Lenne: Ness' POV again~ The last chapter, it's short but I tried my best for a happy ending. Also, read the note at the end.


Contains shounen-ai.

Chapter 6: A Sunflower Ending

I ran as fast as I could, plummeting through some of the other brawlers, and I knew they questioned why was I in a rush. I just could not stop—it was like an instinct to reach the goal before the time limit ended.

After rocketing through the hall, I reached a glass door to the courtyard. I never looked at the whole Brawl Tournament setup, but I was guessing this was likely near the outside perimeters. The only other door that led to here was from the playground, and no one really goes there. Well, why would Master Hand make a playground anyway…?

After catching my breath, I looked at the sunflowers. They were still in good shape, even though the fleeting wind from my running brushed against them roughly. I guess Peach must have used her magic.

I looked through the glass door, even though my sight was blurred by the special waviness of the glass. I opened the door, and upon walking into the outside, above me was the clear baby blue sky, where I met a somewhat radiant sun, cool temperature, followed by a small breeze that calmed my body. I looked around the courtyard, which was really almost like a vast plain.

I was between pillar-like bushes that kept on going until the end of this stone path. Those bushes lined up and followed the outline of the stone path, leaving the corners of this area containing one or two bush figurines of some familiar designs—I only recognized a super mushroom. A circular stone ground was the center of the whole yard, where it kept a statue of Master Hand, pouring water from the very tips of the fingers to make a fountain that everyone could drink out of. Three other stone paths led to a rose garden on my left, two benches and a vending machine on my right, and a field of plain grass covered the rest of the area ahead of me. The grasslands covered the other half of this courtyard, where everyone would play soccer, or relax under the sun or giant tree at the end of the field.

After finishing examining the combination of nature, I looked around desperately for Lucas. Each time I turned my head, I whispered his name. He wasn't in the rose garden, or at the benches. So I concluded he was at the plains.

I ran into the field, turning my head to look around, but I quit saying his name. When I reached the end, I met the giant shady tree, two feet in front of a wooden wall, which was painted white and plastered abundant. I looked to my right, and there he was. From about five meters away, Lucas was crouching down before the white wall.

I walked over, and as I got closer, I saw a small dirt patch. It was flat, but it looked slightly rugged, and I know it was new because there was a small shovel and a red watering can on the side along with a small pile of grass and soil. Was Lucas planning to make his own small garden? I bet Peach gave him some flower seeds of his own, particularly, the sunflower kind.

I hid the sunflowers in both my hands behind my back, and took another small step, making a crunch in the grass. It was loud enough for Lucas to hear and turn his head. He widened his eyes slightly once he saw me. I didn't know whether to be irritated or guilty by his surprise.

"Ness…" he whispered.

I needed to respond, but first things first. "Luke…I'm sorry. I'm sorry for reading your diary. It was wrong and stupid of me."

He didn't say anything, but just stand up and face me. "No…I'm sorry." He continued after he hung his head slightly. "I'm sorry for ignoring you for the past day…I thought you might be mad at me so I wanted to give you some time alone."

I wanted to hit him harder than a playful punch, but still not a hard slap yet. "Why would I be mad at you?"

"B-Because…" his face turned a faint red, like he was about to cry. "I-I thought you wouldn't like me…when you f-found out about...the d-diary...thing..." He paused, I believed, so I waited until he continued. "...So I think...I'll just...l-leave the tournament...and l-leave y-you alone..."

That was when I stepped in. "Luke, no. We don't want you to leave...I don't want you to leave. You mean the whole world to me."

I think that last statement of mine struck his feelings hard. Not like it was harmful, but more like, relief and happiness. He started to cry harder and he was shaking slightly. He gripped the waist area of his shirt tightly. Perhaps "the whole world" was more of a lover's statement…but it felt precise to me. I guess I liked him back too, not just as his best friend, but more than that. Like his love.

With my true feelings, I rushed closer and hugged him, hiding my gift behind his back with my right hand. He was surprised when his head was on my right shoulder, but he returned the hug and tried to calm down. I didn't care about the hot tears or mucus on my shirt—I could wash it anyways, and Lucas really needed comfort. Dirtiness was not overwhelming our friendship. In half a minute of the warmth embracing we were having and I was enjoying, we both started to stoop down onto our knees. The knee and leg bending pain didn't have much impact, because the grass was silky soft—it was actually quite comfortable. I knew Lucas' weeping started calming down, since his forced sniffles dropped in its pace. His signal to pull away was noted when he used his two hands to grab onto my shoulders and push away. With that, I subtly returned the sunflowers behind my back.

"Ness…" He sniffed once more. "T-Thank you."

"For what?"

"For…being my best friend."

"Luke…I..." I didn't know what else to say. I held out the sunflowers in front of him. He widened his eyes once more. And I could tell that he was in a small trance from the sight. He used both of his hands to cover my whole gripped hand, feeling the stems with his fingers. I know that he was feeling the soul of his mother hug him.

"S-Sunflowers…" he managed to get out.

"They're for you. Your diary told me why you were acting so sad…and I decided to get some. For you." I used my free left hand and touched his right hand.

"N-Ness…" another sniffle. I guess he was going to cry again from this sappy moment between us. I brush the ending grip of my fingers between his hands, noting that I wanted to let go of the flowers and let it stay in his hands. He gladly, and soullessly almost, accepted them. He held them close to his chest, closing his eyes, letting one stray tear fall on a petal.

"They're beautiful..." he said. Okay, he was officially a girl. "Where'd you get these…?" he asked.

"Peach's secret garden." I chuckled.

He giggled back. "I hope you asked."

Honestly, his now pink face was adorable. I decided to kiss it in my impulse. I couldn't see it, but I felt his left eye shut when I placed my lips lightly on his cheek. I pulled away, nearing my face with his by four inches.

A stupid-like question fell out of his mouth as his blush brightened. "W-why did you kiss me?"

I grinned at his cuteness. "Because, I like you too."

Heaven immediately struck him, because I could tell in our psychic minds, he was feeling complacent as he gave me a blissful smile.

After another hug for a few seconds, he gave me the flowers' plastic wrap and moved back and turned to his small patch of dirt. Using his index finger, he made small sized deep holes in the soil and placed one sunflower in each one, burying it and then adding a sprinkle of water. After finishing, we both stood up and walked away from Lucas' growing garden. I know in a few weeks, he will have the essence of his mother always right by him. And not just his mother.

He'll always have me.

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