A/N: Hey, guys! I'm trying my hand at a new Hitman story, but I want to know I if should stick with it. This is just something short for you guys to review and tell me if I should turn it into a story. Thanks! AND REVIEW! _ StorytellingSpazoid

47 didn't know why he kept coming back. He didn't know what spell she had cast on him with her childish behavior and lopsided smile. One day, he promised after returning from his latest hit, one day he would just stop coming. One day he just wouldn't show up at the door where she would be waiting, clad in comic book pajamas, relief decorating her face. Yes, that would be the day that he finally broke free. But he knew, as he walked soundlessly into the apartment and into the silent bedroom, that an attachment had been formed. However, when he slipped into her bed, and she cuddled into his chest with a snort, he figured that it might not be such a bad thing if he held off on that plan for just a moment more.

Another (brief) A/N: So…?