So here's the last chapter...I know 14 left you with a bit of a cliffy and I decided I wouldn't make you want in anticipation for it. So here it is. The chapter and story was inspired by P!nk's song Glitter In The Air. I hope you've enjoyed reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it. ~Maxine

Chapter 15 - Better Than Tonight

Bright indigo eyes peaked over the side of the bed and watched as her mother slept. She felt a hand on her shoulder as she looked up smiling and whispered, "Daddy, Mommas is seeping."

Soft chocolate brown eyes looked down at the familiar blue and chuckled softly, "Shhh, I know. C'mon let's go get ready for dinner baby girl and let momma sleep." When the 4 year old nodded, Quil leaned down and lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the room, being sure to pull the bedroom door closed as well.

Quil watched as Mindy played in the bathtub for a minute and then he got her out and helped her get dressed, in her white t-shirt, denim overalls and white sneakers. By the time he got the tub cleaned up and changed himself he looked up and noticed Ashton had moved into the living room and Mindy was sitting on her lap with her head against Ashton's small 5 month pregnant belly.

Quil leaned against the door way with his arms folded across his chest and watched as Mindy whispered against Ashton's belly. He couldn't believe they'd almost lost Mindy...He was happy they hadn't, but Ashton had to spend the rest of her pregnancy practically on bed rest. They were lucky the doctor allowed them to have a small wedding ceremony. Quil had been insistent that they were married before the baby was born.

He remembered Ashton's dad showing up at the hospital the day Mindy was born. Of all people Seth wouldn't allow her father near Mindy. Naturally of course, everyone realized later, Seth had imprinted on her. And when he found out Ashton's father had almost been the demise of his imprint, he nearly phased in the hospital waiting room. It took Paul and Jake both to grab Seth and drag him outside. No one knew what kind of strength that kid possessed at 15. They were aware of it after that day.

Quil was almost upset that Seth had imprinted on her, but he honestly couldn't be. He watched as Seth would come over and watch her so him and Ashton could have some alone time out of the house. Or he'd come over and tell Mindy bedtime stories in Quileute. He could see the adoration and love in Seth's eyes for his daughter. And in-turn he could see just as much love in Mindy's eyes when he was around her. Ashton of course was oblivious and didn't care as long as Mindy and Seth was happy then she was happy. She knew if Quil was upset, he'd get over it...eventually.

Ashton and Collins relationship with their father was never quite the same after everything that had been said and done the two months their father locked them away from everything regarding La Push and the pack. Though it wasn't really that much of a surprise at all.

Ashton saw something move out of the corner of her eye and saw Quil leaning against the door way of the living room, watching her and Mindy giggle as Mindy continued to talk to her belly.

Quil chuckled as he walked over and took Ashton's out stretched hand and helped her off as Mindy slid off her lap and ran into the kitchen and hopped up on a stood by the counter, "C'mon daddy has ta brushed my hair." Ashton couldn't help giggle at the way Mindy's speech had developed. She had a habit of adding the letter s or an ed on words that didn't need them.

Quil kissed Ashton's lips softly, "Did you have a nice nap?" Ashton nodded, "Did your daughter wear you out with a million questions?" Quil shook his head negatively, "Nope. Maybe Seth but not me." Ashton giggled harder, "He's such a trooper when it comes to her. I can't believe he actually went as her show and tell item for pre-school last Friday." Quil chuckled as he carefully ran a brush through his daughters long raven hair and carefully put it in a ponytail, "I can believe it. He'd do anything for her. He still won't tell me how she explained who he was to everyone. I'm just waiting on the parent phone calls from that one."

They watched as Mindy jumped down and grabbed each of their hands and tried tugging them along behind her, "Hurried up already." Ashton giggled, "Someone is anxious to see Seth." They could stop laughing as they watched Mindy turn around and plant her hands on her hips like she was going to scold two teenagers. Ashton nudged Quil, "Don't make her wait. Let's go." Quil nodded as he tossed Mindy over his shoulder and listened to her squeals of joy.

