*deep breath* First story! *squels*

Ok, now that that is done. This is a story about Neville's first year of teaching. Sure he fought in the final Battle, and he became a brave badass during his seventh year. But he's still the Neville Longbottom we all know and wish we could hug sometimes. So things don't go quite according to plan...

And for the technical stuff; This is going to be a multi-chapter peice, but not super long, probablly somewhere in the 5-10 chapter range. I'm so inspired by this little plot I've come up with that I dream about it, so there should be fairly fast updates. My goal is to have this done by mid-January.

Everything should be pretty self explanitory, but please mention anything weird in reviews and/or PMs! I'm also writing this with the 7th book next to me, which has sticky notes on all of Neville's lines. So, please point anything I get wrong out to me; I won't be at all insulted! I'm actually a tad bit obsessed with keeping things canon. Please Review in general actually, I already said this is my first published fic, so give me some feedback!

This is a really long author's note, this is kind of my intro for the whole story. All the others after this will be much shorter I'm sure. I hope you enjoy this little dose of Neville!

And lastly: I am not our most talented and wonderful Jo, and if Neville was mine I would be doing other things with him, not writing him into fanfictions when I should be doing school work.



Neville had just turned 23 when he came back to teach at Hogwarts. He was one of the youngest teachers in the history.

Before he started, Neville was sure that he would catch some slack for this. Nearly all of his teacher were still there; there was bound to be a slip up at the least. He was sure Headmistress McGonagall would accidentally deduct house points from him, or Professor Flitwick would duck when he pulled out his wand, still frightened from some of the incidents from his first year.

Coming back to the school six years later was almost as scary as it had been the first time. This time however, wasn't because of the fear of the unknown. This was the fear of going back to things he was all too acutely aware of. He knew the battle he'd fought in and the torture of his seventh year would stay with him.

He considered very briefly taking the Hogwarts Express back, as his favorite DADA teacher had. But he dismissed the idea very quickly. Since Luna had been dragged off the train over the Christmas holiday of '96-'97, he hadn't liked trains. He floo'd back to his Gran's when everything at Hogwarts had returned to some sort of odd normalcy, and avoided muggle trains and the tube as he manuvered about the country.

He decided to apperate. True to what everyone had expected of him, Neville wasn't especially good at apperation. He mostly used other forms of transportation, muggle and magic. But not trains…..

Neville shock his head, knowing he had to focus on his task at hand. Closing his eyes and spinning, he thought of the huge entrance to the castle and the doors to the Great Hall.


The subtle differences in the entrance startled him far more then he ever expected them to, or if he was being completely honest with himself, he thought they should.

Things like the fact that there were no more gargoyles at the entrance. Or that the windows high up in the doors were different. He couldn't put his finger on why, but he could tell that they were. He knew that they had been broken during the Battle of Hogwarts, the one furthest on the right by a charm that had ricocheted off one of his own shield charms. But he hadn't realized that the abuse had changed the shape of the windows, or that the new glass would look so different….

Neville shock his head, focusing on the task at hand for the second time that night. And that task at hand was walking through those doors and taking his place at the head table. He was a professor now, he couldn't keep getting lost in memories of his own school days, or worse, the war that had happened six years ago.

Gathering his thoughts, Neville pushed open the doors to the Great Hall and walked in.


Headmistress McGonagall looked down from the head's table with a smile on her face. A smile that she directed to each of the four house tables in turn. House tables that Neville realized, to his growing horror were already full of students. All of whom were looking at him.

A thousand eyes turned to look at him. Some of them looked out at him kindly, some with some curiosity, and a small amount, mostly those at the far table under the green banner, looked at him with distain. One girl had a look of special admiration on her face. A few turned to whisper with their friends about the new Herblogy professor. But most of the students were looking at him with something else in their eyes. Expectation. Not yet judgment, but it's first cousin. They were expecting things from him.

Neville gulped. Then, with a deep breath to summon his Gryffindor courage, he walked in.