Bella and Seth

Chptr 4

My wedding day was here it is hard to believe that Alice put an entire wedding together in two weeks, with Rosalie and Esme's help. Seth did ask that we be married on the beach where he saw me for the first time. I don't remember it but I was with Jake, Paul, Embry, Sam, Emily, Jared, Kim, and Quil, the pack and imprints. Seth hadn't phased yet and so I did not meet him that day but he says that is the day he fell in love with me. He thought, for a long time that I was Jake's girl but found out I wasn't when he joined the pack. But he was 14 and I was 18 his sister Leah and I became friends, she phased about the same time as Seth.

Leah was going to be my maid of honor, Emily, Kim and Angela bridesmaids. Because Paul had imprinted on Ange she knows everything about the wolves and vampires. Alice said her and Rose had too much to do to be in the wedding party. Rose was playing the piano and Emmett the guitar to provide the wedding music. Seth had made friends with Jasper after fighting the newborns together and had asked him to be a groomsman. Sam was best man, with Jake, Paul and Jazz as groomsmen. Dad would walk me down the aisle and give me away. Although he keeps telling Seth that he is only loaning me to him for the rest of our lives. Dad says he can't give me away and the loan will be terminated if Seth ever makes me unhappy.

How could I ever be unhappy with a man that adores me? He tells me he loves me a dozen or more times a day. He kisses me all the time and let me tell you this man can kiss! He is gorgeous, sexy, and warm but more important deep down where it really counts he cares, really cares about me. There is nothing this man would not do to make me happy. And the sex, oh my, all he has to do is smile and I want to jump his bones. He wants me all the time and the feel is mutual, trust me. I need to be with him as much as he needs to be with me.

My friends back in college and at La Frere complained that their husbands and boyfriends were too tired or not in the mood when they wanted them. Not Seth, he is always ready I can ride him half the night and when we get up in the morning he is ready to go again. I rarely get out of bed in the morning without having sex at least once. I don't see it slowing down or cooling off because Sam and Emily, Jared and Kim, Jake and Katy all are as active as we are even with children they still find a way.

Alice has outdone herself my dress goes to mid calf and is absolutely the most beautiful dress I have ever seen. The girls are wearing blue strapless short dresses that are not the usual ugly bridesmaids' dresses, these are really pretty. The guys are wearing black tuxes, and we are all going barefoot in the sand. The guys are rolling the legs of the pants up to keep the sand out of the cuffs.

Only the pack, imprints, our families (Seth's and mine) will be there. The Cullens, of course, are invited if it is sunny we will have rainbows reflecting from them but everyone at our wedding already knows about the wolves and vampires. Carlisle is not only a doctor but is also a licensed minister and will be performing the wedding ceremony. Mom and Phil can't come so Seth and I are going to Jacksonville for our honeymoon. I really don't care where we go as long as I'm with Seth.

Alice, Rose, and Leah are here getting me ready for my wedding. Charlie's only request was that I spend the night before my wedding at his house and get dressed there so he can drive me to La Push. I am so glad that I will be living close to my dad; my mom has been trying to talk us into moving to Florida. My excuse is that we want to raise our children on Quileute lands and in the Quileute ways and traditions. Chances are that our children will be the next generation of wolves, if necessary. But this is home to me, my dad is here, my life is here and most importantly the love of my life is here, Seth.

Alice and Rose have been working on me for three hours getting me buffed, polished, make-up on, hair styled and I'm ready for my dress. I look in the mirror and it's hard to believe it's me. Rose has pulled my hair back from my face softly, and has it hanging in curly waves down my back. Alice has my eyes smoky, and just enough color in my cheeks so I don't look like a vampire. I have to admit I look pretty good; I can hardly wait till Seth sees me.

Dad came to get me to drive me to La Push, Alice and the girls were riding together so that Charlie and I could have a few father/daughter minutes.

"Bells I have to say I've never seen you more beautiful, I'm so proud of you. Seth is a lucky man. I have to admit I prefer him to Edward. I know Edward is a good guy but even before I found out he is a vampire I hoped you would find someone else. For years Billy and I hoped you and Jake would get together but when he met Kay that was it for him. I've known Seth since the day he was born and I can't think of another man that I would rather have for a son-in-law. He will make you happy honey, he loves you never doubt that."

"I know he loves me, Dad he means everything to me. I love you and always will but my future is with Seth. We are planning a long happy life together with lots of kids for Grandpa Charlie to spoil."

"I love you Bells, always have always will. Grandkids sound great. Harry and I can spoil them and teach them how to fish. I only want the best for you and I think that is Seth."

Our wedding was amazing only Alice could have pulled this together in two weeks with such grace. With Esme and Rose helping every thing was perfect; I could not have done better myself. The Cullens including Edward were there smiling and laughing with everyone. My dad looked so good in his tux and he seems so relaxed and happy being one of the few humans here.