At Emily and Sam's, Ashton was sitting in the kitchen talking with everyone, when the door swung open and Seth walked through the back door with Leah and Embry.

"SETH!" A voice squealed. A smile appeared on Seth's face immediately and squatted down automatically making sure he was at her height. As everyone watched as Mindy bounded up and into his already open arms. Everyone couldn't help chuckling when Mindy placed kisses all over his face. It was definitely a ritual between the two. Seth chuckled as he kissed her cheek. He carefully lifted her into his arms as he stood up, Seth groaned, "Oh my gosh Mindy I think you got bigger since I saw you a couple of hours ago." Mindy swatted his shoulder pushed her bottom lip out while she made a pouty face."

Ashton couldn't help giggling when Seth saw the look on her face. She watched as Mindy's bottom lip trembled a little. Seth instantly frowned, "What's wrong Mindygirl?" Using his nick name for her. Mindy folded her arms across her chest defiantly, "You called me fat you meanie." Ashton giggled, "Women don't like to be called fat Seth; at any age." Seth looked at Ashton shocked, "But I never."

Mindy deepened her pout and gave Seth the sad puppy eyes, "Yes you did. You groaned when you picked me up and said I gottened bigger." Seth shook his head negatively trying not to laugh because he noticed how sensitive Mindy had become, "Mindy, I said you've gotten bigger, in other words you're growing up fast. I want you to grow up; you can't be a little girl forever." Mindy looked at Seth skeptically, "Are you sures? Because you don't looked sures." Seth nodded, "Of course I'm sure. You're beautiful. You're more beautiful than your momma." Seth chuckled when Mindy's face light up as she threw her arms around Seth's neck and practically squeezed the life out of him.

Quil growled, "I don't know about that. I would have to object to that statement." Ashton giggled, "Why thank you my love." As she walked up next to Quil and leaned her head on his shoulder. He looked down at her and brushed a kiss across her forehead, "Any time…How are you feeling?" Ashton smiled softly, "Good. Tired but good." Quil wrapped his arm around her waist, "We won't stay long. I promise."

Everyone got settled at the table as everyone dug in with eating dinner, like always Mindy was sitting on Seth's lap as he encouraged her to eat. He could get her to eat just about anything. She was a picky eater, but when Seth was around she ate damn near anything.

By the end of the night, Seth was holding a sleeping Mindy in his arms and couldn't stop watching her. Leah looked at him and then back at Ashton and Quil and giggled, "I can't believe how awe struck he looks when he watches her sleep." Ashton giggled, "He can't get over how small she still is compared to him. He's used to working on a bigger scale with everyone and then here comes this little four year old that holds his heart in the palm of her hand; Like I'm pretty sure is going to continue happening until the day they both die." Quil kissed the back of Ashton's hand, "Sounds familiar. C'mon beautiful let's get home and we can put Mindy down and you can relax while I let my hands do the rest of the work." Ashton smiled, "Ooo Massage." Quil chuckled as he watched Seth carefully lift Mindy and carried her to the car.

Seth strapped her in her car seat. Seth watched as Mindy moved around and opened her eyes looking up at him, "Good night Seth." She moved up and kissed his cheek. Seth smiled softly, "Night sweetie." He kissed her forehead. Quil patted him on the back, "It'll get easier Seth. Don't worry." Seth frowned, "It just kills me when you guys leave with her. Even if we only live a few blocks apart." Ashton gave Seth a hug and kissed his cheek as well, "You're always welcome to come see her Seth you know that. Don't let it hurt too much." Seth nodded as he returned her hug.

After placed Mindy in bed, Quil and Ashton were sitting on the couch wrapped in each other's arms as they stared out the front window and watched as the stars started making an appearance in the sky.

Quil brushed his lips against her cheek softly, Ashton locked eyes with Quil, "Do you think it will ever get any better than tonight?"

Quil sighed softly, "Yes. It gets better every day that I have you in my life."

Clearly everyday would be better than tonight.

The End.