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'Younger sister?' Kagome couldn't contain the shock on her face as so many questions went through her mind.

Where was she from?

Who was her mother? Was she also a daughter of Kikyo?

And does she know their, if they had the same, father?

Before Kagome could whisper her questions, Ibiki announced the time.

"Alright times up!" Kagome felt guilty for that instant her questions were filled and she had no idea whether her teammates had their answers. Ignoring Seisha for a moment she turned her head slightly to get Sasuke's attention. Lucky for her he had turned at the same time she did. She noticed that he rose a concerned brow, she guessed he noticed the shocked look on her face.

'Get it together Kagome,' Kagome swallowed and rose a questioning brow to him.

Sasuke understood and he nodded. He was able to figure out the point of this test, they were testing them on their ability to gather information without getting caught. Using his Sharingan he copied the movements of another ninjas pen, 'I wonder how Naruto is doing,' Kagome thought after she smiled to Sasuke.

They both turned to Naruto who had his head down.

Kagome sighed as she turned slightly to the little girl- errr- sister, next to her. Seisha smiled with a blush, 'I know I wasn't suppose to reveal who I was to her but I always wanted a big sister. Kagome-chan looks so pretty and strong! I already love my nee-chan!'

Kagome couldn't help but smile a bit back to her, 'She reminds me of... Souta'

Both girls jumped when they heard a Chunin yell out a number, "Fail!" Before she knew it teams were getting out of their seat. She heard Ibiki chuckle.

'Now there's even less people!' Kagome could name every team in the room, 'Besides the rookies there's Seisha's, Lee-sans, Sand ninja, and three groups from the sound. Plus two other teams.'

She heard Ibiki chuckle again as the remaining teams looked at him, "Well what do you know... So little contestants left," Ibiki looked around the room to the Chunin who nodded to him, "Alright Genin. With only eleven teams left I would like to say.." Ibiki paused.

Naruto rose his head off the table, 'Come on! What's the question already!'

Kagome bit her lip and Sasuke glared.

"You passed the second exam." Ibiki smiled.

The room went dead silent.

"What?" Naruto exclaimed "What about the tenth question?"

Ibiki laughed, "There's no need for the tenth question. Its original purpose was to eliminate more teams from passing," Ibiki winked, "But since there's so little of you left before the question was given out, there's no need for it."

Kagome sighed in relief, "Thank goodness!"



"That had to be the WORST test of my life!" Naruto exclaimed as he walked beside his teammates, "I mean what was up with that guy! It seemed like he enjoyed our pain!" Kagome agreed, "You know I found out that he is actually the villages head interrogator for spies and rogue ninja."

"Really? Well damn!" Naruto crossed his arms.

He glanced ahead at the woman they were following, Anko Mitarashi, the examiner for the third test. She was a tall busty woman who had a real creepy personality. Well at least to Naruto, according to Kagome, "She just doesn't care what people think about her!", According to Sasuke, "Hn."

Speaking of Sasuke, he walked along side Kagome still thinking about her face during the exam. He silently wondered what brought on that expression, so he asked "What happened during the exam?"

Kagome and Naruto turned to Sasuke with a raised brow. Sasuke focused his attention to Kagome, hinting the question was for her.

Kagome licked her lips and looked toward the ground, "The girl who was sitting next to me.."

"What she do?" Naruto asked.

"She didn't do anything, it's what she said."

Sasuke and Naruto looked at each other and then back to her, "What Kagome?"

"She told me she was my little sister." Kagome looked to them to see their reactions.

"Oh you mean that whole 'nee-chan' thing? Its nothing Kagome I mean I call you nee-chan all the time!" Naruto reasoned, Sasuke nodded.

"No no!" Kagome denied, "Shes legibly my sister! Her name is Seisha Takami...Like my real name is Kagome Takami."

Naruto went silent. He may be a knuckled head at times, but he knew this wasn't the right time. Kagomes knowledge or her thirst for knowledge for the identity of her real family was still a touchy subject. Naruto decided why not cheer her up, "Well that's good thing! Ne?"

