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Blaine stood talking to Wes and David before their weekly Warblers meeting when it happened.

Kurt walked into the room with a determined look on his face and strode up to the trio, staring at Blaine all the while.

Wes and David just exchanged glances, both of them wondering if this meant that Kurt was FINALLY going to make a move.

Blaine turned around when he saw Wes and David glance over his shoulder, and watched Kurt walk up to them, his cell phone clutched in his left hand.

"Hey Kurt" Blaine said with the smile he saved only for Kurt.

Wes and David rolled their eyes.

Kurt just stared at Blaine's hair with that determined look still in his eye.

"Uh… Kurt?" Blaine said.

Kurt let his eyes drift down to Blaine's before looking back up at his hair.

Kurt then pulled a piece of wood out of his front right pocket, how he managed to fit it in there, Blaine had no idea, and point it at Blaine's head.

"Unjellify" Kurt said, waving the piece of wood at Blaine's head.

Kurt looked intensely at Blaine's head, almost wishing something to happen. When nothing did, he clicked his tongue and put his phone to his ear.

"Nope, didn't work." Kurt said, as he spun on his heel and walked over to a plush couch, before flopping gracefully down onto it.

"What. The. Hell. Just happened." Blaine said, staring at Kurt.

"I think he just tried to do magic on you." David said as him and Wes held onto each other while trying not to fall over in laughter.

Blaine shook his head at them.