Out There In Here: Double Date

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Last chapter, the 'Clean Slate' episode went off on a tangent that was hopefully as dramatic as it was controversial to some regarding the behavior of three of the main characters portrayed there. Yes Kim's Kimness and Snark was a bit out there, yes Ron's insecurities went off towards another galaxy and yes James seemed to be a 12 year Tweeb with a driver's license and may have an agenda when it came to someone taking his Kimmie-cub away from an overprotective dad… But in the end we hope it made for good drama and was something that kept you reading until the last word was read, eager for more to follow; which we intend to present to you shortly, as we have done for the last 35 weeks or so.

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Now last time, Ron's half-examined visions came back to haunt him with Kim's memory loss, and due to some mayhem created by his Father-in-Law, his suffering was prolonged until he felt he had no honor; in Middleton or Yamanouchi and was on a one-way trip to Ninja Purgatory. A bit late to the party, Kim's video rewind brought back what her Dad's prank had denied her remembering. James got a first-hand look at the consequences of being Senior Tweeb on the Block.

Fallout? You betcha, but covering that will happen at a later date, with a one-shot to follow down the road, with a couple of other one-shots being considered and created, also later on to wrap up this little ARC.

And to find out where this picks up, you have to start reading…

Chapter 34

I-25 south of Denver, Colorado, early December:

"So have you two patched things up?", Tara asked while snuggled up against Josh in the backseat across from a similarly snuggled up Kim and Ron.

"Well,", tentatively looking towards Ron, then back to her, "for a while, it was touch and go Tara, I mean I had amnesia from that device blowing up in my hands. I should have gotten my memories back over a short period of time, but Daddy pranked Ron and me with that DVD he created to kick start my memories. He put in everything I should know but left out any mention of Ron as anything more than a friend.", Kim's eyes narrowed.

"He did? That was mean.", Tara sympathized.

"I know, but that wasn't the half of it. He included the entire three seasons of his favorite sci-fi,", and here she glared at her Dad, then Ron to thwart their apparent defense of the genre again; at their surrender, "show on the DVD, and also had subliminal programming included which caused me to detour off into a Captain Constellation sidetrack whenever I tried to remember Ronnie as a boyfriend, or more.", Kim growled angrily before Ron rested a hand on her shoulder, calming the tweaked redhead.

After letting out a cleansing breath, "And after I was directed away from thoughts of Ron as more than a friend, I would regurgitate some line from that series, while denying Ron's claims because I had no memories to back them up."

"But the worst part for Ron was that I was so resolute in my position, that I treated him so horribly for trying to get me to believe otherwise.", Kim sadly recounted to her friends.

"That's terrible! To not know Ron as a boyfriend or more, and then reacting to him under those circumstances, no wonder you treated Ron like you did.", Tara sympathized.

"Yeah.", Kim shrunk at the memory of the treatment she gave Ron that week. "And I've been sick with regret ever since I got my memories back. But Ron took care of most of the hurt later when our families and some of our friends sat together a few days later.", Kim vaguely responded, looking gratefully at her Husband.

"I heard about that when we finally got word to return to Middleton. So what did he do?", Tara asked.

"It is something I think we should explain when we get back home when we have more time, this isn't the place. But I promise I'll tell you all about it.", Kim assured her friends as Ron brought her closer to him in his embrace.

"Ok Kim, we'll be sure to look you up next week.", Tara nodded to Kim's relief.

"But what about what your Dad did with that prank? I'm sure there was some fallout from that.", the platinum blonde questioned.

Sighing, "Well, Nana and Uncle Slim thought it was low and uncalled for and have been giving Daddy grief over it ever since. Mom said she now completely understands where the Tweebs got their mischievous streak from and promised to watch all of them more closely from now on.", she replied, with a terse nod to the 'limo driver'.

"But did you ever get close to figuring it out before that blowup at your house?", Tara asked.

"Well there was this one time on that mission with Drakken and Shego on a train in the mountains, where I almost got my memories all back when Ron's pants fell down at the end, but Daddy's programming redirected my memories of Ron off into Captain Constellation cosmos and left me spouting that series' signature line.", the redhead huffed as she slipped out of Ron's grasp.

Letting out a flustered breath, "And when we returned from the mission, Ron kept trying to get me to remember our relationship…something I just had no memories of…and I was really getting off my tweak about something I couldn't remember and I really blasted him in my kitchen.", Kim winced, then in a small voice, "And…and I told him to never come back."

"Oh Kim, I heard things went badly, but I didn't know it went that bad.", Tara cringed.

"It got worse Tara, much worse. But between a prankster of a monkey god and a video I had the foresight to have recorded, we were all saved from a horrible ending.", Kim shuddered.

"Monkey god? Video?", the confused blonde cheerleader asked the redhead.

"I'll explain about the first question next week, ok?", at Tara's mystified nod, "But the video was something Wade and I put together when we all flew back from Japan this summer. His recording of me telling myself just how much Ron and I meant to each other was to be played back if I ever forgot that Ron was more than a friend to me."

