with the one-eyed woman.

"OK, OK Ronald, have it your way, just don't get their hopes up too much. It's been very hard for them and the boys.", Betty reminded him.

"Yes Ma'am I remember. Just like I remember sitting with them for six months with Mom and Dad. Same with calming the Cheer Squad down and why we went on that fake contest at Wannaweep. And commissioning that statue of KP...Yeah you got it. Like I said before I don't care if it kills me, she's going to return to her family and friends.", he finished just as they returned to Dr. Director's office.

After calling up the file Betty pushed the print button. A minute later Ron was looking tearfully at the image that haunted his dreams.

'She was right, that's KP and she looks so frail and cold. I can't fail her now. This is the most important thing I've ever done.' He nearly cried.

"Thanks Ma'am I'll be ready to go anytime from the end of dinner on.", Ron told her as he wiped his eyes and left for the exit.

Dr Director looked at him as he walked out, 'I wonder what kind of night you'll have Ronald?'


Ron shut his scooter off at a somewhat beloved brick home. Sighing he carried the packet up to the door and knocked.

After waiting a couple of minutes, then twice repeatedly beating on the door, it opened. "What do...Oh Stoppable what's going on? Did you have a mission come up?", Steve Barkin asked.

Ron looked around, "Ah Mr. Barkin, can I come in for a minute?...Something has come up and I don't know when it's going to start or when I'm going to get back. I know that Finals are in three or four weeks...I might have to either make them up or take them early Sir.", Ron informed the Vice Principal.

"OK what's so important son?", he asked as he motioned Ron to the kitchen table.

Ron opened the packet and handed him the picture that he had just obtained from Global Justice.

The former Marine first glanced and then took a second look. "Stoppable, is this a joke?", he asked.

"Not according to Global Justice. They say that they can open a portal and get me to her. I'm leaving as soon as they call Sir.", Ron replied.

"OK son, I'll call them in the morning to verify it. You can have all the time off you need. I'd go with you, but I have responsibilities." Looking him straight in the eyes, "You better do me one favor Ron.", he told him.

"What's that Sir?", Ron asked.

"Don't come home without her. The school hasn't been the same without her fire.", Steve replied.

"I won't come back without Kimberly Anne Possible sir. I promise.", he confided to the older man.

"If you say so Stoppable...Good luck son.", Barkin told him.

"Thanks Mr. B, I might need it. See ya.", Ron replied.

On the walk back out to his scooter Ron called Wade up and related the information to Kim's tech guru.

"OK Ron, I'll get the device to you. Have GJ give me the frequencies to the tracking devices, I might be able to get a trace if you stay close enough to the portal. I'll also have extra survival rations for you guys. I'll talk to you later.", Wade told the remaining human field agent of Team Possible.

"I'm heading over to the Possible's for dinner. I'm going to inform them too and get KP's pack and some clothing for her.", Ron explained.

"OK I'll make sure to add some blankets and a First Aid Kit. Being gone this long who knows what kind of shape you'll find her in Ron. If I can't get it ready before you leave the Possibles then I'll make sure it gets to your house.", Wade informed him.

"Well Mom and Dad are out of town right now. So I'll call you again when I leave their place.", Ron added.

"Sounds good Ron, I'll talk to you later.", Wade replied

Ron started up his old scooter. Somehow it survived the events of Junior Prom. Synthodrone-901, or rather Erin, hadn't beaten it up too bad. Of course Dr. D ended up paying for repairs to the old machine.

The mad scientist finally got the point to Ron's threats when reinforced by the six-foot long, two inch diameter galvanized pipe the young man drove through the roof just off Drewbie's ear. The thundering 'Crack' heard was as loud and clear as Ron's words that night.

At that point the crazy doctor remembered Ron Stoppable's full name. Hell he even memorized Ron's home address while the police taking him away held their noses in disgust.

Ron called ahead, "Mrs. P?...Yeah this is Ron...Yes Ma'am I'll be over in a few. Sorry about being a little late...Oh yeah, I'll tell you when I get there. Yes Ma'am I love you too.", Ron ended the call.

Ten minutes later Ron shut down the obstacle to his acquiring better transportation. Though nearly worn out, that his two wheeled device still existed was reason enough his parents would not get him more reliable transportation.

Removing his helmet and carrying the packet under his arm, Ron walked up to the front door and knocked. A man with brown hair, streaked with gray, opened the door and greeted him, "Good evening Ronald, you're not too late. It must have been pretty important for you to be late for 'brain loaf night'.", James Possible chuckled slightly while remembering how his daughter thought the dish was gross.

