Epilogue: 10 Years Later

Bella smiled as she pushed a strand of hair behind her ear. In front of her were the finishing touches of her new restaurant, Twilight. Smiling, she pushed her hair from her eyes when she felt a pair of arms around her waist. "Looks great," he said smiling.

"It does look great," she answered smiling.

He kissed the back of her shoulder, rubbing his wife's arms. "It's quiet…" he commented suddenly.

"Too quiet…" she agreed softly.

They looked around when they suddenly heard giggling. Looking over, they saw a little head peeking around the corner. "Hey we have a spy," Edward commented, going after the child. The little boy laughed when Edward swung him over his shoulder, tickling his stomach.

"No tickles daddy," the boy insisted.

"No tickles?" he asked.

"No," the boy replied.

Edward stared at him for a sigh. "No fun," he quipped. The boy smiled, pressing a kiss to his cheek. The boy had his father's bronze colored hair and his green eyes. He had on little white sneakers, blue jeans, and a T-Rex t-shirt.

"What are you doing EC?" Bella asked smiling.

"Nothing," he replied innocently.

"Where is he?" a voice exclaimed.

Edward held his son on his side as ten-year-old Renesmee stormed in. "Where is the little troll?" she exclaimed.

"Renesmee," Bella scolded.

"Mom! Look what he did!" she exclaimed, holding up a torn up notebook.

Bella sighed, looking at her son. "EC, why did you do that?" she asked.

"It was fun," EC replied.

Edward sighed. "That was bad, son, really bad. You'll have to go sit in the timeout chair for it," Edward told his son, setting him down on the floor.

"Aww, mama?" EC asked, looking at his mother.

"Timeout," Bella replied.

The boy sighed, walking over to the timeout chair. Bella shook her head slowly. "Renesmee, is your homework done?" she asked.

"Yes," the girl replied.

Bella smiled, kissing her daughter's forehead. Edward watched his wife with a smile, kissing her forehead softly. Bella bit her lower lip resting her head on his shoulder. Wrapping his arms around her back, he let out a sigh. "We've been through a lot," he murmured.

"We have," she answered, "regret any of it?"

"Absolutely not," he replied.

Smiling, she wrapped her arms around his back.

After awhile, Bella kneeled beside her son. "EC, don't you think you should say you're sorry to your sister?" she asked. The three-year-old lowered his green eyes sadly before nodding his head slowly. "Nessie," she called to her daughter.

"What?" Renesmee asked, walking into the kitchen.

"Your brother wants to tell you something," Bella informed.

Renesmee walked over, staring at her brother. EC stood up and hugged his sister around the waist. "I'm sorry," he told her. The older girl smiling, hugging her brother.

"Don't touch my stuff anymore," she told him.

EC grinned before he ran off to play with his toys in the living room. Shaking her head slowly, Bella let out a sigh as she went to check the menus over for her restaurant. Edward stood beside his wife, pressing a kiss to her temple. "How was school today?" she asked.

"It was…interesting," he replied chuckling.

"Besides the fact you have fourth grade girls fawning over you?" she teased.

"Yeah, that's a bit annoying," he replied.

"A simple crush," she told him.

Smiling, he pressed a kiss to her lips. "This is true," he answered before pressing a kiss to her forehead. She wrapped her arm around his back as they looked over the menus together.

"Can you believe all the blood, sweat, and tears we put into this place?" she asked.

"Nope, but we've already gotten reservations," he replied.

"You're kidding?" she exclaimed.

"Nope," he replied with a smile.

The young woman was now beaming from ear to ear. "Wow, this is exciting," she commented.

"Very," he agreed as they embraced.

Two days later, it was the grand opening of Twilight. The restaurant had a lovely romantic theme to it with the candlelight, but it had a bit of fun with the different kinds of music they had playing throughout. The first night was a huge success. They had a line going out the door.

It was so much of a success they almost ran out of food. It was incredible and Bella loved it.

