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Summary: Kagome is last of the Higurashi clan, she put on squad seven. Will they discover the secrets of the Higurashi?

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"Bulls eye!"

She was only a young girl. Training in the forest surrounding her families mansion. The kunai's kept flying as the sun started to set. The girl fell to the ground, laying on her back exhausted, yet she held a calm smile. Soon, very soon, she'll be enrolled into the Konoha Academy for ninja's.

She'll be going to school with normal humans.

After much protest from her grandpa, she was finally allowed.

She got up and wiped the sweat from her brow, watching the sun turn the sky a reddish orange.

"I should get home, mom's probably worried."

Placing her ready kunai in her pouch, she ran toward the huge house. Passing the trees as they flew by with a green blur, she knew she couldn't use this speed in her school. She was told by her eldest sister that humans can't run this fast. they also didn't have fangs claws and different colored hair and eyes. Although she knew this, she needed to be told again.

The gates creaked as she passed by, wondering where the guards were. Shrugging she went down the road of the their small village toward the huge house down the way. Silently she wondered where her auntie Shana was, it was still only evening and her aunt would still be out, running a tea shop.

"Mom! I'm home!"

Kagome took of her shoes and walked down the halls.

"Mom.." She said worriedly, catching the strong sense of blood. Jogging to the kitchen she opened the door and gasped. Kirara, a demon neko nuzzled a normal cat, Kagome named Buyo. Kagome picked up the blood covered cat and placed a pale hand to his neck. The cats neck didn't pulsate as Kagome bit her lip.


The demon neko meowed sadly. Kagome let Kirara jump to her shoulder as she ran out the kitchen, toward the other smells of blood.

"Souta!" Kagome yelled. She ran toward her little brother who was passed out under a coffee table. She pushed the table aside quickly as she checked the boys pulse, sighing in relief as she could feel that he was still alive.

"Souta.." She shook the young boy as his eyes scrunched.

'At least hes alive...' But if she didn't get him to a doctor soon, he will die.

"Tsk, Tsk, Tsk.." Kagome turned toward the door way. Her smile brightened when she saw her oldest sister Kikyo standing there. Kagome was so happy, she didn't notice the evil smirk on her face.

"Yoyo-san! Help me Souta needs help!"

Kikyo did nothing but straightened her self. Kagome looked down to her sisters hands as she saw hair tangled within her fingers. The young girls eyes widened horridly as she noticed Kikyo held her mothers head, sliced clearly off her body. Kagome couldn't find her breath as she panted, almost as if she was having a asthma attack. She clenched heart into her fists hard.

The tears were streaming out of her eyes, uncontrollably.

"Why, Kagome? You should have let him die." Kikyo threw the dis configured head to the floor. Kagome lost her lunch as she saw her mothers eyes, they were opened up wide, and he mouth was closed to a line. Kagome's tears continued to fall as she looked up to her sister. Kikyo raised her two hands, Kagome could feel the chakra pour into her hands, as it formed into a bow and arrow.

The arrow glowed pink a she aimed for Souta's live body. Kagome's eyes widened as she leaped to stop the arrow.


She cried out in pain.


The arrow struck her brother right in the heart, Kagome missed it.

She felt his aura disappear, as he breathed his last breath.

"You see, you could have saved him, but you couldn't."

"We were meant to die!"

Kikyo's aura formed into another bow, as the color changed to black, "Now you shall die.."

Kagome watched the arrow come toward her.. 'How could she do this?'

Suddenly Kagome's moon charm glowed as her sisters arrow disintegrated with a pink glow. Kikyo growled in frustration as she realized what had happened.

Kagome glanced up confused as to why the arrow didn't hit.

"We are meant to die.. You'll see.." Kagome watched as Kikyo was surrounded by glowing white slivering demons. They swarmed around her until she disappeared with a white hue. Kagome looked to her small brother, he was only eight years old, just growing up.

She let the last tears fall as she rose to her feet, running out into the court yard.


She ran as fast as she can, toward the Tashio house. She busted through the house as she desperately searched the rooms.

"Inuyasha!" She cried 'No not him too!'

Inuyasha's body was found, laying next to his older brother Sesshomaru. Both body's embedded with an arrow. Their bodies bloody. She feel to her knees at their bodies, 'How can yoyo-san do this!' Kagome took the sword known as Tetsiaga and the sword of healing known as Tenseiga. Focusing some of her powers she turned the swords into gold charms and connect them to her charm bracelet.

'Always use it for emergencies and missions Kaggie-chan!'

Kagome remembered the words her brother had said, when he presented her with the charm. And she remembered Miroku, the monk who taught her the trick.

'Miroku!' She rose to her feet dizzily and ran toward his room. Gulping she, opened the door, and regretted it.

Miroku layed on top of his wife Sango. Both struck down and bloody, Kagome felt the final piece of her sanity slip as she spotted Kana and Kagura who looked to have tried to protect the two humans. She cried and cried as she snatched the weapons they carried. The tears continued to streak as kirara meowed sadly.

Kagome exited the Higurashi village and made her way toward the Leaf village. The sun was starting to rise to show her blood covered face, from nuzzling her fallen friends. Her hand scratched and bloodied from burring them one by one.

"Hey girl who are you?"

Kagome smiled softly watching the sun rise slowly,

'I'll get you.. Yoyo-san..'

"Hey kid!"

Kagome collapsed letting her final tears fall...



Kagome petted her cat Kirara as she sat in the corner of a classroom, 'I know Jounin's are busy but two hours late'.

After all these years she still got her wish. She had been enrolled into the academy, and made it to the top. Well not the top quite yet, she just made a Genin. Lately shes been dozing off, not paying attention to the others around her.

Her academy sensei, Iruka always teased her about it. Kagome smiled as she remembered how happy he was when he passed one of his favorite students, Naruto Uzumaki. The knuckle head. Together he and she had been put on squad seven, which consists of a pink haired

(fangirl, annoying, ugh)

girl, named Sakura Haruno. Naruto Uzumaki, a golden Blondie with light blue eyes, like her own. She herself, and a boy named Sasuke Uchiha. A boy who was, distant, slightly indifferent and brooding.

She didn't understand why..

But she recently found out, he was the last of the Uchiha clan, one of Konohas strongest.

In her heart something felt sympathy for him, he was just like her.

She felt her smile falter as Naruto's prank worked.

The jounin walked in, a white chalked eraser, painted his grey hair. Naruto laughed out loud as she couldn't believe he feel for that simple trick. The man removed the orange book from his face and picked up the eraser, Kagome frowned.

She recognized those books, Miroku reads them... used to read them.

"Hmm.. An eraser, nice trick," The jounin flicked his wrist as Naruto was hit on the head by the same eraser, making him cough the chalk forming a could.

The jounin chuckled, "Meet me on the roofs amateurs," He said as he disappeared. Kagome made the tiger sign as she disappeared Kirara with her.


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