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middle of a highway, the fish didn't like the speeding cars, so they turn into butterflies

the butterflies are floating all around, except they're new. and the colors are different

Barn A Bus, are we friends? I can't always tell.

Of course, Del.


Yeah. -coughs- Forever and for always.

the flutterbies turn blue and green and black, they giggle and whisper "whatever"

You're all red. Like apples and those thingies I had at Morph-Orpheus's temple place. Remember?

Yeah. -coughs up red-

the butterflies flutter and giggle around Barnabas, changing colours

Barn A Bus?

colours bleed into red, whispering again "Forever And For Always" "for ever and for always" "for never and for always"

Forever And For Always, Barn A Bus. For Never And For Always.


Desire, you know that feeling where you're lost and up is down and you think your insides might actually be your outsides?


Oh. I thought you would.

Why are you here, Delirium? Not another quest to find our brother, I trust?

What happened to my doggie?

... go home, Delirium. And forget that stupid mutt.

Sister...Brother? where's Barnabas?


the butterflies change colours, and the colors are whispering