Kagome looked down and nodded slightly, "I guess, but it's hard to accept! I mean who is she related to? My father or..."

Sasuke said nothing but caught a hold of her hand and gave it a slight squeeze. He personally didn't know how to comfort her on these situations, but letting her know that he's there for her. Kagome grabbed a hold on his hand as they continued their walk toward the place Anko was taking them,

Glad she had her boys were with her



Squad seven stood with all the remaining Genin outside the Forest of Death. Kagome could feel the evil radiating from this place, but she felt herself getting excited. She never had a real test to her abilities like this before, it had her demon shivering in excitement.

"Wow this place is creepy!" Naruto whispered.

Anko Mitrashi turned to him with a smile, "Of course it is why do you think it's called the Forest of Death?"

"Alright you maggots listen up!" She yelled at the left over teams as she held up packets of paper, "Before I pass out these forms I want to explain the point of this test, if you haven't figured it out yet. This test is based on survival. As a ninja you'll be put through several living conditions that include starving and dehydration. The third exam is just a scale to see how you would fare against harsh conditions."

You could tell her point was to scare the teams, by her creepy smirk.

"During this test each team will poses a scroll labeled Heaven and Earth." She held examples of each in her empty hand, "The other point of this test is to gather both scrolls in a five days time and return it to the tower stationed in the middle of the forest. Now Each team will be given a different scroll and its obvious you have to defeat each other to get a pair," The Genin looked around at each other, 'Good they're realizing the stakes.' Anko smirked before continuing, "Now I'm going to pass out these consent forms. Sign them," She handed them to a ninja who passed the rest back.

"Why do we have to sign these?"

Anko smiled again, "Well this form gives me the right to not be responsible for anything that happens to you in there. It's basically a contract risking your life."

The Genin watched Anko walked over to the two Chunin stationed at on of the many gate entrances, as they separated into teams to consult with each other.

Kagome, Sasuke and Naruto sat a little way from everyone else.

"A survival test? We totally go this!" Naruto took the pen from Kagome and signed his form.

Kagome nodded, "We have five days to gather another scroll, that's almost too much time."

Sasuke signed his form

"What do you mean too much time?" Naruto asked, "I mean think about it, Sasukes strength and Sharingan, You and Kyubi-kun and Me and well you know," Kagome said, "We can get this done."

Naruto and Sasuke nodded, 'Kyubi-kun?' Sasuke shook his head, Kagome was to friendly for her own good.

"Oi!" Team seven turned around to notice the a boy with gray hair that was pulled in a ponytail, with glasses. He had a leaf head band, "You're the famous rookie team right?"

Sasuke and Naruto glared at the boy as he walked up to Kagome and took her hand, "You must be Kagome Higurashi," He kissed her hand, "Nice to meet you."

Sasuke stood to his feet, but before he could take his stand Kagome took her hand from the boy, "Ano.. who are you?"

"Oh I'm so sorry, I'm Kabuto Yakushi." He pushed his glasses onto his face with a smile

Kagome nodded before she felt Sasuke pull her behind him, "What the hell do you want?" He glared.

Kagome couldn't believe how possessive he was sometimes, 'Maybe it's a Uchiha thing?' But as she saw Naruto stand at Sasuke's side, she knew it wasn't.

"Oh, so your Uchiha Sasuke and Uzumaki Naruto," Kabuto closed his eyes and smiled, "Don't worry I'm not here to cause any trouble to you guys in fact I'm here to help."

"And how could you," Naruto looked him up and down, "help us?"

Kabuto pushed his glasses up his face and pulled out a huge pack of...trading cards? "These are my ninja info cards."

"Ninja info?" Kagome looked over Sasuke's shoulder, "Yeah. Each one of these cards has information about everyone in this exam," Kabuto smirked, "I know for a fact that you must be interested in knowing more info about someone here?"

Naruto crossed his arms over his chest, "Wait, how do we know those really work?"

