I have to confess something. I am an addict. It's true. And of all the things for someone my age get's all squee about....sigh. But it's become something I can hide no longer. So here it goes. I. Am addicted. To teen moives. I love them. The thought of them gives me warm fuzzy feelings. Drive Me Crazy, Whatever It Takes, Pretty In Pink, Get Over It, 10 Things I Hate About You, Girls Just Wanna Have Fun, Bring It On, She's All That, The Breakfast Club....the list goes on and on. They're not movies known for great scripts or even great acting. They're aimed at girls years younger than I. And I love them. Very very much. So in the tradition of all great teen movies I bring you the first in my teen movie series. Sailor Moon style. Alternate Universe. So apologies in advance for those of you expecting to read about super girls in super short skirts using super powers to kick some super ass.

Anyway I'll stop babbling now. Reply if you'd like more.


Darien and I were destined to be together from the start. I moved next door to him when I was five. He introduced himself by stealing the doll from my arms and ripping her head off. Don't worry, he apologized for it. I was on top of him shoving dirt in his mouth at the time so it might not have been the most sincere apology of his life, but I was lonely and I hadn't really liked the doll to begin with. I agreed to forgive him and he agreed not to destroy anymore of my toys. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

We mostly did everything together. We even used to sleep over at each others houses before puberty hit and our mothers got all weirded out over it. That was about the time I got all weirded out about it too.

Okay, I know it's a mistake to fall for a guy who believes punching your shoulder is the ultimate sign of affection. But it wasn't all that bad. It was just like having a boyfriend only minus the kissing and stuff.

And after four years of waiting to be seen as more than a friend it started to work. Slowly but surely he's started to come around.

Tonight he's taking me out for dinner and a movie. It's his first tentative step towards more than friendship and tonight will be the night I reel him in the rest of the way.

"Darien, earth to Darien." Rei snapped her fingers in front of his face a couple of times until her focused his gaze on her.

"Wha? Oh sorry Rei." He was still staring just over her shoulder.

"Who's behind me, Jennifer Lopez?" He didn't reply, lost in his own thoughts again. Rei frowned as she craned to see over her shoulder. The night wasn't going as she'd planned. He'd actually watched the movie the whole time, never once making a move to take her hand. And now this at dinner. She didn't see what kept his attention targeted behind her. They were the only two people in the pizzeria aside from their school's "girlie girls" in one of the booths. One of the girls did seem more unfamiliar than the others, but she dismissed them all and turned back to Darien. "Darien." He didn't reply. "DARIEN!"


She sighed, tonight was obviously not the night to tell him. "As fun as it is to talk to myself, I'd rather do so at home. Can we leave?"

He offered her a sheepish smile as her threw some money down on the table. "I really am sorry Rei."

"No problem, let's just go."

They pulled into his driveway and Rei's hope returned when he offered to walk her to her door.

He leaned foreword and Rei held her breath then released it when he only placed a chaste kiss on her forehead.

"You're my best friend Rei. Promise me we'll always be friends."

"Of course we will. Nothing could change that."

"Good. See you tomorrow." He jogged back to his house and waved to her once before stepping inside.

The phone was ringing and she hurried to answer it in case Darien had found the nerve to finish the conversation outside.

"So how'd it go?"

"Lita? What do you have spies positioned outside my house alerting you the minute I step inside? "

"That'd be a pretty big spy ring considering I'm all the way on the east coast. I couldn't

wait for our Saturday morning phone call so I've been calling every ten minutes for the past half hour. So you'd better make my huge phone bill worth it. Dish."

Rei smiled. Lita hadn't changed a bit since they'd met in camp seven years ago. Being that they were both pushy and opinionated and had a healthy fear of make-up, they'd become instant friends. Even though their camp days were behind them they kept in contact through phone calls on Saturdays and IMs. "I couldn't even get his attention tonight Lita, let alone a kiss. No wait, I take that back. He did kiss me."

"Really! That's so great!"

Rei held the phone away from her ear, least Lita's squeals of happiness damage her hearing. "Yep, he kissed me all right. On the forehead. And he followed it up by making me promise that we'd be always be friends, no matter what."

"And then he confessed his real feeling for you."

"Yeah, that's what I thought was coming. But he just waved and went home. I swear Lita it seems like for every step I get him to take in the right direction, he takes two back. Maybe I should give up."

"That doesn't sound like the Rei I know. You're just bummed because the date didn't go as well as you thought. Forget about it for tonight. Tomorrow's a new day."

"You're right. Talk to you Saturday Lita. G'night." She hung up the phone and climbs the steps to her bed, pausing at the hallway window to look out at Darien's house. She could see him pacing at as he spoke to someone on the phone. Her eyes narrowed as he hung up the phone and did what looked like a victory dance on top of his bed. She shrugged at his sporadic behavior and made her way to her room.

When Darien honked his horn five minutes early, Rei was understandably pissed. Darien's chipper mood only pissed her off more. "It's too damn early for anyone to be cheerful. What's your problem Dare?"

He tried to bite back yet another grin. "After I said goodnight to you last night I realized what a total idiot I am." Rei's grunt of agreement did little to stop him from continuing. "I've been searching so hard for love when it's been right under my nose for so long."

The scowl slide of Rei's face but she managed to keep her voice light. "Really?"

He nodded. "So after I left your house I called Serena Tsukino and asked-"

"Hold up a minute. Who?"

"Serena Tsukino. You know, blond hair, blue eyes. She's only been here since the beginning of the year." At Rei's blank look he sighed and continued. "Head cheerleader. Hangs out with Molly's crowd."

"Are you insane! You're telling me that you're actually going to go out on a date with one of Molly's girlie girl clones!"

Darien smiled wistfully, ignoring Rei's clone comment. "Actually we got to talking last night and decided to forgo casual dating."

"Are you telling me that she's your girlfriend? You have one phone conversation with her and decide that she's the one!" Rei's left eye was beginning to twitch.

Darien managed to look offended. "I talked to her before last night. We talk all the time after practices. Anyway I told her we'd drop by and pick her up. You don't mind do you?"

Knowing there was no way to say that yes she did mind, she merely nodded.

Darien beamed at her and patted her hand. "Good. I really want for you two to get along, maybe even become friends. By the way you don't mind moving to the back so Serena can sit up front do you?"

Rei snarled at him.

All of Jed Hathaway's grand plans plummeted down the drain the minute Darien Chiba walked into the school, Serena Tsukino tucked by his side. He noticed Rei Hino trailing behind the couple, scowling for all her worth. It looked as though his weren't the only plans crushed by Rivercreast High's new happy couple.

It just figured that Chiba would swoop down and grab the girl just before Jed could make his final move. It was the same with everything else so why not Serena. Both had been competing at everything from the time they entered high school. Sports, grades, popularity...and somehow Chiba managed to be always one point ahead.

But with Serena's arrival at Rivercreast, Jed had seen his chance to pull ahead. It was obvious that Serena Tsukino was homecoming queen material and with her by his side he'd be a sure thing for king.

He'd been so close to getting her to date him seriously, so very close. They'd been on a few dates over the past few months. Even went to the last semi formal together. And though she was charming and funny, she maintained her distance from him. He'd almost broken through that wall.

And then Darien came along and ruined everything.

He entered first period and noticed Rei hunched over her desk. He smiled as he slid into the seat behind her. Maybe he could change his prospects.