One iPod playlist, one very bored girl, and some very scared demigods!

Not just Percabeth. Tratie, Thalico, uh Silena and Charlie too!

And many more!

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"Percy Jackson. If you don't come down right this instant I swear Hades is going to have to deal with a certain dead son of Poseidon!" Annabeth yelled up to her boyfriend Percy, who sat up in tree.

"Come on Wisegirl! Loosen up! We're on a quest tomorrow!" Percy grinned.

"Percy seriously! Quit fooling around! We have to pack!" Annabeth fumed.

Percy pretended not to hear her. "You know, I do love the view from up here. The nice warm sun and wind in my ear. Come on up. We can watch the world as it turns." He said dramatically, flailing his arms.


"Annabeth! You heard what Rachel said! We may not survive. You know we may only have tonight," Percy jumped down, "So until the sun rises tomorrow, your mine." He grasped her tiny delicate hands in his.

"Percy. What am I going to do with you!"

"Annabeth why don't you dance with me?"

"But there's no music."

"Then we'll swing to the rhythm of love!"

"Excuse me?" Annabeth raises an eyebrow.

"My heart beat like a drum. A guitar string to the strum."

"Well then what a beautiful song that must be!" She said, playing along.

"She got grey eyes deep like the sea, which roll back when she's laughing at me. She rises up like the tide, the moment her lips meet mine!" Annabeth laughed then leaned up and gave him a peck on the lips.

"We may only have tonight. So until the morning sun your mine. Play the music low and swing to the rhythm of love." Percy said as the moon came up.

"when the moon is low we can dance in slow motion."

"And all your tears about this trip will dry." then the dinner horn blew. Percy and Annabeth walked hand in hand to the Big House. As Annabeth sat down at the Athena table, she saw Percy smile at her. She smiled and began thinking of the impromptu dance.

"Annabeth?" her half-brother Malcolm asked.

"Mhmm?" said Annabeth, a bit dazed.

"Why are you humming a Plain White Tees song?"

"Plain White Tees?"

"Yeah it's a song called Rhythm of Love." Malcolm chuckled as she glared at the Poseidon table. Then Silena walked past her table.

"Hey Annabeth. Percy asked me to give you this." Silena smiled then left to the Aphrodite table.

"And long after I'm gone.

You'll still be humming along.

And I will keep you in my mind,

The way you look so fine.

So we may only have tonight.

Till the morning sun your mine.

Play the music low Apollo

So we can swing to the Rhythm of Love.

I guess Malcolm told you my secret! Meet me at the lake in an hour ;)


She read the messy scrawl of Ancient Greek that could only belong to a certain Seaweed brain.

Her Seaweed Brain.

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