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February 2010

Cuddy sat in her office, over come with nausea. She was coming down with the flu. She couldn't keep anything she ate down and she had been having constant migraines all week. She held her face in her hands as she felt her stomach turn. She grabbed the garbage bin from the side of her desk as she started gagging, knowing she wasn't going to make it to the bathroom in time.

"Hey, you okay?" She heard Wilson ask as he held her hair back. She hadn't even heard him enter.

"No." She responded wiping her mouth with a tissue. "I've been sick every morning this week." "Then why are you still coming into work?"

"I've had meetings all week... Besides, it's only in the morning. " "You've got morning sickness?" Wilson asked raising an eyebrow. Cuddy looked up surprised at what he was implying.

"Oh my god." She gasped grabbing the calendar she kept on her desk.


"I'm late."

House sat in his office, impatiently tapping his fingers against his desk, waiting for one of his little ducklings to come back with the test results on their recent case.

"Here." Thirteen entered his office, throwing the results in front of him. "Blood tests came back clean."

House sighed rubbing his face. They'd spent the last two days and nights at the hospital, working to no end, and still had no diagnosis.

"Get an X-Ray of the patient's kidneys. If there's a mass, put 'em on the transplant list." He said waving a hand at her.

"Have you even seen the patient yet? How do you know it's his kidneys? It could be a neurological problem, or lupus, or -"

"First of all, it's never Lupus. Secondly, the patient's eyes are yellowing. His kidneys are obviously JUST starting to fail. It's Kidney cancer. Get the X-Ray done for the mass, run some more tests, and put 'em on the list. Case solved."

House raised a hand before she could question his authority.


He heard her scoff as she walked out of the room and rolled his eyes.

Cuddy snuck into the supply room and raided the shelves until she found what she was looking for.

Grabbing not one, but three pregnancy tests and tucking them into the inside pocket of her jacket she raced back into her office, locked the door, and ran into her bathroom.

Cuddy paced her office anxiously as she waited for the results of the tests. Five minutes seemed like an eternity. She supposed she could have had it done by one of the doctors in the clinic, but she didn't any rumors spreading. If it was negative she was sure that rumors would spread about her being infertile or going through menopause. If it was positive... If it was positive, she had no idea how she would react. She had wanted children of her own before she adopted Rachel. She had tried in vitro fertilization three times. The first two never took, the third, she lost. She was torn. If it was negative, she'd still have Rachel, it would be no big deal. If it was positive, there were a string of complications that she could have during the pregnancy do to her age. Her heart raced as she approached the tests where she had left them on the sink, spread out in a neat row. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, she picked up the first test.

"Stop eating my food." Wilson said smacking House's hand away from his plate as the sat in the cafeteria eating lunch.

"Oh please." House responded grabbing some fries as Wilson continued to smack at his hand. House let out a low laugh when he heard Wilson sigh and felt him stop hitting him.

"There we go Jimmy."

"I hate you."

"Of course you do." House smirked knowing that Wilson was lying.

"Okay. I don't hate you, but you're a prick sometimes."

"Sometimes? I thought I was a prick all the time."

"Nah. Just most days... and days when you didn't have sex the night before."

House chocked on his soda.

"What the hell? How do you know when I don't have sex with Cuddles?"

"You're both more uptight. You're angry and she's tense. No that hard to figure it out." House sighed, knowing Wilson was right. He was in a worse mood when he didn't have sex.

"You know me too well Jimmy. It's creepy."
House's pager went off. It was a 911...from Cuddy.

Cuddy sat in her office shaking as she waited for House. She hadn't known she would react this way. Her heart was racing, her palms were sweating, and her stomach was turning. The time it was taking him to reach her office felt like a millennium.
She took a deep breath as he entered, trying to calm herself. House noticed her behavior and she watched as a worried look over came his features.

"You called a 911...?"

Cuddy nodded, not trusting herself to speak.

"What's going on Cuddy?"

She could feel the tears starting to well in her eyes. She didn't think she could tell him. She didn't know how he would react.

"Lisa, tell me what the hell is going on."

She took a deep breath and wiped at her eyes.

"I'm pregnant.

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