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Lenne: Hey fans! I just finished Mother 3 in English (fan translation patch), and after remembering all the events, I recalled the sunflower field. Why not a field of some other flower? Since it was specifically sunflowers, I got another story idea, and I thought it was so great I was like DELAY ALL OTHER FICS!

So yeah, this will be my first NessXLucas fic with many chapters...don't worry, since I love this idea, I'll be working on a chapter each day! But depending on how long and my ideas are, they may take longer. Anyways, I hope you enjoy!

Oh crap, I forgot. In this chapter, THERE ARE SPOILERS OF MOTHER 3 FOR CHAPTER 1 AND some other chapter I forgot specifically. Well, there's hints. So play the game/watch a playthrough on YouTube of Mother 3's beginning if you want to know first. Otherwise, read at your own risk or don't read :3

Contains shounen-ai of NessXLucas.

Disclaimer: I do not own Super Smash Bros. or the characters.

Chapter 1: A Diary of Secrets

Lucas, in his shared Earthbound room with Ness and Toon Link for space purposes, sat on the floor, against the far bed, away from the bedroom door. He kept hitting his head on the soft part of the head, unable to write any more ideas for his diary. It was depressing for Lucas, for many days. Ever since he was invited (or forced) to the Brawl team, he couldn't stop thinking about everything that he left. He could not stop thinking about his friends, and his whole life in Tazmily Village.

He wanted help on how to ease his thoughts about the past. 'Miss Zelda' and 'Miss Peach' as Lucas referred, offered a helping hand to the lonely boy. They suggested that all of his depressing secrets, hardships, or self-only letters and notes be recorded in his own diary, provided by Peach of course. Despite the fact that it was a bright red color, almost pink, he decided to write down all of his thoughts to relieve his everyday stress. Even though it helped half of the time, it was the best he could do.

This time, with the diary in his lap, he thought about writing a rough draft of an "I miss you" letter to his friends, hoping that Master Hand would somehow allow him to send that letter sometime soon. He tried so hard, remembering every moment of his brawl time to how he misses many things and the adventures he had on the Nowhere Islands, but conflicting thoughts of many things kept annoying him, specifically the only friend he was able to make in the Bros. Brawl.

"Hey Lucas!"

Lucas jumped from the floor before setting down his diary and standing up. From the open yellow door, he saw that friend of his. Lucas blushed a faint pink immediately when he saw him.

"Oh, Ness…you scared me."

"I did? Sorry." Ness walked over to Lucas' spot, but stopped at the middle bed. "What'cha doing?"

"N-nothing!" he stood in front of his open diary, hoping that his legs block the sight.

"Ah, whatever. Do you wanna brawl with TL, Red and me?"

"No thanks. You guys can go on."

"Really? You said you wanted to try and beat Red today."

"I…changed my mind. Sorry…" Lucas sat down on his bed, staring at the other boy after a sigh, but returned his head to staring at his knees.

Ness stared at him in concern. "Lucas…you've been so gloomy for a long time. What's wrong?"

"It's nothing…I'm fine." His timid tone told Ness it was certainly nothing at all.

"Luke…" he walked over to the bed and sat on the far end. The blonde haired boy lifted his head as soon as the bed shook, looking at his worrying friend. "Lucas, please, if there's anything wrong, then tell me. I'm your best friend, I'm here for you."

"I know. It's nothing, okay?" Lucas didn't want to keep on going about "it's nothing" forever, so he decided to go somewhere to end the topic. "I'm going to grab a snack, do you want anything?"

"Nah, I'm all right." Ness got off Lucas' bed and laid down on his. "I'm gonna relax a bit."

"Okay…" Lucas left with a timid face and shut the door.

"Urgh…maybe I'll play with Nintendogs for a bit. Haha, Ninten. Oh gosh, that name always makes me chuckle."

Ness sat up and walked over to the bookcase in the corner of the room, which was next to a desk that laid three DS systems, one for Ness, Lucas, and Toon Link. He took his blue one, and upon walking back to his bed, he noticed an open book lying on the ground next to Lucas' bed. He looked on the pink color edges, uncovered by the pages in the book. He tried to familiarize himself with it, and then noticed a pencil lying next to it. He remembered what the book was now.

"It's Lucas' diary…hey, maybe if I read it, I could find out why he's so sad." Still with the DS in hand, he walked over it, but stopped after two steps. "No wait! Maybe Lucas doesn't want me to read it…" Keeping his honest behaved and disciplined self, he turned his stepping slightly and started walking back to his bed, but stopped after two more steps. "But…I do want to help Lucas. Maybe…I'll just read the open page he has. Yeah, he won't notice."