At Tara's puzzled look, "Ron had a very good reason to fear I would do this and I made sure I had this on hand for Wade to play for me when that did happen. And thankfully Wade was able to undo Daddy's subliminal programming that kept me from remembering Ron as a boyfriend, or Husband.", Kim explained.

"But it was almost too late, because except for some mystical intervention, Ron wouldn't be here.", Kim shuddered until Ron's arm came over to pull her into a gentle embrace against his side.

"Yeah, I think I'll have to wait until we get home for the rest of that story.", Tara said as she looked on in wonder of what all happened while she and Josh were away during that week of drama in Middleton.

"Though it was a prank, you do have to wonder if your Dad wasn't also influenced by that protective streak he has for you.", Ron said while comforting K.

"You can say that again.", Tara laughed, "I'm glad that my Dad isn't that protective."

Looking to the driver's compartment, "So Kim, why is your Dad driving the limo?", Josh asked, quite surprised that they had a chaperone and a chauffeur all rolled up in one person, "Doesn't he trust you two yet? I mean you are married."

"Right before Ron came and got me from that other dimension Daddy told Mom that he would drive the limo on our wedding night and Mom told him that since he pulled that dirty trick he is going to start to make amends. Annnddd… since we already had a wedding...", the red head replied with an evil giggle, "I think it's fitting punishment don't you?"

"Oh yeah, but where's he staying tonight?", the platinum blonde inquired.

"Right next door to our suite, it'll serve him right…." At their friends' baffled looks, "Uh sorry to spring it on you like this, but you two are gonna have to share a room tonight, Ronnie and me sorta have plans and it doesn't involve you after we get back to the hotel."

Then with a grin that would rival Shego at her most menacing, "And Daddy will be close enough to hear the whole thing…all night long. Mom and I checked the room assignments; his headboard is on the same wall as ours. It ought to really send him into orbit.", Kim blushed as she popped a chocolate into her mouth, then leaned over to her long time best friend, lover and secret husband, and laid her cheek on his shoulder.

Ron, after listening in on his Wife's plans to make her Daddy suffer in this way…, suddenly began to softly hum while mentally imagining himself in James Possible's sitch, soon coming to the conclusion that he would never tweak Kim in that manner…Ever.

"So why did your Dad do all that, I thought that he was all for the marriage?", Josh asked confused of James' motives in that debacle.

"Well Daddy was pranked by Mom's family before their wedding and he thought that this was a tradition that needed to be upheld and passed down through his kids.", Kim explained, "But after what happened when he pulled it on us, I think this is one tradition in my family that will end with the ash heap of history."

"After what you just told me about what it did to you and Ron, I can believe that.", Tara sympathetically replied.

"And after all that he suffered during that week I think Ronnie is going to get a little cuddle time shortly, to help make up from the stress, so I hope you guys don't mind us fading for a bit.", Kim said.

"No problem, but before you drift off, could you tell us just how your Dad was pranked before your 'rent's wedding? I mean it must have been pretty bad to have him try to top it when it was his turn.", Josh asked.

"Well at the Bachelor's party the night before they were supposed to get married my Uncles on Mom's side helped get Daddy drunk until he passed out. Then they stuffed him into the back of a westbound semi.", she told him.

"Well that's not good, but it's not real bad either Kim…."

"Mom and Dad were supposed to get married in July and they were living in the Northeast while going to Grad School and the semi was going to Los Angles.", she paused now that she really had the attention of both friends.

"So he doesn't show up at the Church and leaves Mom there…no word and she freaks out. He called four days later half starved and dehydrated. And on top of that she had to be convinced to reschedule the wedding.", Kim snorted.

Tara asked, "Wow sounds like your Mom was really mad."

"Oh yeah mad doesn't even come close to describe her feelings on that sitch.", replied the red head, "First she was upset that she got stood up at the Altar, with all the preparations and guests and all. Then her Uncles realized they screwed up when she went off on Daddy when he called home, both of them completely unaware of what her relatives had done.", Kim cringed at her Mom's demeanor in recounting that memory. "Then when Daddy was enroute back they fessed up to the prank."

"Really? I bet that was well received by your Mom after she chewed out your Dad over something he wasn't responsible for.", Tara replied in relief. "So what happened when your Dad got back to your Mom?"

"Well, when Daddy got back Mom apologized for what she said, and explained the prank to him. Then…they sorta..made up.", Kim shyly explained.

"Oh what did they do to make up?", Tara asked.

"You're looking at her.", Kim turned deep crimson to punctuate the point.

"Oh...", Kim's cheer mate looked as the wheels were turning in her head, "OH!."

Changing the subject to something less embarrassing, "So how's Ron handling the baby that we met in Japan?", Josh asked.

"Oh Hanna is always holding out her hands to him, it's so adorable. When the time comes I think that I'd like a little girl too.", Kim gushed, then muttered lowly so that only Ron heard, "But she really is a special child, isn't she?"

