Epilogue: Ten Years Later

Anakin smiled as stood in his and Padmé's room, standing in his best robes when Padmé walked out in a light blue gown. "Are you ready?" she asked. Turning around, he felt all the air leave his lungs as he looked at his gorgeous wife of thirty-three years.

"Wow…" he whispered.

She smiled softly. "Do you like it?" she asked.

"You look absolutely stunning," he whispered.

Anakin pulled her close, kissing her tenderly. Kissing him back, she placed her hands on the sides of his neck. Pulling back from their kiss, he rested his forehead against hers while moving his fingers through her dark hair that had some gray going through it. Padmé smiled as she continued to caress her husband's graying hair. "We have a party to go to," she commented.

"Yes we do," he agreed with a sigh.

He held his wife's hand as they left their room to go toward the ballroom in the Palace on Naboo.

As they entered the ballroom, there were many guests. "Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you Senator Padmé Amidala-Skywalker and her escort, Paladin Grand Master, Anakin Skywalker," someone announced. Everyone greeted them with smiles as they reached the bottom of the stairs.

They looked over as Leia made her way through the crowd. "Hello Chancellor," Anakin greeted smiling, embracing his daughter. Leia hugged him back with a smile, hugging him a little tighter over the fact she hadn't seen her parents in months since she had been elected Chancellor.

"I missed you," she whispered.

"I missed you," Anakin answered, kissing his oldest daughter's temple.

He stroked her cheek with a smile before allowing Padmé to greet their daughter. "Han, good to see you again," Anakin commented as he shook his son-in-law's hand.

"Same here sir," Han answered.

"Where's everyone else?" Padmé asked.

"Luke had a few things to take care at the temple still, he and Mara will be here tomorrow with Helena, Rowan and Valaria," Leia replied.

Padmé smiled. "How are the kids Leia?" Anakin asked.

"They're all doing great, in fact, they're all asleep now," Leia replied, making them smile.

"I can't wait to see them," Padmé commented.

"Well with it being Jaina and Jacen's Life Day tomorrow, I think that would be a good time to see them," Leia commented, making them laugh.

Anakin looked up when a familiar song he hadn't heard in such a long time began playing. The last time he had heard this song was right before he became Vader, right before the Empire. He and Padmé had enjoyed a little time to themselves in their apartment. "Shall we milady?" he asked with a grin.

"Only if you don't refer to me as that," Padmé quipped as she placed her hands in her husband's.

Smiling, he pulled her into the crowd of dancing people. He held her closer to him, resting his forehead to hers. "I remember the last time we heard this song, our last day of true peace," he said softly. Padmé smiled as she kept one hand on his chest.

"I remember," she answered quietly.

Padmé stared up at her husband. "I'm not going to die in childbirth Ani, I promise you," she told him.

"No I promise you," he told her vehemently.

Sighing, she kept her hands on her husband's chest trying to find a way to ease his worries. She looked over to the music player that was resting on her dresser. Pulling away from him, she walked over and turned the contraption on as their favorite song filled the room. "Dance with me? Like we would before you would leave? Not worry about any visions, any nightmares, or anything but the two of us?" she asked.

Anakin stared at her for a second when he walked over to her. Taking her into his arms, he rested his forehead against the top of her head as they began swaying to the music together. At one point during their dance, Padmé had taken his hand and rested it over her stomach. Anakin smiled as he felt a kick under his hand, sighing as he just reveled in the soothing atmosphere surrounding him. His wife and the baby were all he needed. "I love you Padmé, so much," he told her softly.

"I love you," she answered before kissing him gently.

Kissing her back, he buried his hands into her curls while they continued to sway to their song, getting lost in their own little world.

Anakin smiled as he took his wife's hand and spun her around once before pulling her back to him. She smiled up at him as he leaned forward, pressing his lips to hers gently. She kissed him back, moving her fingers over his cheek, brushing against the scar over his eye. "I love you," he whispered against her lips.

"I love you," she answered smiling.

The next day, Anakin was standing out on the terrace of Varykino, staring at the water with a smile. As soon as he and his family had returned to Naboo, the first thing Anakin did was have the place rebuilt. It held so many fond memories. The fact he and Padmé fell in love there, got married there, and the twins were born there.

Anakin had cast aside the Dark Side for good while here, wanting to be a good husband and a good father again. He wanted to become someone his family would be proud of, instead of fear as he knew his wife had. The thought that he had put her through that kind of torture pulled at his heart. Except, it was obvious his wife had pushed aside those memories, only wanting to live the rest of their lives together in happiness and not guilt.

