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Juhi laid across her bed sighing. The 16 year old daughter of Athena had been doing that a lot lately. Nick had broken her heart. Her first boyfriend. He was perfect. He was a son of Aphrodite, so he was cute, and was packed for a 17 year old. But it was obvious, as her traitor of a best friend had stated, that the the football captain would grow weary of the drama captain in time. That she wouldn't get the perfect fantasy. She'd believed Jeana, but she knew it wasn't her fault. Nick loved himself much more than he could ever love her. He could go and tell his friends that she's obsessive and crazy. That's fine. She'll just go and tell all the girls in camp that he's GAY! She got up of the cabin and went to the arena for her sparring class. Chiron smiled at her and motioned that her partner was Nick. They shook hands and Nick looked a little scared. But then he saw Jeana staring at them from her Archery 101 class, so he manned up. The fight began.

"You know... I really hate... your stupid old pickup truck. You... never let me drive it so... what's with Jeana?" Juhi said between attempts.

Nick loosened his collar nervously. "Nothing..." he lunged and missed.

Juhi smirked. "Redneck! Heartbreaker!" she cursed and swore inside her head.

"Oh Nicky dear. Your really bad at lying, you do know that right? You'd better tell me, I have a wasted a lot of time on you and I have a very sharp weapon that be would be perfect to get it back." Nick glanced at her sword at his neck and his sword (Which she flipped off him) pointed a little lower than he'd like. He gulped, terrified

"I... I surrender." Nick stuttered.

"Wimp." Juhi muttered back.

1 week later...

Juhi sat by the lake. There was no time for tears when your planning your revenge! She crossed Leo Valdez and Connor Stoll off her dating list. There is no stoppin' her from going out with with all of his best friends! And if he comes and tries to say sorry, oh her family's gonna show him how sorry he'll be! She thought about the scene in sparring class. People were still talking about how she was insulting and threatening him and he looked like a little baby, about to cry. He tried to object, but he is really bad at lying. Juhi stood up and went over to Thalia and some other campers.

"Hey Thalia. Can you do me a favour?"


"Can you spread it around camp that Nick from the Aphrodite cabin is gay?" It seemed Annabeth, Percy, and Nico thought it was funny.

"Duh." She ran off.

He wasted so much of her time. Now he was just a set target and a picture to burn. If he was missin' her, he'd better keep it to himself because Clarisse was standing by with her electric spear. That would be interesting. But first, she had to do something about that pickup he never let her drive. He was a rednecked heartbreaker who was really bad at lying.

Then she had an idea.

Juhi grabbed the picture of Nick and her that she kept by her bed and a bottle of Greek fire. She doused her face in fire and Nick's in oil. Timing it exactly so Nick would be the only one in the cabin, she scooped out just a bit of fire and rang the doorbell. Nick opened it.

"He- oh um hi Juhi." he said nervously.

Juhi smirked and put the fire on the end of the picture. The flames licked at Nick's head. She threw it at his feet.

"You're just another picture to burn. Burn, burn, burn, baby burn." She walked off.

Nick looked back down at the photo. His face was completely burn but Juhi's was still there. Happy to be single.