Just simply stories that I started only to get writer's block on them and ended up taking down because, rereading them, I saw that I didn't like how they were going and I felt as though I'd messed up somewhere in typing them. While these can be continued by someone else, I myself am rewriting many of them to be what I consider to be better, so they are not completely abandoned. Still, if you wish to adopt one of these to complete yourself, you can ask for permission - doesn't mean that it will be given, though.

Anyway, if you just liked the story in general, this is where it's to be found, and you can reread up to where I ended up stopping on it. And, if you have a question about it - like, have I started rewriting it or anything like that, just contact me and ask me about it, or review and ask. So long as you've signed in and left me a way to get ahold of you, I will do just that.

Strange Hearts