"Awww, that's so cute.", Tara said, "And how are the others with her?"

"Well, she's got Daddy and the Tweebs wrapped around her little finger, I am so proud of her.", Kim laughed, then snuck a look to Ron, 'And him. He's gonna be a great Daddy!'

"That's good it looked to me that they liked each other.", Josh said, then asked, "You know when you guys first brought this idea up I thought we were going to escort you out to buy your gowns. What happened?"

"Well Tara and I were looking over how tight the schedule was for today and we decided to get them in town. Monique helped us out and Ron just sent the money to her, sight unseen, so he doesn't even know what mine looks like. I had hid it at home with my super suit.", Kim giggled.

"Anyway after Tara and I go to the spa, that'll give us plenty of time to take in a very nice, long lunch. Then while you two go out for haircuts and shaves, we'll get our hair done.", Kim informed him.

"Hair…cuts?", Ron, whose eyes were half closed up to now, opened up wide, "Nobody said anything about haircuts."

The mischievous redhead leaned in and whispered into his ear, "Wonnie pwease? You'd look so ferociously edible if you did."

She then sat back with a victorious smile as Ron Stoppable, aka Inushi Tamaru the Ninja Boy, melted into his seat with the goofiest 'Ron Stoppable' grin on his kisser.

Kim, who had been keeping an eye on the glass in back of her, was amused to see that her Father had been constantly looking up into the rearview mirror. So under the instructions she received in the talk her and her Mom had last night after returning home from the football game, she leaned in and kissed Ron passionately.

This led to the car suddenly swerving on the highway as their activity unsettled the driver.

After she recovered, Kim hit the intercom button, "Driver, keep your eyes on the road. That is, unless you don't want any grandbabies."

"Yes Ma'am I'll make sure that doesn't happen again.", James replied automatically, fully aware that this might be reported to Anne as well.


Thinking back on how he ended up here, 'I guess that shouldn't have pranked Kimmie-cub and Ronald like that. It was mean, and I should have known better.' Then ruefully shaking his head, 'But in all of this, I'd have never believed how badly that prank would have lead to such drama and mayhem as it did.'

Shrugging his shoulders in resignation with a sigh, 'I was going to intervene before too much longer, but I never suspected what Anne said was going on in the background between those two. If I'd have known I never would have set that memory recovery disk up the way I did.'

Glancing in the mirror to Kim and her Husband with a small smile before focusing on the road ahead, 'Maybe we can all laugh about this someday when I'm bouncing a grandkid on my knee.'

Then after letting out a shaky breath, 'I just hope both red heads forgive me by then. Kim might take more time, but I sure hope that Anne comes around first.', he mused, taking stock of his place in all of that misadventure.


Kim smiled as she buried her head into her Husband's chest. 'Finally Bonnie has someone to take her mind off my man, now that she has her own now... RICH, just the way she likes them.... And at least Crystal stopped making a move on Ron...I almost lost him then.'

Then sighing and glancing towards the chauffeur, 'I guess when this is over, I'd better explain to Dad that sometimes there's a time and place for nearly any prank. But that one should have never seen the light of day.'

Breaking the redhead out of her musings, "Hey what happened during that football game when you disappeared from the sidelines before halftime?", Tara asked, suddenly remembering that incident.

"Oh that? Well Warmonga, this nine foot tall green alien woman, had come to Earth looking for 'The Great Blue' and thought it was Drakken. Shego popped in from one of her many vacations, took one look at Drakken's new Sidekick, saw red, and suddenly was ready to fight. When I got there Shego was restrained by some gadget Warmonga deployed and Drakken was using one of her toys to take over the world by siphoning the world's oxygen, or something like that.", Kim recounted.

Spellbound at all the weirdness of the mission Kim just Cliff-noted, "Really? Man that sounds like one of your weirdest missions to date.", Tara said in awe, as Josh nodded in agreement.

"Oh it's definitely up there in our top five or so. But after I got there, we had our usual fight and between me and Shego, then we teamed up to beat Warmonga, and she left on her space ship.", Kim explained.

"Welllll that's not exactly how it happened. If you remember your brothers got her to leave by making her think that this 'Great Blue' guy was on Pluto or something. So she left on her own.", Ron corrected her as he kissed her on the cheek.

"Yeah you're right Wonnie, that's how we got her to leave, and I hope we never see her again. Now pwetty pwease can I sit on your lap?", Kim asked using the puppy dog pout.

"Well as long as you don't straddle me like you did almost an hour ago...And I say this because of your Dad's reaction. I'd rather not have us end up in a ditch, please and thank you..", Ron replied nervously.

Kim snorted, "Mom made sure that I did that for him."

"Oh I thought you did it for me.", Ron responded slightly hurt.

"Well I did it for us too Ronnie. Just a little preview ya know.", the red head told him with a lascivious smirk on her face.


