Harry looked up at the knock on his door. He was currently sitting in his office working on his latest Auror report. "Come in." He said. The door opened and Harry's jaw dropped, almost losing the connection to his face. Standing innocently in front of him with his hands behind his back was Draco dressed in a schoolgirl uniform. He was wearing a short blue and black checkerboard skirt, a dark blue vest and a white button down shirt a size too small. On his feet were white thigh high socks topped off with black pumps. Harry quickly readjusted himself in his pants to contain the now growing erection.

"I'm done with my homework daddy." Draco said causing Harry to snap out of his trance.

"What?" He asked. Draco smiled.

"I said I'm done with my homework daddy. And my chores as well, just like you asked." Harry nodded, not sure where this was going and trying to play along.

"Well that's very good, baby." Draco grinned and walked towards Harry until he was standing directly in front of him. Harry looked up at the blonde

"Is there anything I can help you with daddy?" Draco asked looking directly at the forming tent in Harry's pants. "Anything at all?" Harry grinned as he caught on. He pushed away from his desk and leaned back in his chair.

"Actually, there is something you can help me with. I seem to be having a problem. Wanna help me solve it?" Draco nodded enthusiastically.

"Oh yes daddy." Harry smirked and slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, pulling out his half hard cock.

"Kneel." Harry commanded. Draco responded immediately by doing as he was told and getting on his knees. As he went down, his short skirt flew up, revealing that the blonde was wearing nothing underneath. He scooted himself closer until his face was only inches away from Harry's lap. Harry began to slowly stroke himself and as he did he watched Draco's eyes follow his movements and when a little precum came out of the top, Draco licked his lips and whimpered. By now Harry was fully hard and he groaned at his own slow pace and what was sure to come in the very near future.

"Please daddy," Draco begged. "May I have a taste?" Harry arched and eyebrow and with the hand not on his dick, he smeared the precum on three of his fingers before offering them to Draco, who sucked on them greedily. Harry momentarily froze as he watched Draco clean his fingers, memorized by the talented tongue slipping between them. When they were cleaned, Draco slowly removed the fingers from his mouth. "You taste so good daddy. So very good."

"Would you like some more?" Harry asked already knowing the answer. Draco nodded and Harry moved his hand from on his dick. "By all means. Have some." Draco grinned and before Harry could say another word, He wrapped his hand around the base of Harry's cock and shoved the rest of it down his throat.

At the feeling of Draco's warm mouth around him, Harry threw his hand back and groaned. "Fuck baby." He exclaimed, digging his hands into Draco's hair, keeping the blonde in place. "That's it baby. Take that cock. All the way in. You like that, baby? You like having my big cock in your mouth?" Draco nodded, his eyes closed in concentration as he continued to suck the dick in his mouth. "Open your eyes baby. Look at your daddy." Draco did as he was told and hooded grey eyes met lust filled emerald ones. Draco pulled off of Harry's dick completely before licking it from all sides and once again going down on it, this time swallowing when he reached the bottom.

At this point, Harry had been slowly thrusting into Draco, but when he felt Draco's throat constrict around him, he began thrusting wildly and the boy beneath him had to fight to keep up. After the 11th hard thrust, Harry used his hand still in Draco's hair to pull the blonde off. Draco gasped at the sudden loss and looked up at Harry. His hair was a mess, there were tear streaks on his cheeks from when he had been gagging and his lips were shiny and swollen red. In Harry' opinion, the blonde had never looked more beautiful.

"Please, daddy. I want more. I want a treat. I want to taste your cum." The look of innocence and sincerity on Draco's face almost made Harry cum on the spot but he help firm.

"You'll taste it baby, you will. Just not right now. Right now, I need you to stand up so I can fuck that tight little ass of yours okay?" Harry said as calmly as possible. Draco smiled before standing and began to take off his clothes when Harry stopped him.

"I don't think so baby. You're gonna keep it on so that every time to see this outfit hanging in your closet, you remember this day and this fuck and just how good your daddy made you feel." As Harry spoke, he reached under Draco's skirt to stroke his fully erect cock. Draco moaned at the touch and his knees gave out, Harry catching him just in time. The brunette turned the blonde so that he was lying face down on the table, bent at the waist, the Auror report long forgotten. Harry flipped the skirt up to reveal the pale white ass and he gently kneaded it with both hands. He looked at Draco's face to see the blonde biting his lip in pleasure.

"Spread your legs for your daddy, baby." Draco sighed and did as he was told, quickly spreading his legs and Harry just as quickly stepped in between them. Harry looked at Draco's hole which was twitching in anticipation. Harry arched and eyebrow and without warning stuck two fingers in. He was pleasantly surprised to find the hole already lubricated and stretched.

"I already did it." Draco moaned. "I didn't wanna waste any time so I went ahead and did it. Just please daddy…fuck me." Harry chuckled and rubbed the head of his dick at Draco's entrance.

"Well what kind of daddy would I be if I denied my baby what he wanted?" And with that being said, he pushed forward into the tight heat. Both men groaned at the feeling.

"Aw, shit. God baby you're so hot around my cock."

"Yes daddy. Harder please! I need it harder!"

"You want me to go harder baby?"


"You want to go so hard that I break you?"

"Yes daddy! Break me…I want it…I need it…I need it so bad…"

Hearing this, Harry did begin to thrust harder and faster into the blonde, the table under them squeaking in the process. Harry reached around and grabbed Draco's dick, his strokes on it as fast as his thrusts. Draco reared his head back to scream but his lips were engulfed by Harry's. Harry could still taste himself on Draco' lips which only made him thrust harder and stroke faster. He broke the kiss when he felt Draco's ass tighten around him, and the blonde released in his hand. He continued to stroke the boy's erection, until he had completely ridden out his orgasm. Harry knew he himself wasn't that far behind.

"Baby?" Harry asked hoarsely.

"Yes?" Came Draco's husky reply.

"Do you remember earlier when you said that you wanted a treat? That you wanted my cum?" Draco nodded weakly. "Do you still want that treat?"

"Oh yes daddy." Draco answered.

"Good, cause you're about to get it." Harry quickly pulled out of Draco and forced him back to his knees once more. He then began stroking himself widely over Draco's open mouth. Within seconds, strand after strand of cum was leaving his dick and becoming connected with the blonde's face. When Harry's orgasm finished he collapsed in his chair and watched as Draco used his fingers to remove the cum off his face before placing them in his mouth. Harry sighed contently. "Did my baby enjoy his treat?"He asked. Draco nodded happily as he sucked on his middle finger.

"Oh yes daddy, I did. And I can't wait for my next one."

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