Kabuto thought for a moment, then randomly selected a card from his deck. "Well how bout an example," He turned the front of the card toward them only to show it blank, but before they knew it a profile started to show.

"With a bit of my chakra I can show what the card has, I don't want anyone seeing this information,"

Team seven watched as Kagomes information popped up on the card.

"What?" Naruto exclaimed

Kagome felt a little uncomfortable knowing he has information on her, yet she just met him. Sasuke could feel her discomfort, but focused on the information written on the card.

"Kagome Higurashi," Kabuto read out loud, "14 years old, height five foot three, teammates to Sasuke Uchiha also her love interest and Naruto Uzumaki, her 'brother'. Mission experience, five A ranks, three B ranks and 10 C ranks."

Sasuke and Naruto snapped their heads to Kagome.

Kagome blushed at the spotlight, "W-what?"

"Since when have you done all those missions?" Naruto exclaimed.

Kagome put her hands up in a defense position, "I-I'll explain it later.." She stuttered. When they gave her a look at turned back to Kabuto she sighed in relief, she didn't want them to know just yet..

Kabuto placed Kagomes info card back into his deck and smirked, "See all my information is at least 98% correct."

Naruto gave him a look, "Well I don't know about you but I want to see some info on the remaining ninja here," He looked at Sasuke and Kagome who nodded/shrugged in agreement. Kabuto smirked, "Alright I'll pull three cards of the strongest ninja here,"

They watched as Kabuto closed his eyes before swiping his hand across his deck, showing them three cards.

"Okay first one," He pumped chakra into it and poof came information, "Looks like this guys name is Rock Lee,"

Kagome sweat dropped as Sasuke and Naruto sussed, "By your faces, I see you've met him?" Kabuto chuckled, "Well from what the card says, his squad leader is Might Guy, his teammates are TenTen and Neji Hyuga," Team seven recognized him, he was that long-haired Hyuga with the British accent, "Mission experience 10 C ranks and wow...20 D ranks. He's only a year older than you guys, but it says that his Taijutsu skills have increased rapidly over the last year but his other skills are very shaky."

Kagome and her team took in this information, remembering how fast this Lee was, 'He sounds strong, but still very creepy...'

Kabuto put Lee's card away and pulled out another as the information started to appear. Kagome rose her brow at the person's picture. He had short shaggy red hair, jade green eyes and a red tattoo in the corner of his forehead.

"Gaara of the Desert, He's 13 years old about five foot three. His origin is from the Wind Country, aka the Sand village. There seems to be no information on his ninjutsu and other skills. But it says here that he's done about four C-ranks and a B-rank. His teammates are his older siblings, Temari and Kankuro."

Kagome looked from the card to the ninja that was on the card. He stood far off to the left of the forest away from his teammates. He just stared at he ground with a hard expression. Kagome let her aura search through him, 'What is this?' Kagome let the aura reach him and before she knew it he snapped his head toward her.

Kagome blinked at him as he glared at her, 'Does he feel my aura?' Kagome felt her miko energy being repelled by a different kind of chakra.

Turning away from Gaara she looked at Naruto, 'Gaara has a demon sealed inside of him, but its weaker than Naruto's...?'

"Lastly we have Neji Hyuga," At this Sasuke and Naruto paid extra attention, "He is also a year older than you guys, you know his teammates Lee and TenTen. From here it says his skills are exceptional. His Taijutsu skills are high and his genjutsu and ninjutsu skills are a little shaky. His mission experiences matches that of Lee's." Kabuto put the cards away as he looked to the group of younger teens.

"There you have it, your strongest opponents. And let me say all my years taking this exam I've seen a much more promising group."

"As many years?" Kagome asked, "You've taken this exam more than once?"

Kabuto rubbed his head sheepishly, "Actually, its my seventh."

Kagome licked her lips at the thought, the exams must have been less hard or they were that good.

"Alright you losers!" They all turned they're attention to Anko who was glancing at her watch. "As the Chunin set up their station, turn in your exam forms and in 15 minutes the second exam will begin!"


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