Middleton, Colorado:

"Good morning ladies, what can I do for you today.", the Minister asked the women entering his office.

"Good morning to you too, Reverend Bradstreet. We're here to reserve the Church for a wedding.", Barbara said, "Anne here, if you remember, is a member of your congregation."

A little confused at his visitors and their request, "Yes I remember.", he replied, then paused, "But just to get it out of the way, I don't marry women; though I can recommend someone who can do that for you if you wish."

After an awkward laugh at the realization of what he was suggesting, "Huh? Oh it's not for us, it's for Kimberly and Ronald.", Anne replied, "They'd be here but they're out with James right now in Denver. We thought we'd get the Church reserved to get that out of the way before we all start on the process."

"Ah Kimberly Possible and Ronald Stoppable?", the Minister asked remembering Ron's name from the Memorial Service, "When did they decide on becoming one?"

"Well Reverend, Kimberly and Ronald decided that before the end of summer and they got engaged then. But for now we'd like to keep the reservation of the Church, as well as the wedding plans quiet as long as we can so as to not start a media circus at the Church or in Middleton as long as we possibly can.", Barbara informed him.

"I understand your concerns and I shall keep silent about this situation. Now before I consent and schedule a date, will it be possible for me to schedule a few Pre-Marital sessions with them? I always do this to make sure they are committed to each other.", Bradstreet told the two Mothers.

"Reverend if you think it's necessary I'm sure they'll agree to your request, but they have been best friends for over thirteen years and have been partners in crime fighting and helping people for four.", Anne added.

"After all the years your family's been a member of the Congregation and especially after that Memorial Service held earlier this year, I am quite aware of and understand their relationship, but I still wish to talk with them.", the Reverend said with a friendly smile.

Anne smiled, "Alright, that's no problem, we'll set up the first appointment for them for next week, after that, they'll set up their own appointments with you. How is that?"

"That will work out very well. Now if you'll excuse me, I'll check the schedule and get back to you with a list of dates."

"Thank you Reverend, we'll be waiting for your call. Now we'll just let ourselves out, we have another appointment to go to.."


Hotel Teatro. Denver, Colorado:

"Tara honey, you sure know how to pick them.", Josh sighed holding the door for the three other teens as they entered one of their suites.

"Oh this is just like the pictures.", Tara gushed. "Oh Kim, we're going to have a great time. Now follow me to the official girls' room, guys you have the other one.", Tara told them.

Before the door closed Ron looked out to see James Possible opening the door to his room. "Hey guys I'll be right back I thought I saw something.", Ron stated.

"What is it Ronnie?", Kim asked worried that some villain might be getting ready to wreck their little getaway.

"Uh nothing just saw something out in the hallway; uh I'll be right back."

"OK but don't take too long, we have to go to the spa.", Kim touched his arm gently.

"Sure thing honey, I'll be right back.", Ron replied as he exited the suite.

A moment later he knocked on James' door and as it opened he said, "Mr. Possible, Sir, I apologize for all this. I didn't know what Kim and her Mom had planned and it must be embarrassing to you.", Ron averted his eyes feeling that he dishonored his Father-in-Law.

"Ronald, please come in."

After the teen entered James began, "Son it is I who should apologize to you. I took the family prank and carried it too far. I...I'm sorry…you didn't deserve that. You have kept your promise so far and kept my little Kimmie-cub safe. And after your exposition shortly after all the drama ended, I really can appreciate where you were coming from up to then."

Then gesturing to a chair while he sat on the edge of his bed, "I can tell how much you love her. And words really can't tell you how much I appreciate this. You are a good husband and I think when your time comes you will be a wonderful father."

Rising from his seat, "Now if you'll excuse me, I have to unpack my bag and be ready to take the girls to their appointment at the spa, and then lunch. I suppose that you all will want to take a nap before you go out later."

"Yes Sir Mr. P I think that is what KP and Tara had in mind, I'm glad you have it memorized. With all their plans I'm not sure I could have kept up with them.

James chuckled, "Anne made sure that I had all the information on my PDA, the one with the GPS function and the clock. We'll be on time. Now go and get ready before my daughter comes looking for you and puts your ninja skills to the test."

Ron reached out with his right hand. James took it and held it for a few moments before releasing it, "Sir I hope that some day I am as good of a father as you are."

"Just call me Dad or Dad P, Ronald, you've been my son in everything but blood for many years and I love you as much as I do the twins.", he told the blond haired young man, a sheen in his eyes.


Later at the spa:

Kim lifted her towel wrapped head and peeled back a cucumber slice from her eye to see she was alone with a totally relaxed blonde cheerleader only a few feet away in her own mud bath, "You know Tara this was a great idea, I'm glad you came up with it."

"Thank you Kim, but when I first came up with the idea it was more about getting even with Ron than anything for having Josh date you when you returned, fully knowing that Josh and I were an item. I was really upset with him back then.", Tara narrowed her eyes at that memory.