Ness climbed onto Lucas' bed from the other side. To ensure that Lucas won't be suspicious, he will leave the diary in its place, untouched, and only right on the spot where Lucas was. He adjusted his body for comfort, and had his head over his friend's precious diary. He began by looking on the left page. The first thing he noticed was a slanted note, above the top line of the ruled notebook paper, saying "a letter!" Then, he started to read the letter Lucas was writing.


I miss you guys. I miss everyone. Kumatora…Duster…Boney…dad. I want to come back and see you guys, but I'm not allowed until Master Hand says so. So all I can do is send letters. It's all I can do, I'm sorry. But I really want to see everyone again. I want to see everyone, I want to see Tazmily, and…I want to see those sunflowers.

Ness blinked. "Sunflowers?" He continued on.

"I really love those sunflowers. Dad, if you are reading this, could you somehow take a picture and send it back to me? Well, you probably don't have a camera, but the DP I left for you should be enough to get one. Anyways, I want to at least see one. Because…they remind me of mom." Ness noticed a faint, gray stain on that line. Was it a dried tear? Continuing on… "It's as if… I can feel her by my side when I'm not at her grave. Maybe…if I could see one, even touch one, I'd be better."

Ness kept his mouth open, but then closed it, to not let drool accidentally fall on the pages. Though he wanted to hit himself for being a bad friend, he now knew what to do to help his best friend.

While crawling backwards, his eyes kept lying on the page and dropped on another paragraph. He stopped as soon as he saw his name randomly. He moved back his eyes towards the beginning of the sentence, and back to the paragraph's beginning.

"For me, I'm doing…well, horribly, sort of. Not many of the others like me, and I'm sort of bad in brawling. Even though I got Kumatora's powers, I'm still not as good. I haven't made many friends…except, there's this one person. His name is Ness. He's my first and only best friend right now. He's really special…he's so nice to me, and so confident. I look up to him a lot, because he can use PSI powers like I do. Well, that's not all…"

Ness wanted to continue, but he couldn't! Still, it was about him, it was probably something he should know.

"The thing is…I feel all weird when I'm around him. My insides twist, like it wants to rip. My face feels like it's burning up, I think I might be blushing. I really admire him…but I didn't think it would be too much admiration. I never felt this way towards someone like this. I have this friend of mine here, her name is Miss Peach. She's a really nice lady that helped me get along here with Ness. Anyways, I told her what I was feeling about Ness…how I'm all nervous around him, and everything. She giggled when I told her, but then helped me with my problem. I couldn't believe what she said…she said I might have been—"

There was a knock on the door and Ness sprang up.

"Ness! Are you in there? I locked myself out on accident. Could you help?"

"Coming!" …Dang it! Almost finished reading…

Ness quietly got off the bed, fixing up the blanket wrinkles and had his DS in hand. He acted as if it was on sleep mode. He opened the door, and it revealed the same timid boy carrying a bag of potato chips in his right hand. He had a faint blush, either from seeing his friend, or from the embarrassment of locking himself out.

"Sorry…" he whispered.

"Aw, it's okay. We all make mistakes." Ness' smile only made Lucas feel more nervous and blush only slightly brighter. "Hey um, I'm gonna...uh, go somewhere, okay?"

Lucas nodded. No other word.

"Remember…Luke, I'm here for you if you need anything. And…we all want you to cheer up, all right? You…uh…mean a whole lot to me— " Ness shook his head slightly. "—us!"

Lucas nodded once more, but hid his surprise at Ness' verbal mistake. He meant a lot to Ness? Without any other word, Lucas walked in and Ness walked out, closing the door. Walking away in a fast pace from the room, he only kept his thoughts about everything he read from the diary.

"A sunflower…sunflower…where can I find one? Maybe…maybe the others know."

As Lucas was opening his chip bag, he walked back to his diary's spot. But he noticed it was open wide! "Oh no! I left it open! Please…don't tell me Ness read it…" He noticed his diary wasn't moved though. But perhaps, being the smart boy Ness was, that was what he wanted him to think. He grabbed his diary and closed it, and rushed out of the room with his bag of chips in his right hand and book under the arm. He rushed over to the two people that may help him right now. His voice was in panic as he knocked on the door gently but fast.

"Miss Peach! Or, Miss Zelda! Are you in there?"

Lenne: Chapter 2: Planning, is up next!