I looked at them before me, France with a serious look in his ocean eyed orbs, holding up one end of the cloth, America, having a bit of a disgruntled look. He was looking to the ground but then immediately looked up at me with determined eyes, piercing eyes the color of the heavens clouds holding on the other side, and Canada behind it holding it. Holding it with such a soft, kind smile and a bit flustered looking as well, probably because he put this together. The cloth they were holding up, was my flag. I didn't even know what they were up to, but it couldn't be good. I stepped closer and they all stared at me.

"A-Angleterre... Mattieu came to me and him, and revealed to us a very serious problem in the making..." France looked over to America who looked anxiously at me. He sighed and his eyes showed a bit of regret and some... longing? I couldn't tell but I stayed quiet.

"England, I know that you hate today. I mean really hate today..." He started drifting out, but then focused back on me his voice strong. "But I don't want you to spend all your days alone, Mattie told me about all the times you got drunk, and how you'd "curse" me, how you'd "curse" yourself. And how you hated Francis for helping me." He nodded to France "and so since were on the same boat, and think what you want dude, we care about you still."

I couldn't believe what America was saying. I glanced at all three of them, then I looked at the sweet, kind, neglected child whose still loyal to me after all these years.

"Canada..." I walked towards him but stopped feeling his stare intense a bit as he nodded in Americas direction then Frances and at the same time they all dropped my flag revealing a large cloth material with one part painted like Americas flag, then Canada's, then mine, then Frances. It was like a explosion of all our flags together.

"Arthur, I may be a bit resentful towards you for always caring about America more, giving him more attention... but you and Francis still did a pretty good job. Whenever I look at my people, how far we've come, how strong we've become, I just feel thankful we have all the culture we do have." I feel a lump in my throat that I can't seem to swallow, my eyes prickle feeling like tears my spill over, I clutch my shirt. Pride swelling up, they think...I'm important- I am important to them, them! My family!

I walk over to them, feeling a bit of a smile coming. They engulf me and hold me, wrapping me up in their blanket of love. I close my eyes enjoying the embrace... but then feel confused as I'm pushed on the bed a pair of handcuffs on both my wrists, "What's this?" I was about to sit up with France and America quickly handcuffed me to the bed posts and Canada did the same quickly with my ankles, what's going on?

"I'm sorry Angleterre, but we realized something else as well." Frances words were cold, distant, and a bit perverted. Not good. My eyes widen as they all surround me and he finishes "you still hold onto that cute little picture of us having a family. But Arthur, look at them!" He points to America and Canada who are stripping off their shirts to show the identical muscular chest underneath and I feel a blush creep across my face. "They are not children any more." He then starts unzipping his trousers and I really feel panic coming.

"W-Wait! W-What are you three planning to do to me? L-LET ME GO NOW! Stop this nonsense at once!" I tug and arch trying to break free but feel my ankles and wrists cut and bruise at this and soon calm down as France crawls on me removing his shirt. America comes around to my side and grabs my chin rather forcefully "O-Ow Lad stop! Aren't you s-supposed to be the Hero or something?" A spark of hope happens when his eyes spark. But it comes crashing down when he leans in taking of Texas and whispers

"I am. You're dying in the past and its coming up to a resentful future. Iggy, if you stay like this, if you keep seeing me as a child... you'll regret it and be miserable. So I am saving you!" Canada gets between my legs and pulls off my belt easily tossing it aside.

"Same for me, you will remember me after this." His eyes are fierce, his tone sending chills in my spine. I look at them again, feeling reality overcome me. Bloody Hell.