Then giggling, "I hope when this is over, the bill isn't too high for you guys."

"We're fine in that regard T. Now, how are you guys doing?", the red head asked her friend.

"Josh is very romantic Kim and sweet too. When we get dressed I have to show you something." Tara told Kim conspiratorially.

"Oh?", Kim asked now very curious.

"Yeah and as a result, I guess we might be in it for the long haul.", Tara sighed.

"Did he give you something?", asked Kim, now curious as to why she had seen Bonnie jumping around so animatedly last week, not to mention her talking excitedly since then on phone calls to Senor Senior, Junior.

"Yeah he did, it's a nice second step Kim and very appropriate considering the timing and all.", she sighed again.

Tara then peeled off one of her cucumbers to wink at the red head, "Now if you don't mind why don't you tell me why you guys have been getting into study hall late sometimes. I heard you've had to go to Barkin's office each time. Does he still have it in for Ron?"

Snorting, "Barkin knows; that rat. Wade sent him the feed from Japan and he watched it all live. He gives us a little time to ourselves a couple times a day. I didn't know he was so sweet.", Kim giggled.

"Mr. Steven Barkin…Sweet?", Tara snorted.

"He's a cool guy Tara; he just can't be that way with students…I guess. Anyway don't let anyone know till we get our diplomas.", Kim warned, "I don't want him to stop letting me and Ronnie have our alone time, ok?"

"I won't I promise.", she raised her hand as if taking an oath, "Now why do you wear those rings on your right hands?"

"So no one gets the idea of what we're trying to keep a secret. If anyone asks we just tell them that we're best friends who are dating and we got a good deal on the rings. But, that's gonna change real fast.", Kim hinted as she began to get out of the mud, and of eventually coming out of the shadows.

"What are you talking about Kim.", Tara wanted to know hoping her guy was having better luck pumping Ron for information than she was with Kim.


The game room at the spa:

"OK Mister Artist just what are you so smug about?", Ron asked while waiting their turn for haircuts and shaves.

"OK but don't tell anyone, Tara wants to show before tell this time.", Josh warned conspiratorially, before getting a nod from Ron who seemed to know a little about how the female mind worked.

"Deal, but what are you talking about?", Ron asked.

"Over dinner take a look at Tara's right hand.", he hinted with a growing smile.

"What did you do? Get engaged?", Ron whispered.

"Uh no then it would be on her left hand not the right Stoppable don't you know anything?", Josh frowned.

"I know where they go, the 'rents took us shopping a while...Kim sorta wore a wig and we got two gold bands. So yeah, I know where they go.", Ron flustered to his new friend.

"But when we've got nothing planned or don't have to leave the house, I get to put hers on her left ring finger again. It's like I get to marry her almost every week. Man what a rush!.", Ron chuckled at the memory.

"I'll bet. Uh...Why do you wear your rings in high school on your right hands? I just don't get that.", Josh told him.

"It's kinda complicated. You know how you swore to keep the secret?" at Josh's nod then he continued, "Well Sensei thought that it would be a very good idea if we didn't let a lot of others know about our status just yet. So if we don't advertize then the secret is kept and KP is secure at the same time. But we ARE married and plans are well underway to have a public ceremony after we graduate.", Ron said lowly.

"I see. So when are you going to make the 'engagement' public and official?" Josh asked, also in a low voice.

Smugly, "Come around Kim's house New Years Eve just before the year changes and you'll find out. Oh and bring a camera, I think you'll like the pictures you'll take.", Ron smirked.

"Oh and why would we need to drop by the Possible's, and with a camera?", the artist asked with narrowing eyes.

"Just drop by at about Eleven Fifty Eight PM on December Thirty-First if ya wanna know.", Ron suggested.

"Do I need to rent a tux?", the artist asked.

"No, but get measured for one. I'll give you a call as to when. Just don't get any gross tattoos before we graduate.", Ron smiled, "So just think right after graduation."

"But why New Years Eve?", Josh again asked.

"It's KP's idea so that we get everyone used to the idea slowly. Trust her, I know I do.", Ron urged still smiling at how devious his wife was.

"I know I know, but all the girls on the cheer squad are acting like private detectives on a hot case since we came back from Japan, I heard they nearly bugged Monique and Tara to death.", Josh told him.

"Yeah.", Ron snorted, "Now little Miss Blabbermouth is bursting at the seams. Felix is having fun keeping her in check."

"I heard the girls, mainly Crystal and Jessica, had to be calmed down after we got back.", Josh noted wondering what his friend's take on it was.

"Uh yeah, lucky for me these twin guys, you know Tom and Tim Meecham moved into town and Crystal and Jessica are now out of the way and distracted.", Ron smiled.

"Convenient huh? Did you have anything to do with that?", Josh asked.

"Me? Josh how could I have anything to do with that? I heard their Dad works for GJ and their Mom works at the Space Center near Mr. P.", Ron replied with a snicker.


