So here's something I've been working on for quite a while; It was started way back in summer 2009, even before i was an 8th grader. Only recently have I really seen progress. It has to do with purpose, and it explores the world post-judgment day. I was originally gong to start posting this once I was pretty much done and had just some editing left, but I decided it'd be interesting if I start it here one year and finish it another (most likely 2011). I'll probably stick with this project but I make no guarantees on frequent updates (even though I'm pretty much done with the first 5 chapters). So I'll post an update about once a week. rated T for language and violence (no sexual themes).

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Please R&R!

Reminder: this is based off work by James Cameron (quite brilliant work might I add), it is not official "canon".

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EDIT: v2 of ch 1-9.

October 17th 2027 5:35 A.M.

In the midst of the ruins that had once

been a major Californian city.

The spider HK had finished it's final sweeps of the metropolitan area. Or at least, what had once been a metropolitan area. But all that changed years ago, before Skynet came online. Before Skynet wiped out 50% of the human population in just minutes. It had spent the last 3 decades trying to wipe out the other 3 billion, destroying the beauty that was planet earth and most life on it along the way.

So L.A. Wasn't exactly a city with beauty in mind.

The streets were old and faded, cracked and lifeless. A weed would have brought life to them. The buildings were no exception; they were uninhabitable, half-crushed wrecks that seemed as if they could topple over any second. Not a single vehicle had untouched windows in it, and most had at least one skeleton in it. Every bridge had either crumbled over or seemed as though they would any second. The city was a wreck.

Every morning, Hunter Killer units would patrol the city with one initiative: seek and destroy human life. The city seemed to be littered with skulls and corpses. To Skynet, the more the merrier. The city was filled with death, more death than every graveyard in the world combined. Even more death than hell.

That's what Skynet did to the world.

L.A. was a nightmare. A nightmare where machines ruled. A nightmare where machines arose from the fires of hell. A nightmare that wreaked of death and destruction.

Back to the story.

A wreck, the HK seemed. It had taken heavy damage destroying a resistance base late last night, but it continued to function. And as long as it continued to function, it would continue it's patrols. Along it's retreat back to another Skynet base, something flashed in a nearby ruin down the street.

The HK froze.

There it was again, a flash.

Subtly, the HK began to creep towards the wreckage. As it approached the building, it shined it's nighttime beams on the wreckage. it saw a damaged T-800, in standby mode in the back of what was once a shop, missing some flesh (although it's face was intact).

The HK called out in machine language, "What is your mission?"

The terminator's eyes almost lept open, and it replied, "My mission?"

Immediately, the HK realized it was one of the stray units. Any response other than a strict protocol pass-phrase signaled a stray unit.

Several months ago, a massive virus, originating from a group of hackers known as project CUCD, CoUnter-Chrome of Death, was uploaded to Skynet's main servers and affected roughly a third of it's factories. The virus caused numerous terminators to be built with flaws, flaws that could pose a threat to Skynet. Flaws that could cause terminators to become as free-willed as Skynet itself. Skynet's machines had been programmed to terminate these units on-site, as they posed a threat.

The HK was no exception. It was simply on one of it's daily sweeps.

Immediately, the HK initiated what had been programmed into it's circuits, and opened fire on the machine. The T-800 ducked down, and ran out the back door of the shop into an alleyway, with the spider tank in hot pursuit.

The HK kept firing, and the terminator kept dodging.

They kept this up through several alleyways, and at the last second, the HK launched three of it's plasma bursts at the machine in quick succession, stunning the terminator. It feel over and rolled past the alley corner, seemingly innocuous.

The HK came to the corner, searching for the damaged T-800, but it found nothing in the dead end. Suddenly, the machine jumped out of a nearby window right onto the HK's head. It retained a tight grip, and focused it's strength on yanking the HK's head off. The giant spider's joints creaked in protest under the terminator's superhuman grip; but nevertheless, the HK managed to shake it off by blowing bits of plasma into it's face, sending it sprawling out on it's back.

The terminator got up, and charged towards the HK full-force in retaliation, and jabbed it's elbow into the HK's eyes. The HK swayed backwards from the impact, but bounced right back violently, slamming itself into the terminator. The terminator went flying backwards about 15 feet, and hit the concrete wall like a meteor, leaving a dent. As the terminator got up, the HK came at it like a real spider at about 50 mph and slammed it through the solid brick wall.

The two machines tumbled through numberless indoor walls, smashing through almost the entire building before they came to a stop. The terminator managed to get up first, but was blasted across the room by one of the HK's guns. The terminator went flying though another wall, landing with a crash. Before the terminator could get up again, the massive HK leaped through the air and landed right on top of the terminator's chest.

It did not manage to incapacitate the terminator, however, it did manage to send the both of them through the floor, into the basement. The terminator lept up in frustration and became engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the HK.

It swung it's hyper-alloy arm at the HK full-force, temporarily disabling it's visual sensors. it swung it's arm at the insectoid killer full-force again, cracking it's delicate assemblies, causing a great deal of damage.

But before the terminator could smack the HK in the head again, the HK blocked the steel punch with one of it's claws, and blasted it's opponent with more bits of plasma in the face, and gave it a kick to the chest with force that would have ripped a car apart. The terminator went flying once again 15 feet through the air, into some of the exposed electrical assemblies in the room. It went temporarily off-line.

The HK approached the cyborg as it's HUD kept flashing on and off. It realized it wouldn't be able to finish off the terminator in it's current state. It would have to initiate self-repair before it could go back into battle. The HK only had about 25 seconds left before the terminator would reboot, so it found a hiding spot behind some old washers and dryers.

It would wait there until the terminator became conscious again, then it would stalk it's target. The HK would continue to try to incapacitate the terminator, as long as it continued to function.