"Thanks Mr. Dr. P; I had something come up that needed my attention. How about we discuss it over dinner?", Ron asked.

Seeing the older man's eyebrows raise and with a slight nod, he followed Dr. James T. Possible to the kitchen where Anne was warming dinner back up for their weekly guest.

"I take it what's in the package has something to do with us Ronald.", the rocket scientist stated as a beautiful red headed woman placed a plate in front of Ron with a smaller plate for Rufus.

"Yes it is and thanks for the food for my little buddy. You know I never can seem to get enough...I think the reason KP began inviting me over was she knew how much I liked your cooking Mrs. Dr. P...I...I'm not sure… it still hits me in the gut even after all this time…. And I had to come over tonight and break some news to you."

"News about Kimmie-cub?", James asked his daughter's best friend.

"Yes Sir… well I guess a picture is worth a thousand words...So I'd better just show you this.", Ron opened the envelope and pulled out an eight by ten inch photo and handed it to Kim Possible's father.

"This… looks... Choke...like my daughter. According to the boys…she was wearing a trench coat like this one that night… Ronald when was this taken?", he asked.

"In the last day or two Sir. GJ was able to find her. They're trying to set it up so that they can open a portal and get me through. Somehow they got the image of her through something they developed...I wasn't told the details.", Ron informed him.

"Ronald that sounds dangerous. Are you sure you want to try this?", Anne asked.

"What kind of Sidekick wouldn't go after his Team Leader Ma'am? Even if she was someone I absolutely hated I'd go and get her back. You guys know how I feel about KP, so it sorta makes it a no brainer doesn't it?", he asked.

Ron stopped for a moment to think before both of Kim's parents embraced him in a hug.

Tears from both James and Anne soaked his shirt. Ron couldn't speak. 'Maybe it's time. Maybe I can make a difference for her.', he thought as he began to break down as well.

Finally after almost a half hour they released their hug. "Mrs. P that picture of KP makes me think that she might be cold and maybe she might need changes of clothes. I'd like to take her mission pack with an extra set and a few blankets. And I'm sure she'd appreciate a treat or two."

"I know how much Kim loved chocolate. I don't have any at the house and it's getting late, so, could I trouble you to help me make up a CARE package?". Ron asked.

"I think we can do that Ronald, I can think of a few things she might enjoy when you two meet up.", Anne replied as she set off upstairs to get some of her daughter's gear.

"Ronald when do we leave?", James asked.

"We Sir?", Ron asked.

"Yes I said we and I meant it.", he replied.

"Sir I'm not sure how to say this, but you might not be the best person to go and get your daughter.", Ron stated.

"What do you mean Ronald...She's my daughter. I'm responsible for her..."

"And you're out of shape. What happens if I find her and she's hurt or sick and something happens to you? She'd never come back and leave you behind.", as the elder Possible paused, he continued.

"Sir you have no idea how tough Kimberly Anne Possible is. Do you think that you could survive this long? I don't know how big the portal is going to be and how long it's going to last. Who would support Mrs. Dr P if you came with me and the worst happened?, as this sunk in.

"No Sir, stay here and pray for Kim. I promise I'll get her home for you and Mrs. Possible. Please trust me this time. I know that I failed her before, but I won't fail her again.", Ron pleaded.

"OK Ronald, I trust you. You haven't let me down before when Kimmie was fighting the bad guys. Just remember, no improper handling of my daughter, or it's a one way trip to the nearest black hole, if you catch my drift.", James replied with a slight grin.

"Sir KP doesn't see me that way, and you know that I won't force myself on her.", Ron explained, deflating that balloon.

They were interrupted by Anne coming back downstairs.

Anne emptied out the pack; she had added some things that she had an idea that her daughter might need.

"Uh Ma'am?", Ron asked looking at a curious carton and a couple of boxes, "What in the world are these?"

Ron didn't notice James' eyes popping out of his head, "Uh Ronald...don't worry about that. Just hand the pack to Kimmie-cub, she'll know what to do." James glared at his spouse's amused smirk as Ron fell further into X-Chromosome hell.

"Ronald, make sure that Kimmie gets changed as soon as possible, she's been wearing that same dress for far too long, I have two sets of mission gear with a couple extra sets of underwear and socks. Because of the weight I only put in one pair of boots. I added some high tech sweats that Wade developed too, dear. I also have a couple of blankets and a set of wind and waterproof outerwear. It's already pretty heavy even without food and water.", Anne instructed Ron.

"Anything else Ma'am?", Ron asked.