While watching his wife work her magic in the restaurant's kitchen, a smile appeared on his face. This was the woman he loved literally all his life. When he didn't remember her, just a simple kiss brought back so many memories. A simple embrace made him never want to let her go. The fact they were now married with two beautiful children and two successful careers, he couldn't ask for anything else. It was a wonderful opportunity for both of them.

Edward never spoke to Elizabeth Masen ever again. She once tried to send a letter to him, but it went unopened and unanswered, for he couldn't get himself to forgive the fact she kept him for her own selfish reasons instead of doing what was best for him. He heard from Ed a few years ago when EC was born, it was an awkward moment for both of them. Except, since he had stated what he had done was wrong and he had regret of it, it made Edward see him more of an adult than that of his now ex-wife.

Edward still kept in touch with Ed and his children love the fact they had four grandpas instead of the usual two. They loved their three grandmas dearly. After Edward and Bella married the summer after their graduation, Charlie became engaged to Sue Clearwater.

As for his siblings, Rosalie and Emmett finished college and they had three boys, Liam, Kevin, and Nicholas. Liam was five, Kevin was three, and little Nicholas was three months old. Parenthood suited both of them and just when they thought fatherhood would calm Emmett down, it hadn't. In fact, the boys would always go to their father more than their mother when they wanted something because they knew their dad would want to do whatever the fun thing was as well. Emmett was a football coach for the Seattle Seahawks and Rosalie was the usual stay at home mom, just like she wanted to be all her life.

Jasper and Alice also completed college and they were married when Alice was a Freshman and Jasper was a sophomore. Alice became a fashion designer in New York and Jasper worked as a curator at a museum. As of now, they had a three-week-old baby boy, AJ. Ever since becoming a mother, Alice calmed somewhat, but she still had her bubbly personality. Jasper became the loving father everyone knew he would be, even though he was terrified at the idea of being a father.

Bree had graduated college three years ago as a social worker, helping children in abused cases like she was. Even though the family was iffy about it, she reconnected with Riley Biers who was a lawyer working at his own firm. They were steadily dating and as far as Edward knew his sister was happy and that's all that mattered to him.

That night, after the restaurant closed, Edward was watching as his wife was cleaning up. Carlisle and Esme took the children for the weekend, which gave them time for themselves. As Edward watched his wife, he smiled a little and walked up the stairs to the DJ area. Pulling out a CD, he put it in and turned the volume up.

Bella was halfway finished cleaning another table when she heard Claire de Lune playing over the sound system. Looking over, she smiled as her husband strolled over to her. "May I have this dance Mrs. Cullen?" he asked.

"I cant' dance yet," she replied with a half-grin.

"It's all in the leading, love, all in the leading," he told her.

Smiling, she placed her hand in his as they began dancing slowly to the music playing. "I love you," she said softly. Edward smiled, resting his forehead against the top of her head.

"I love you," he answered, moving his hand over her back.

Sighing, she rested her head no his chest. "Happy birthday Bella," he whispered softly. She hugged him a little tighter with another sigh.

"Thank you," she answered.

Smiling, he held her close as they continued with their own little romantic evening, knowing that everything was going to be just fine. Everything was going as planned and there was nothing, absolutely nothing that could take that away. As long as they were together, they could do anything. The sky was the limit and they were going to push that limit together.

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Jasper was standing off to the side of the party with his cane in hand. His leg was throbbing with what little dancing he had done for the evening. He watched with a heavy heart as the love of his life danced with another man, his brain torturing him with the fact that she would never be his. Lowering his head sadly, he tapped his cane to the floor. "Excuse me," a voice called gently.

Looking over, he saw a young woman standing there. "Yes ma'am?" he asked. The woman smiled softly at him.

"My name is Maria Sanchez, your father invited my family," she informed.

Title: I Need You

Genre: Angst/Drama

Pairing: Canon

Rating: T maybe M

Story is Due: March 3rd, 2011