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(Story starts toward the end of Mockingjay, you'll understand when you read it =D)

I walk toward the injured children, all that I want to do is help them. As I'm getting down onto my knees I hear my name being called, I turn my head and see Katniss. She looks frantic and is yelling for everyone to get away from the injured children, I stand up and run toward her. The only thought going through my mind is that Katniss has lost her mind, maybe I can help her. But right when I reach Katniss she pushes me onto the ground and lays on top of me, protecting me. The explosion is loud and it feels like my ears are bleeding. People are yelling and I feel Katniss go still and I can't get out from under her. Someone's feet appear right in front of my face and I feel Katniss being lifted up. Silently I sit up slowly, a tear runs down my cheek all of those children...dead.

"Prim?" Peeta's voice is full of shock. I look up and see that he has Katniss cradled in his arms, this worries me a little. He hasn't been himself lately. "What...what are you doing here?"

"I came to help. Are you sure that you should..." I gesture towards Katniss and he smiles a small smile. A hand touches my shoulder and I look behind me, terrified about who it could be. "Gale...are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. Wait...what are you doing here?" He looks over at Peeta and sees Katniss, his eyes go wide. There is a fear in Gale's eyes, but Peeta seems fine right now. "Peeta, I'll take her. Here..."

But Peeta just shakes his head and Gale stares at him in shock. "No, I think that this could help. Maybe...maybe this will help me. I think that things are starting to get better. When she came up here I thought that she was going to..."

We both stare at Peeta as he looks down at Katniss, at her face. There is a softness there that I haven't seen in a while, he touches his lips to her forehead. I look around us and see that we have won, President Snow has surrendered. Everyone is looking around at the Capital, many buildings have been destroyed. My eyes wander over to Katniss. Coin comes over to us and I'm shocked that she's here, she is all smiles and tells us that we get to stay at President Snow's mansion, which does not please me that much. Something is off with her, she's been a little too happy and she has a look in her eyes. The look is something that I recognize a hunger, this is a hunger for power though.

Coin practically pushes us into the place and she looks around at it with glee. Peeta takes Katniss up the stairs to find a room for her to lay and Coin says that she will call for someone to check on her. She seems a little upset about something, could it be that Katniss has lived through this? Is that why she sent Peeta to fight? I stare at her as she walks away, she walks down the hallways and makes little comments to herself about what will be changed. After a few minutes she comes back and smiles at me.

"I'll call for your families to come to the Capital. All of you will be treated as you should be." She seems to be telling the truth, but I still don't know how much I should trust her. "Why don't you go get some rest? Or maybe see Katniss?"

I nod my head once and walk up the stairs to find Katniss, Gale follows me. He is mumbling the whole way about how he should have been the one to carry Katniss. There is a door open to the left and I peek inside of it, there she is….Katniss, my sister, my hero. Peeta looks up at us and smiles lightly. Obviously Katniss had attached herself to him, because she is gripping onto him. Gale tenses next to me and I look over at him, a part of me feels bad for him, but I think that Katniss needs Peeta. If it wasn't for the Hunger Games she might never had met Peeta, but after going through them it is obvious that she can't live without him.

"Katniss…" I whisper walking over to the bed. Peeta smiles as I sit down on the other side of her. "Katniss…"

Her eyes flicker open and she stares at me, a confused look is on her face. The next thing that I know Katniss is sitting up and hugging me. I hear the door shut behind me and I feel Katniss letting go of me. Katniss's eyes are on Gale, she has a small sad smile on her lips. Gale just nods and Katniss gets up to hug him.

"Catnip." He says and she smiles. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah…." She says and I watch her as she turns to look at Peeta. A tear falls down her cheek as her eyes settle on me. "I'm sure…can we still be…"

"Yeah." Gale says with a small shrug. "Of course, why couldn't we be?"

I leave Katniss and Peeta alone, they need some time alone. But I almost walk right into someone, as I look up I see that it's Rory Hawthorne. A smile forms on my lips as I see him, he smiles right back at me. Rory and I haven't talked that much lately, we talked a lot more while Katniss was in the Hunger Games. He was kind of my Gale through the whole thing.

"Hi Rory." I say smiling brightly at him. Rory looks down at the ground and I see that his cheeks are reddening. "Are you looking for Gale?"

"Hi Prim…no, um." He looks down the stairs and I smile a little. "I was actually looking for you."

"Oh, okay. Did you want to say something or…" I smile a little wider. "Or did you just want to hang out?"

"I wanted to see how you were." He says with an embarrassed look on his face. "You being in the Capital during the explosion….it worried me."

My eyes go to the floor and for some reason I am blushing. "I'm fine, really. Katniss saved me, without her I'd probably be…."

"Yeah…" There is a sad look on his face, both of us knew what I was going to say. "Come on…"

"Wait, Rory." He turns and I look down. For some reason his gray eyes make it hard for me to think and they are all that I want to look at. "I…I don't know about Coin."

He nods his head. "Yeah….I know what you mean."

He takes my hand and I blush even worse. I follow him though and I smile as he leads me down the hallway. There are butterflies in my stomach and I don't know why, but I like it that he's holding my hand. We come to a stop in front of a door and he smiles at me. Silently he opens the door and I see that it's a room full of TV's and he leads me into the room. The door shuts behind us with a click.

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