Chapter Seven

"How did I get so lucky? Having the master manipulator as a boyfriend," Severus said grinning at Harry as they settled on the couch in Severus' quarters.

"Awe, I'm not the master manipulator, but thanks honey." Harry said smiling sweetly at the other man.

"Sure you aren't love, that why Dumbledore was wrapped around your little finger isn't it." Severus said calmly pressing a kiss to Harry's temple.

"Did I?" Harry asked smiling sweetly at the other man. "I haven't the slightest idea what you're talking about. Are you sure?"

"Of course you didn't and I'm not the youngest Professor at this school." Severus muttered rolling his eyes at the teen.

"Sure you are, I just don't manipulate people is all," Harry said leaning up to kiss the man. "Do I?"

"Nope," Severus agreed pressing their lips together again forgetting that they had just been arguing.

Harry smiled as they continued kissing lazily on the couch. "Good I didn't think so but I would hate to be manipulating you while we're together. I'd never want to make you do anything you don't want to."

"Of course you don't Harry, that's why whenever you want something you look up at me through your lashes and put that cute little puppy dog pout on." Severus said rolling his eyes jumping in surprise when his fireplace flared and Dumbledore walked into his sitting room.

"Hello Severus, Harry. So good to see you, I'm sorry to interrupt but it would seem the Ministry requires the two of you to make a statement to them tonight and it cannot wait. I have done my best to persuade them not to bother you but they will be flooing in shortly.

"Thank you Headmaster, it would not bode well for us to be getting ready for bed only to have an Auror tumble into our living room." Severus said causing a small smile to grace Harry's lips as the older man used the term 'our' when talking about his rooms.

"Too right you are Severus. I'll just be going they did not wish for me to warn you in case the two of you were to compile similar stories, but I'm sure the two of you will be completely honest with the official when he arrives." Dumbledore said before quickly exiting back to his own quarters.

"Well that dampens the mood a bit; I'll just go make some tea." Harry said sighing as he stood and headed for the kitchen. Severus followed after him pulling the other man back against his chest and leaning against the counter hoping to sooth his ruffled feathers.

"As soon as this Auror is gone I hope you realize that there will be a great reward for a special Ravenclaw that has risked his life every year since he started at this school. I think a massage and some serious snogging will be required to put an end to a very long night." Severus whispered in his ear pressing a kiss to the pressure point behind the appendage.

"Hmm, who knows how many questions they're going to ask, I'll probably be too tired do anything tonight. Sorry Sev, it's been a really long day really bad day and this isn't going to make things any better." Harry said sighing just before there was a knock on the portrait leading into Severus' rooms.

"Alright, but I still think a massage is in order." Severus said pressing their lips together one last time as the Floo flared and Tonks came through smiling brightly at the couple.

"Hey there guys! How goes it?" She exclaimed cheerfully.

"Hey Tonks you can go ahead and take a seat, I'm just making some tea." Harry said calmly even as his hands were shaking slightly.

"Alright, I promise to try and make this as quickly as possible so you guys can get on with whatever it is you do." Tonks said winking at them.

"Haha, I don't know about Sev but I'm going to bed as soon as you're gone." Harry said as he set the tea tray on the coffee table in the sitting area of his and Severus' rooms.

"Aww your no fun Harry, leaving the poor guy high and dry," Tonks said winking at them again.

"Yeah, yeah whatever I'm too tired to care right now so can we please get on with this?" Harry growled starting to sound grumpy.

"Where did you find Ms. Weasley?" Tonks asked beginning the long list of questions varying from that to what they had for breakfast…well not really but close enough!

She floo'd out as soon as she was done barely even saying goodbye in her rush to get out of the rooms due to the fact that Harry looked like he was either about to collapse or start balling his eyes out.

"Come on Harry, let's get to bed," Severus said standing from the couch and stretching his back.

"ngh, s'too far," Harry mumbled sleepily snuggling deeper into the couch where Severus had just been sitting trying to soak in his lingering warmth.

Sighing tiredly Severus scooped the half asleep teen into his arms and headed for the bedroom slipping under the covers with Harry held firmly against his chest as he fell asleep not bothering to make sure all the lights in the rooms were out.


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