In the limo:

James picked up his phone on its third ring.

"Are you guys on schedule?", Anne asked.

"Yeah they'll be out in a little while then I'm taking the girls to get their hair done and the boys for their haircuts. We'll probably be two hours till we get back to the rooms.", James replied.

"OK we're having a couple of tables held for us for lunch; we just had to give them an approximate time that you'd be there. So make sure you keep them moving.", Anne told him.

"A couple of tables? Why two?", he asked.

"Where were you going to sit Jimmy? You have to eat and I think the kids might want to be by themselves.", Anne's smirk could be heard over the phone.

"Oh I didn't think of that.", James replied.

"I know you didn't, now as Kimberly says get your 'head in the game' James, I'll see you later so have a good time.", Anne told him as she prepared to sever the connection..

"Uh Anne?", he asked.

"Yes honey?"

"Ronald is a good man, I mean he and Kimmie-cub make a good couple.", James told her as he shut the phone down.

"Good boy Jimmy.", Anne breathed as she looked over at the other two adults having a cup of coffee.

"You are going to give him a heart attack Anne.", Barbara laughed as she leaned into Dean. Sitting beside Anne, Hanna was sitting quietly in her car seat playing with some toy keys.

"It will be a nice surprise Barb and Kim will love to see Hanna too. That and Ron will be able to hug the two greatest loves of his life. Who knew all this was going to happen a year ago.", Anne's eyes misted as she watched the baby, hoping that the kids wouldn't take too long, but also knowing that she wanted them to be out of college first before starting on a family.


Middleton, Colorado:

'Well it's a nice gift giving them the weekend off to chill and recover before the championship game next weekend in Boulder. Nothing like a few days to marinate, as Stoppable is wont to say.', Steve Barkin smiled as he went over game tapes of Macon West's big upset victory over Big Fortune High, who, up until last night's game was the odds-on favorite to win the Colorado State Football Championship in their Class.

'I wonder what those two love birds are doing right now?'


Drakken's Caribbean Lair:

"Shego! I have it! I have it, a new way to defeat Kim Possible and the buffoon.", Drakken ranted.

"Dr. D what did I tell you about plans to hurt the Princess? Huh? Remember she gets hurt by us and then we get hurt by him. DO I need to remind you?", Shego warned.

"Instead, let's play nice for a change and try to find a way to make money legally this time. Anyway it's getting too close to Christmas.", Shego suggested, "Besides my knee still twinges some when a storm is coming, and if it wasn't for the plastic surgeon at GJ I would have had a nose just as crooked as your Grandmother's."

"Shego that's not a very nice thing to say.", the blue man replied, a little hurt by her comment about his Grand Mamma.

"How about I just put this one in the Lose Column and save the time and effort for you.", she laughed.

"What have I told you about hurtful words Shego?"

"What have I told you about broken bodies? Hell she took down that alien...well with my help. And Stoppable didn't even get involved this time; I guess he didn't figure she was much of a threat.", she told him.

"I suppose you're right unless he was afraid again..."

"He might be afraid, which I doubt, but he is still the most dangerous man on the planet. The Princess might just want to use him when nothing else works.", the green skinned woman mused.

"Well with her new suit she can do what I can. Man is it getting harder all the time. I'm thinking about retiring or at least going straight.", Shego told him.

"Straight? What's wrong with you Shego?", Drakken asked.

"Maybe I'm getting smarter in my old age. You might want to consider it too, blue boy.", she replied.

"Maybe we can talk to Du this spring and offer not to try anymore of that dangerous stuff, but if the Buffoon gets anymore ticked off at us I just might have to hurt him to show him who's boss.", Drakken began to laugh.

"You hurt him?", Shego guffawed, "That'll be the day."


Yamanouchi, Japan:

The white haired old man in his flowing red robes sat calmly reading the scrolls again. 'Yes Kim-san you have done well preparing him for his final exam.', Sensei smiled sadly, 'It is my hope that the two of you will survive.'

(Are you still worried about them old man?), a voice behind him asked.

(Wouldn't you be Nooni? They are both so young and have so much potential. I would rather prefer to see them settle down and raise little ninjas.), he smiled sadly.

(I tell you that nothing will keep him from her.), she scolded, (He is strong.)

(Have you seen it in the scrolls? I just hope that he is strong enough.), he inquired sharply.

(I have my own ways. But I have my money on Kim-san being with child within four years.), she smiled.

(I will not bet you on this, it may disturb the Wa.), Sensei told her.


A barbershop in Denver:

"Man don't get it too short, it will make me look like a clown instead of an artist.", Josh moaned as the older man snipped at his hair with the scissors, "How can you put up with it Stoppable?"

"Huh? Oh I was just vegging out Josh. A barber is the least of my worries now.", the blond teen replied.

"After the last few months, what kind of worries do you have?", the artist asked incredulously.

"Oh I was reading how Macon West was gonna bury a certain Mad Dog at the University of Colorado Stadium next weekend. I wonder if I should have KP pack a black dress instead of her cheerleader uniform.", he smiled.

