Piplup woke up, having had a horrible nightmare. What the hell? Just what was that dream about, anyway?

"Oh... my aching head..." Piplup groaned as he stretched his arms, letting out a yawn as he went to get some breakfast. Placing on his purple Waluigi slippers, Piplup headed to the kitchen. "That was some crazy nightmare... just what did I eat?"

The plucky young blue colored penguin Pokemon approached the stairs. However, upon reaching them, he slipped on a Buneary doll, tumbling down the stairs and breaking his many fragile bones. Upon reaching the bottom, Piplup's headpopped off his body, rolling right out of the house and into the ravaging waterfall outside. Piplup screamed as he endured one hell of a trip, while his body remained broken beyond repair.


Yoshizilla-Rhedosaurus: And that is why I'm deleting my old, incompleted fanfics as I speak. Because Piplup is God. Or a God. I don't know, get off my lawn, friggin' kids.

It was a nice, normal day in the middle of the meadows. Nothing to see, just nice rolling hills, smooth green grass...