Come what May



Disclaimer: I dont own the Twilight Saga. Stephenie Meyer does.

Summary: After eleven years of being missing, how can a person return to a normal life they have no memory of? AU/AH

Come what May

Chapter 1: The Missing

Six-year-old Bella smiled as her dad pulled up to the baseball field. "Just come knock on my window when you're done," Charlie told her. She nodded before getting out of the police cruiser and ran over to the field where her friends were.

"Hey Bella!" Alice said beaming.

"Hey," Bella answered smiling.

The two best friends sat down with a smile. Bella pulled her knees up to her chest. "Who's winning?" she asked.

"Emmett's only winning because he's CHEATING!" Alice called out.

"Am not," Seven-year-old Emmett answered.

Alice stuck her tongue out at her older brother. Emmett returned the gesture before he threw the ball to Edward, which was another strike. "You can do it Edward!" Bella said smiling.

"Okay wait you guys, this needs to be evened out. Girls why don't you join us?" Jasper asked.

"Me? Play baseball?" Bella asked, raising her eyebrow.

"It'll be fun come on," Alice replied as she pulled her friend to her feet.

Bella laughed, pushing a strand of hair behind her ear before they lined up. Emmett and Edward were the captains of the small teams and began picking. "I pick Jasper," Edward informed.

"Alice," Emmett answered.

"Bella," Edward told him.

"Rosalie," Emmett answered.

Rosalie rolled her eyes. "Nice to be picked last," she quipped, hitting Emmett on the arm. Emmett rolled his eyes before tossing the ball to Alice.

"You may have the honors Miss Cullen," he quipped.

"Thank you Mr. Cullen," she answered.

Bella smiled as she watched them play some ball.

After about ten minutes, Jasper hit the ball and the ball flew into the trees. "I'll get it!" Rosalie called out.

"No way you're too slow!" Edward answered.

Rosalie rolled her eyes as Edward ran into the trees.

A few minutes later, Bella was sitting on the sidelines, biting her lower lip when she noticed that Edward hadn't returned from getting the baseball. "I'll find him! The slowpoke must've seen a bird," Emmett teased. Rolling her eyes, the girl got up from the ground.

"You stay here, I'll find him," she told Emmett as she ran down the trail.

After nearly falling down a few hills, Bella stopped when she saw the baseball and Edward's hat, but no Edward. "Edward?" she called, looking around. She turned around to see if Edward was playing some sort of trick again. "EDWARD!" she shouted. When she heard nothing, not even a bird chirp, her eyes widened when she looked at the ground to see drag marks. "EDWARD!" she shouted again.

Running up the hill again, Bella fell on all fours when she got to the field. "Jeez Bella, why don't you look where you walk?" Emmett teased, but then he saw the tears in her eyes, "what's wrong?"

"Edward's gone," she replied, "get my dad! Get my dad he's over there!"

While Jasper helped Bella up from the ground, Emmett sprinted over to Charlie's car, banging on the window. "Chief Swan! Edward went into the woods and he's not back yet!" he exclaimed in a panic. Charlie got out of the car.

"You kids get in my car," Charlie told the boy.

"No, Chief, I'm going with you," Emmett answered.

Before Charlie could stop Emmett, he started running into the forest to find his little brother.

Night fell and Edward was still missing. Bella was sitting in her room with her knees drawn to her chest with tears in her eyes. She could hear Edward's mother sobbing downstairs as Charlie sadly broke the news to them. She pressed her hands against her ears as she tried to block out the reality of what was happening.

Curling up in the fetal position on her bed, tears fell down her face as she started crying over the loss of her best friend. The sorrow ripped through her like a knife, even though she was only six, she understood that this pain would leave scars behind.

The days turned to weeks, weeks turned into months and Edward was still a missing child. The whole town of Forks had changed since Edward's disappearance. The parents hardly let their children outside alone anymore, fearing that whoever took Edward would target their child next.

The Cullen family were almost nonexistent anymore. After Edward's disappearance, Carlisle suggested they leave Forks but Esme was adamant about leaving, insisting that her son would return to her. Emmett was more protective of Alice than he ever was, as if he were trying to make up for not being there when Edward was taken. Rosalie and Jasper left Forks with their parents after their mother insisted that Forks was no longer the safe haven she had hoped after four-year-old Bree Tanner, and another child, Riley Biers, disappeared.

Charlie worked around the clock trying to figure out how these children seemed to be disappearing off the face of the Earth. It got to the point that he feared Bella's safety and sent her back to her mother, knowing she would be safer with her than with him at the moment.

Except, the day Edward disappeared, Bella lost all of her childlike qualities. She was six, but yet she acted like an adult. She acted as if she had nothing else she desired in the world anymore. All she ever wanted was for Edward to come home. Even though she was told the chances of finding Edward weren't that promising, Bella held out hope, for she felt that Edward was still alive and she would see him again.