Chapter 1 – Eyes Locked

Chocolate brown eyes scanned the woods, while jogging. A voice cut through his thoughts, 'Hey stinky what are you doing out here?' Quil chuckled as he looked over and watched as Jake came walking over the hill. Quil groaned, 'Man, when's the last time I told you to bite me?' Jake's wolfie lopsided grin looked at Quil, 'It's been a couple of hours.' Quil coughed out a laugh, 'Oh then it's been a while.'

Quill looked at the ground and then back up at his best friend, 'Hey Jake?'

Jake spared a look towards Quil, 'Yo?'

'Bite me.'

Jake chuckled, 'Your whit astounds me. Sam wanted me to remind you that were supposed to babysit the Forks high school kids tonight, remember they will be here for that stupid bonfire.' Quil scoffed, 'For sure man. I can only hope amongst all those Forks brats that a cute girl is there looking for a hot wolf boy.'

Jake couldn't help chuckling hard. So hard his big fur covered body fell on the ground with a plop as he rolled to his side. Quil kicked his back leg out and kicked dirt in his best friends face as he watched him roll around coughing out his laughter. Quil growled as Jake finally calmed down and looked up at Quil, 'I'm sorry man…I couldn't help it. You know you're my bro. And I know you want to imprint more than anyone, but you can't force it man. It will happen when it happens.'

Quil huffed, 'I know man…But this sucks, I mean REALLY sucks. You and Jared imprinted, hell even as bad as Paul's temper is he is bound to imprint before me. Embry and Leah imprinted on each other…Not really sure if I envy that since Leah so does not have Miss America's attitude. Hell even Sam has Emily. I feel like the odd man out or a damn 5th wheel.'

Jake walked behind the tree and let himself re-phase as he pulled his shorts on and walked out and gave Quil a knowing look. Quil huffed again as he rolled his eyes and walked behind a tree and re-phased as well and pulled his shorts on, "Okay what?"

Jake furrowed his brow, "I know it sucks to be the only one other than the youngsters who haven't imprinted, Paul doesn't give a shit at this point if he does, but it chooses you, it chooses the girl and it chooses when and where. And you have to be patient for all of it. It will happen man. You may go for the next few years and not imprint or you may walk out of your house tomorrow and imprint." Quil made a face, "If you're trying to cheer me up…It's not working." Jake chuckled as he shoved Quil's shoulder, "Go home and get some rest, you've been on patrol for the last 10 hours. The bonfire starts at 7:30, meet us at the beach around 7."

Quil nodded, "I'll be there…And Jake…Thanks for the pep-talk, even though you know it's not going to help me any." Jake nodded with a chuckle, "Yea I know you won't be happy until you imprint." Quil shock his head, "I'm happy to be a wolf with you guys and be part of the pack, I can only hope to have an imprint that makes me as happy as your imprints all make you guys." Quil took off as Jake took over patrol until the bonfire started.

Ashton Elliott walked on to the beach with one of her close friends Riva Walker. They were laughing back and forth with each other. Ashton's long raven jet black hair was hanging down and hugging her curves, her indigo blue eyes scanning the beach as they came to stop on Riva's boyfriend Jacob Black who was laughing at something his friend Embry said.

Ashton smirked as she listened to Riva talk, while she watched as Jake snuck up behind her as he suddenly grabbed her waist and growled into the side of her neck. Ashton laughed hard as she watched Riva squeal and jump, in mid air Jake wrapped his arms around her waist and caught her before her feet hit the ground again as he spun her in circles he chuckled at her squeals.

Embry smiled as he nodded, "Ash, what's up?" Ashton smiled as she shook her head, "Nothing Embry…How are you doing?" Embry nodded, "Couldn't be better and you?" Ashton laughed, "Just fine…Where's Leah?" She giggled as she watched the awe struck white smile stretched across his red lips. Ashton and Embry chuckled as Jake and Riva got into a heated kiss.

Quil walked onto the beach and spotted Embry and Jake of course in a lip lock with his imprint. Then his eyes landed on her. He watched as the honey blonde laughed at something Embry said. He was suddenly filled with a warm feeling that started at the top of his head and flowed through his body all the way out the end of his toes. He felt like he'd been cemented to the Earth. He couldn't believe it. He just imprinted. Now he had to meet her. But how did she know Embry and Jake? He contemplated as he walked towards the foursome.

Embry and Ashton were still laughing at Jake and Riva. A throat clearing made Embry's eyes wonder over and fall on Quil. Ashton looked over and suddenly she felt like she was being pulled towards the guy standing next to Embry. Embry smiled, "Hey Ash, how do you like La Push so far?" Ashton smiled, "I've only been here for two days. I guess for right now it's pretty cool." Jake smirked as he watched Quil staring at Ashton as he stifled a chuckle knowing Quil had just imprinted on Riva's best friend.

Jake cleared his throat, "Ashton the last time you came to the garage you only got to meet Embry, and this is my other bro Quil Ateara. Quil this is Riva's best friend Ashton Elliott." Quil finally fund his tongue, "It's nice to meet you…Where were you before? If you don't mind me asking." Ashton smiled softly, "Forks." Embry smirked as he walked off in search of Leah and Jake tugged on Riva's hand gentle as he led her away so Quil and Ashton could talk alone.

Quil smirked, "Should I ask how you met these two knuckleheads?" Ashton smiled, "Well yea. My car broke down and my grandma had me tow it to the shop in La Push. I'd heard about Riva's squeeze Jake since I was in Forks, but I'd never made the trip to La Push with her to meet Jake. I walked into the garage and these two grease monkeys walked up and within two hours had my car fixed and running like a gem. And it didn't cost me an arm and a leg."

Jake chuckled, "No, I fixed the car and Embry made faces and told her stories of when we were younger." A smile lit up Ashton's face, "You're the Quil from the stories...Right?" Quil chuckled, "Yea. I can only imagine what you've been told."

"Nothing bad I promise."

Ashton and Quil stood there looking at each other.

Their eyes locked as if they couldn't see anyone but each other.