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Prompt: Klaus/Caroline/Damon/Katherine It takes three to make a child.

The Baby of the Family

Damon's never had much use for any of the vampires he's made over the years. He's not the bonding type and anyone who met him was always more than happy to figure out this undead thing on their own if it meant never having to see him again.

That Caroline's got a life in Mystic Falls makes things awkward. They have to see each other, talk to each other. She's a part of their ragtag band of supernatural misfits now and comes by the house far more often than he'd like. He wants to snap at her that his blood is his blood and if she wants the human stuff she'd better get to killing or make friends with Paul down at the blood bank. But he doesn't.

He lets her take what she needs because Stefan's way was never gonna work and he'd rather not have her going blood crazy in the middle of something important. He thinks nothing of it till the day he hands her a glass of his favorite blood type one afternoon, he can't think of any reason why he does it except the joyful expression on her face.

Katherine's had many children over the centuries. In her flight from the Originals she built up their numbers to ward off the storm she knew was always looming one step behind her. And she knows her human line has continued through the generations, coming down to Elena. She's had many children, but only loved that first.

Among all of these, Caroline is special. It's not their connection that gives her that distinction. Though she is both daughter and granddaughter, the link between them is thin at best, with little more than a bloodless murder to bind them. Caroline is only special because she's the first in a long, long while. After Fell's Church Katherine had to lay low and couldn't afford to have some baby speaking her name to the wrong vampire so she kept her blood to herself for a few decades and was extra careful about who she killed. So "special" doesn't mean Katherine cares.

She pushes the hair from her child's face, sees the new ring on her first finger, and waits for her to awake. If Caroline's a good little girl, Katherine might show her how to have fun before handing her over to Klaus for the sacrifice. If she's troublesome - well, it's not difficult to make a vampire.

Klaus considers all vampires his children. Whether they actually are or not is a point of debate, but not one that would be brought up in his presence.

His family, though vast and varied, is his. His to rule, his to love. He may kill his children with no more care than he would show for a human or he may dote upon them, the choice is his and his alone. So when he finds the baby of the Mystic Falls branch of his family shoved to the side, he decides to take her under his wing.

She is young and still smells so very human but she has potential. He can already see the day, not so far off in a life as long as his, when she will stand strong and pure, one of his finest children. Now though, he listens patiently while she begs for her human mother's life. He then explains, gently, that all ties to what she was in her old, pathetic existence must be severed so that she may become what she truly is. He allows her to rage against him, to beat and tear at his flesh, but in the end he makes her watch and he makes her drink. It's her first step, he tells her as he wipes away her tears, they're always the hardest.