Closing his eyes, he let out a deep breath as the breeze washed over him. Suddenly, he felt a pair of arms wrap around his waist, making him smile. Padmé rested her cheek against his back, smiling softly as he ran his hands over hers. "What are you thinking about?" she asked. Chuckling lightly, he looked back out at the water.

"How blessed I truly am. I have you, our kids, and our grandchildren. Even though our children didn't grow up in a peaceful environment, but our grandchildren will. The Force has truly blessed us with great things," he said softly.

Padmé smiled as she hugged him a little tighter. "We truly are blessed. I've been blessed from the moment you became Anakin Skywalker again, the man I fell in love with. The man I married," she said softly. Turning to look at her, he smiled as his wife stood up on he tiptoes and kissed him tenderly. He kissed her back, his hand in the middle of her back.

Pulling back from the kiss, they looked back at the water as the sun began to set. "They're waiting," she told him softly. Smiling, he held her hand as they went down to the gardens.

Entering the gardens, he smiled to see his children there. "There you are," Leia commented smiling as she walked over to hug her father. Anakin hugged her back, smiling as the other three walked over, embracing him.

"Quit growing you're making me grow older," he quipped, making them laugh.

Helena kissed her father's cheek with a smile before letting him go. "Where's Ry?" Padmé asked with a smile.

"He's coming, it was his turn," Helena replied, making them laugh.

"Ah yes, I remember that game," Padmé commented, holding her husband's hand.

Chuckling, Anakin kissed the top of his wife's head. "Well where are they?" Padmé asked excitedly.

"They're here," Valaria said laughing.

Anakin smiled as he slowly got down on one knee as two young children ran over, throwing their arms around him while two more children ran over to Padmé, embracing them tightly. "Grandpa! Grandma!" they said excitedly. Smiling, Anakin hugged the twins in his arms a little tighter, letting out a sigh.

"Happy Life Day, Jacen, Jaina," he said smiling, kissing them each on the forehead.

"Thank you grandpa," they answered smiling.

The twins hugged their grandfather tight before the two kids Padmé embraced went to hug him while the twins went to greet their grandmother. Smiling, Anakin looked at the two children in his arms. "I hope you two have been good, Ben, Shalena," he commented.

"Shalena was good, she's just getting more and more like her father," Valaria commented.

Padmé laughed a little as she stood up with Jacen on her hip. "Don't we have we have a couple more?" she quipped.

"I think I found one," Anakin quipped as he lifted an infant from his hover stroller.

The infant looked up at Anakin, grinning from ear to ear. "Hi Ani," he said smiling, holding his son's hand between his thumb and index finger.

"How's Obi-Wan and Sabé?" Padmé asked.

"They're well, they send their regards," Valaria replied as she sat down with Shalena in her lap.

"Do return the favor for us when you see them again," Anakin told her.

"Of course," Valaria replied with a smile.

They looked up when Ry returned. "I didn't realize how one baby could make one big mess," he commented.

"Ah yes, new parenthood, we've had trials and errors on that one didn't we?" Padmé asked.

"Yep, but that's what makes it fun for us grandparents, we can have the fun but then have you do the work," he quipped, making them laugh.

Helena smiled as she took her daughter into her arms. "Say hi grandma, grandpa," she told her three-month-old, making her wave her tiny hand. Padmé smiled as she set Jacen down so he could play before taking the infant into her arms.

"Hello there Shmi," she cooed softly while sitting beside her husband.

Anakin smiled as he looked at the sleeping baby in his wife's arms. While he held Little Anakin his arms, he and his children suddenly felt like they were being watched. They looked over and Anakin smiled to see Qui-Gon standing there, but then his heart dropped a little at who was standing beside Qui-Gon. "Mom…" he whispered.

"I'm so proud of you Anakin, very proud of you," Shmi told him smiling.

Anakin smiled as he cradled his grandson closer to his chest. "I love you Anakin," Shmi added.

"I love you mom," he answered.

"You have done well, Anakin, enjoy your life now for you deserve it," Qui-Gon told him.

"I will," Anakin answered.

They both smiled before they disappeared. Padmé kissed her husband's shoulder, because she knew that he had seen them. "You alright?" she asked. Letting out a deep breath, he smiled and kissed her forehead.

"I'm just fine," he replied smiling.

Padmé smiled as they celebrated their two oldest grandchildren's Life Day while catching up with their children and their loved ones. The Universe was at Peace at it should be. The Chosen One had fulfilled the prophecy and he was able to live at peace with his family. That was all the Skywalker family wanted and everything was right now.

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