"Uh oh, I can see a red head using sixteen forms of Kung Fu on a football team. That won't be pretty.", Josh laughed, "But seriously aren't you worried?"

"Worried about what?", Ron asked.

"Worried about those guys, their defensive linemen are all the size of gorillas.", Josh clarified.

"Hey I've had my butt handed to me by major villains I'm not afraid of getting stomped by the Mongols' line.", Ron chuckled lightly, "Hey, hey watch the Ron-man's ears." He half turned to the barber putting his hand protectively over his pride and joys as the barber stepped back with his straight razor.

"You're not?", Josh asked, "Why?"

"Two reasons Joshie one; Kimbo is gonna give me a backrub after the game when we get home...a nice lonnnnggggg backrub and two; I have Mrs. Dr. P in my corner, so I have the first aid covered. So why should I be worried?", Ron asked while looking over at his Father-in-Law who had just glanced his way.


Later at the hotel restaurant:

"There they are.", Dean waved to the party as they arrived.

"Hi honey.", Anne told them as the kids made their way back to their own table.

"Mom, Mr. and Mrs. S what are you guys doing here?", Kim asked as she noticed Ron taking Hanna out of her seat to give her some face time.

"We thought we'd release your Father from Purgatory.", Anne told her, "I think James Possible has suffered enough for today."

"Are you guys going to take him home and leave us without a ride?", Tara asked.

"Nope, but I think that the limo can do double duty tonight don't you think? When James takes you out to the show we can spend time with the Stoppables and Hanna.", Anne suggested, "Then when you go dancing we'll have him bring you back here to one of the clubs. This is a very good hotel."

"Uh Mrs. Possible where's Mom and Dad staying?", Ron asked hoping that they weren't going to have their plans ruined, but hoping that they would get some time with Hanna too.

"When your Father booked the rooms he also booked one for your family.", Anne informed him. So everyone's going to be on this floor.

"Including the little intruder?", Ron asked now smiling.

"Yes including your sister Ronald.", Barb told him.

Dean butted in, "Kids why don't you go have lunch. We'll meet up with you later. Uh Ronald, do you want to take a nap with Hanna later today?"

"Yes he does Mr. S, well we both do.", Kim replied having grown very accustomed to the child in the few months she had known Hanna. That and Kim had become awfully close to the Super Ninja Baby after the event Ron, her, their family and friends took part in after that awful memory loss debacle.

Ron handed his sister back, "We'll see ya later. Thanks for the rides Mr. P."

When they arrived at their table Ron and Josh both held the chairs for their ladies who both blushed as they sat down. Both young men took the menus and handed them to the girls.

"They are both acting like gentlemen today aren't they Tara.", Kim snorted.

"Nice haircuts too.", Tara added appreciating the new looks, "It looks like we both have good taste Kim.", drawing a giggle from the red head.

After the waitress left with their drink order Kim studied her menu hoping to find something both filling and not too fattening. Ron seeing her predicament suggested, "KP how about soup and a sandwich maybe with fries or some other side? Our reservations are for six tonight and it is one now."

"We'll take a nap upstairs in our rooms for about two hours and then we can get dressed and come down and have dinner.", he added, "What do you guys think?" He looked between Josh and Tara seeking their opinions as well as Kim's.

"That sounds good Ninja Man.", Tara responded not seeing her steady ready to jump in.

"That's Ninja Boy.", Kim reminded her friend.

With a smirk Tara opened her camera and sorted through some pictures before finding the one she wanted and showed it to the red head, then asked, "Here's my evidence, want me to flag down our waitress for her opinion?"

Wide eyed, Kim just put her head down in her hands, her face a flaming red.

Ron sat back with a questioning look on his face and before anybody knew it, he grabbed the phone, "What are you two talking about?...Oh my Lord.", when he recognized what he was looking at.

Josh for his part looked at the image on the phone's screen and offered his expert advice, "Hmmmm...Oh yeah haven't seen that one in a while. Ya know if you had a smile on your face you would have been more photogenic. Next time you might want to remember that. As it is I think it's fair to say that every girl at Middleton High has seen this one."

"I wish that every girl at Middleton had deleted that picture. Inushi Tamaru is no plaything for anyone except me.", Kim told them as Tara reached for the device and shut it off.

The rest of lunch went quietly for the teens. By the end of the hour they were thinking about dessert, but decided it would ruin dinner so they held off. They charged the meal to their room and went to swipe the youngest Stoppable as well has her diaper bag. Hanna held out her arms and Kim couldn't say no to the little Asian girl.

The group of four teens and one munchkin were making their way to the elevator when a lady and gentleman stopped them. "Excuse me aren't you Kim Possible?", she asked.

"Me? Oh I'm very sorry Ma'am you must have me mistaken with someone else, my name is Kimko Tamaru this is my Husband Inushi and his sister Hanna. These are our friends Tara and Joshua.", Kim replied with a fake English accent.