When Seth and I said our vows we had tears in our eyes. Everything was perfect as we walked back down the aisle Seth picked me up and carried me. He said so I didn't trip but I think he just couldn't keep his hands off me. He kissed me long and deep and I wanted more. All through the reception and dance we touched and kissed, Seth kept telling me he couldn't wait until we were alone. I told him the tux would not be on him long. Dad reminded Seth that he was just loaning me to him forever. Forever but still just a loan.

We left the reception early we just could not wait any longer to be alone. We drove to Harry's cabin where we planned to stay for two weeks and then we were going to Jacksonville for a week. Mom and Phil were looking forward to our visit since Phil can't travel after breaking his leg. I felt sorry for him flat on his back in bed in traction. He would be able to get up the day before we arrive.

I started unbuttoning Seth's shirt in the car as he slid his hand up my thigh, he got a shocked look on his face when his fingers reached the top of my legs, and I had on stockings and a garter belt but no panties.

"Honey, were you pantieless during the ceremony and reception?"


"Man. That is sot hot, no wonder I can smell you so strongly, if I had known that …"

"You would have embarrassed yourself?" I interrupted.


"I unzipped his fly and released the beast; his cock was bigger than I have ever seen it.

"Wow, Seth what happened? You grew."

"I guess the thought of fucking my wife; my lawfully wedded wife is sexy and exciting."

I started pulling at his clothing popping the buttons off his shirt.

I could not wait to have him inside me/

"Honey, wait a second the tux is a rental."

"Who gives a fuck? I just want it off of you and you inside me, now."

"Bella, baby, are you alright? I've never seen you like this."

"I just want you so bad I can't wait for you to be inside me. I love you so much. I don't know I just feel a need to claim you, I want to be yours completely, and I want your wolf."

"Honey, you know my wolf want s to mark you. If I don't control him I'll mark you."

"I want; no I need you to mark me. I need everyone to know I love you, belong to you. That you belong to me. Please Seth, I need you."

By this time I have managed to strip both of us, all but Seth's boxers and my garter belt and stockings and we are just inside the door of the cabin. Seth is swollen and hard and bigger than I have ever seen him. He grabs me, picks me up, I wrap my legs around his waist as he impales me on his cock. I scream with pleasure, he pushes me against the door as he slams into me. I have never wanted anything this bad or felt anything this good. He carries me to the bedroom and we fall onto the bed where he continues to drive into me. Suddenly he pulls out of me and flips me over onto my hands and knees as slams into me again. I hear him growl and know this is his wolf. His wolf is claiming me and I want this as badly as he does. He licks the back of my neck as he reaches under me to pinch my clit I scream his name.

"Seth, mark me, mark me now!"

He bites down on my neck as I cum, we cum together, he continues to pump into me and shook his cum into my pussy, I scream and cum even harder. It is the most amazing thing I have ever felt, I can fell his cum filling me up. I know we cum for 5 minutes, I think I'm going to have a heart attack. It is the most amazing thing I have ever felt. We finally collapse onto the bed, Seth curls around me he is still inside me. I have never felt anything like that and we have made love a lot in the last two weeks. As we lay wrapped around each other, I start thinking of a Quileute legend that Harry and Sue had told me about the other day.

"Seth, honey, you know how we said we wanted a baby right away?"

"Yes, have you changed your mind, Babe?"

"No, I think we just conceived."

"How? Why do you think that?"

"Your dad and mom told me a legend about mates when a wolf marks his mate. About strange things that happen and I think it just happened to us."

"You mean how I kept pumping into you flooding you with my cum?"

"That's one and the way I couldn't wait. How I started trying to tear your clothes off before we got here. How I jumped on you and wouldn't stop, couldn't stop. Sorry if I hurt you."

"If that was hurting me, then you cab hurt me any time."

"Are you ready for round two, Mr. Clearwater?"

"Bella, Baby, you are so hot, sexy and giving I have to remind myself that you are human and I need to be careful with you. So that I don't hurt you, but all I can think of right now is how\w much I want to fuck you."

"What are you waiting for? I'm here, I want you, I love you, and you are not going to hurt me. If it hurts I'll tell you but right now I want, no I need you inside me. I hope you don't plan on sleeping tonight." I say as I grin and waggle my eyebrows at him.

He laughs pulling me on top of him, "Come here, Mrs. Clearwater."

"Damn, when you say my name like that it makes me hot."

"I'll remember that, Mrs. Clearwater." He says with an evil grin on his face, as I slide myself onto his already hard cock. I moan as I drive him into my hot, wet center and I can think of nothing but him and making him scream my name in pleasure.