"Yes I'm sending a cuddle toy. Not Pandaroo, but one of the smaller ones. Oh and her favorite chocolate like you suggested.", she added.

"Sounds great Mrs. Possible. Now I have to get some sleep so I had better gather up Rufus and head home. I'll let you know before I leave. Remember I promise to get KP home to you, no matter the cost.", Ron told them as the mole rat came waddling into the living room.

"Come on buddy, we have to get ready for a mission.", he told his rodent friend.

"Hink..yippee Ron.", the little mole rat squeaked as it he ran up his owner's rapidly sagging arm.

"Gee Rufus did you have to eat the whole brain loaf? Man you weigh a ton.", Ron laughed as he opened the door to leave.

"Mr. P thanks for having trust in me. I promise I won't let you down.", Before Ron turned to walk through the doorway.


"Do you think he can do it dear?", Anne asked her husband as they watched the young man place their daughter's backpack on his scooter.

"Yeah though I have a bad feeling about this honey. Ronald is more than willing to give himself up for Kimmie. I wonder if she knows what she has there?", he asked in return.

"I don't think so, at least not yet. You know if they fall in love after he gets her back, you won't be able to pick on him any more James.", Anne observed.

"If they do and he asks, my daughter had better say yes. Damn, I'll even drive the Limo to the honeymoon suite.", James told his wife.

"Do you want to repeat that in front of the video camera Jimmie?", Anne laughed.

"No comment.", James replied with a sad smile.


The Stoppable home:

Seeing the lights out, Ron knew he had the place to himself. Turning on the kitchen light he spotted the note in the middle of the table, exactly where it had been for far longer than his 'rents said they'd be gone.

'Ronald we'll be gone for the next week or two. You have money in the desk drawer upstairs for food or any bills that come due. Behave yourself and make sure that you get all your schoolwork done and don't stay up too late...Mom and Dad.'

'Well I guess I'll leave them a note back. Then we can play Post-it tag again.', he mused.

Ron climbed the stairs and began setting out his gear for the upcoming mission. Hearing the doorbell he went back downstairs to pick up the things that Wade had sent over. Ron glanced at the three new devices and read the instructions that came with them. After doing so he placed the items in the pack where they could be retrieved easily.

Ron was placing the food and water in the packs when the phone rang. Checking caller ID, Ron answered, "Hi Bonnie, how are you doing?"

"Stoppable, can it! The scuttlebutt is that you're going after Possible. Is this true?", she asked sharply.

"Yeah. But I won't admit it Bon-Bon.", Ron replied.

"Where is she?", the current Head Cheerleader asked.

"Don't know, don't care. Just going to get her back so she can be the Captain again.", Ron replied, as he continued to play the game with her.

"As if Stoppable…Do you want help?", Bonnie asked in a softer tone.

"And risk more than my own ass? You've got to be kidding! GJ said they wanted me and only me. I'm the best qualified guy out here to try this. It might help to take Josh with me, but you might kill me if I lose him too.", Ron replied.

"I am not dating him Ron, Tara is.", Bonnie replied in turn.

"You mean not dating him now. You probably will be at some point later.", Ron laughed, "In fact if I was a betting man, I'd say you might be dating him by the end of the summer."

"Maybe I will maybe I won't. Ron you admitted that you're going to try and bring Kim back. Please be safe...for Tara's sake if no one else's.", she told him.

"Don't worry about me Bonnie, but do me a favor...don't tell anyone. I don't want them getting mushy. It might hurt my 'man cred' and you know me, I need all I can get.", he replied with a hollow laugh.

"Ron don't die...Please. We already lost K. Don't get yourself killed over this..."

"Bonnie I have evidence that KP is alive. I have to get to her back so that she can kick your butt on the cheer squad and make you the laughingstock of the school again.", Ron laughed making light of the subject.

"Please Ron, be serious for once. I don't have that many real friends. If you get killed, I'll track you down in the afterlife and do it all over again, myself.", Bonnie ranted.

"B did you just tell me that you loved me? I mean I've never heard you profess your affection for me like that before and all I can say is that I'm deeply touched.", Ron said, then listened to the dead air on the other end.

Continuing before she could cut in, "Listen Bonnie just relax, I'm bringing KP home. Don't worry about anything else; let me worry about that. Now, try not to say anything about our talk tonight and before you know it, you and Kim will be at each other's throats again. I can see it now the world will be back on track."

"Let's end this call here Bonnie; I have to get some sleep. See ya.", Ron finished.

"Yeah 'night to you too, loser.", Bonnie softly replied, ending the call.


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