"Oh I am sorry Miss.", the woman replied.

Ron added in Japanese, (What is the matter my lovely wife?)

"What did he say?", the older woman asked.

"Oh he said hello it is nice to meet you. He doesn't speak English very well. I humbly apologize.", Kim informed her.

"Oh I am sorry to have disturbed you.", the lady responded.

"It is quite alright, and I hope you meet this Kim Possible. Have a pleasant day.", Kim smiled as the lady turned away.

As they boarded the elevator Josh let out a sigh, "Wow does it happen all the time like that?"

"Yeah I hated to deceive her, but if the word got out that 'Kim Possible' was here people would find us and make our lives and weekend off miserable. We wouldn't get a moment's peace and quiet and that's why we came here to do that and have some fun with our guys. They have to get their own lives.", Kim told them softly as Hanna tried to play with her hair.

"Come here boobah.", Ron told the baby as he took her from Kim, "Momma doesn't want you to mess with her hair she just had it done."

"Roooonnnn.", Kim moaned, "I don't have a baby yet."

"But someday you will and I think that you glow when you carry Hanna, you just look so happy.", he told her as Josh pushed the number for their floor.

"I have to agree Kim just then you looked so happy and natural.", Tara told her with a smile, "Something so simple looked so like you. Maybe Josh could do a portrait of you guys. I think it would be sweet."

"Yeah Tara I can do that. Ron's sorta told me a lot and Kim is still a friend of mine.", he looked at them at a little different angle and closed one eye as the elevator came to a stop.

As the doors open he gasped, "I know what to do."


"Alright Josh, I was joking.", Tara told them as they entered their suite.

"And I wasn't, I have to make some notes. Then we can rest.", the artist informed them.

"Hanna would work, but I would rather wait until I'm better...Uh Ron, Kim when you have your first. I want to paint the portrait. I have to work this out in my mind. I don't want to sell it, but I want to put it in your house as a wedding present you know.", he informed them, "Yeah give me a couple of minutes. I wanna take a nap with Tara too."

Josh had Kim and Ron sit in several poses and made notes.

Tara watched on as he hummed to himself, 'He sure is happy now. That's the biggest smile I've ever seen on him.'

A half hour and a diaper change later the teens laid down and took their naps. Of course Kim, Ron and Hanna took theirs together. After a couple of tries Ron was able to keep Hanna's hands off the recently styled auburn mane of Kim.

Two hours later there was a rapping on the suite door. Kim got up to see who it was. "Oh hi Mom S and Dad S, please come in. We're just waking up.", Kim told them as she rubbed the sleep out of her eyes.

"Well honey you gave us a nice break from Hanna.", Barbara told her.

"Now you have about an hour and a half till your reservation at Kevin Taylor's so you should start moving. Then while you are at Dinner, we'll do the same with James and Anne, but he'll be back to pick you up to take you to your show. When it ends he'll bring you back here for some dancing.", Barb reminded them.

"Wow Mrs. Stoppable it looks like a busy night.", Tara said before she yawned.

"Well you're the one who made the plans Tara. Anyway you kids need to get ready. Let me take Hanna off your hands so you can get to that.", Barb told them.

Fifteen minutes before they were to be seated in the famous eatery they were ready. Ron exited his suite to knock on his in-law's door. When the door opened. "Mrs. P we're ah going to dinner now. Please have a good evening and thanks for all of this.", Ron told her.

"You are good man Ronald, if you don't see James when you get out of Kevin Taylor's give us a call. We're in the hotel anyway.", she replied, "Remember we're having dinner with your Mom and Dad."

"Yes Ma'am and thanks for trusting KP to me."

He turned and went back in to gather his Bride and the two other teens.

Ron was stunned when he saw Kim in her dress, "Oh man. I'm in love again."

"You like Ronnie?", she asked as she modeled it for him.

"Oh yeah…oh yeah.", he stammered before he shook his head to get back on track., "Wow, dark green and you have your necklace on. You're wearing it for me."

Josh appeared in a modern Tux with a medium blue Cumberland and bowtie. Ron's Tux matched Kim's dress and now he knew why Kim had insisted on having Monique make sure that everything was done at their Club Banana. Tara came out next in a calf length strapless medium blue dress and handbag with a silver crucifix on a silver chain.

"I guess we'd better go guys.", Ron told them as he opened the door and held it for them. Absently he rubbed the blue bracelet on his left wrist and smiled as he closed the door.

Josh and Tara led the way to the elevator. Lagging behind a bit, Kim took Ron's hand and motioned for him to remove the gold band from her right ring finger and place it on her left to show everyone what they were to each other while she tenderly did the same with his. Once this was done she gently, but soundly kissed him.

Then linking arms, they walked to the elevator their friends held open for them. Upon entering, the doors closed and shortly thereafter the floor number light went out.


Here ends 'Out There, In Here'.

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