Chapter Eleven

After I had been released from the hospital, I only had two more days to spend with Harry until vacation was over and I had to go back home to New York. I spent the first day cuddling at his house, with the other guys making fun of us. Zayn refused to leave his bedroom. The boys all gave me going away gifts, most of them gag gifts. The best one of all, though, were front row seats to their New York concert in a month.

"They haven't even gone on sale in the States yet" Liam grinned, patting my back.

"Obviously you'll get to go backstage to have some quality makeout time with my boy here afterwards" said Louis, rubbing Harrys cheeks, making us all crack up.

The second day, Harry and I went to a deserted garden-like area and just lay there, talking.

"I don't know how I'm going to go a month without seeing you" I said, sadly.

"I'm going to try and visit you before that..." said Harry, trailing off. But I knew the chances of that were extremely slim.

"A whole month." was all I could say, before I leaned into Harry. He wrapped his arm around me and planted a kiss on the side of my face.

"Well, if we're calling each other every day, or texting, or Skyping, or anything else like that, time will fly."

"I hope so."

Harry looked at me and realized how deeply upset I was. Instead of dwelling more on the subject, he tried cheering me up.

"What do you say to having a party tonight? At our house? A big one, with the whole neighborhood invited. So you can leave with a bang?" Harry grinned. I wasn't much of a party person, but I'd do it for Harry.

"As long as I can spend time with you, I'm happy." I said, smiling into his eyes and squeezing his hand. Harry beamed in return.

"Perfect." Harry leaned in and gently kissed me, and I leaned into him, wanting to spend every second in his arms.

8 hours later

Harry and I had decided on every detail. There was going to be a somewhat formal dress code, but casual food, movies and couches, and a dance floor. Almost everyone was coming, including the band, who would probably be bringing their own friends as well.

I hadn't decided on what I was wearing yet, though. It was already almost 9, which was the time the party was supposed to start, and guests were beginning to arrive at Harry's. He had called me a couple times already, asking me if I wanted to be picked up, but he sounded like he was a little bit drunk already, so I said no. Finally, at the last minute, I decided to leave my hair super straight and down my back. I picked out a royal blue cropped chiffon sheer blouse and a tight black high waisted bandage skirt, paired with a matching blue bra that showed underneath the top and a pair of black glittery pumps. I put on extra eyeliner and mascara and pink lipgloss and headed out. My father wasn't home, so I left him a note telling him where I was, and that I would probably be sleeping over at Harry's. With that, I started walking to Harry's house.

Once I got close, I could hear the music blasting. I giggled to myself, thinking about the boys and what the inside of the house looked like. Knowing them, it would've completely over the top, with way too many guests. That's just the way they liked to do things.

I rang the doorbell, and Louis opened the door, grinning from ear to ear. He was clearly intoxicated.

"LINDSAY DARLING!" He yelled, wrapping an arm around my shoulders. I laughed and let him lead me inside. There were people everywhere, and on the counters there were hundreds of plastic cups filled with who knows what. Everyone had a drink in their hand, and people were dancing, mingling, sitting on couches, and filling up any possible space. It took me several minutes to find Harry, but when I did, he was nursing a beer while talking to a gorgeous brunette.

"Hi babe!" Harry exclaimed, pulling me by my waist toward him. I resisted, and he noticed.

"This is Alice, one of Zayn's old friends!" Harry gave me a wink, as to let me know that Alice was one of Zayn's old girls. I gave a small smile as Alice gave me a nasty look. I walked away quickly- I didn't want a rude bitch to ruin my final party. I hated to admit it, but the fact that Harry was hanging out with her instead of me was annoying, and starting to get to me. I went to the kitchen counter and threw back a shot of tequila, something I regretted immediately. The taste lingered in my mouth, so I grabbed a cup of beer to wash it down.

"Woah woah woah, slow down there." Harry stumbled behind me, taking my waist in his hands and hugging me from behind. He gave me a kiss on the cheek, and I could smell the alcohol on his breath.

"You're one to talk." I said stubbornly. I walked away from his grip and took a seat on an empty sofa, taking a long swig of my beer.

"I'm just having a good time, Linds..." he struggled to talk, but I could see in his eyes that he meant what he said. I felt bad, but I wasn't going to let him off the hook so quickly.

"I don't get why you were spending time with Alice. What about me! Harry, I leave tomorrow. Do you get that?"

"I was just talking to her." he said sternly, and loudly. I got a little nervous.

"You know if it was me and another guy, you would've been jealous too."

Harry stopped for a second. "Well I'm sorry. I didn't know it would hurt your feelings." he got a mischievous look on his face as he leaned forward as if he was going to kiss me. "Forgive me?" he started to tickle me, and I was giggling hysterically. "Stop, stop, Harry! Stop!" We were rolling around on the couch. My beer spilled on my skirt, and I sighed.

"Harry, I have to clean this up. Can I use your bathroom?"

"Yeeeaaaahhhh." I smiled at his now lazy drunkenness. As I got up, he took my wrist and gently pulled me down to the couch again. "I love you, babygirl." I kissed him lightly on the lips, and went up the stairs to the bathroom.

I took my time cleaning the beer out of my skirt, but a small stain still lingered. I heard some screaming and some "WOOOO'S" from downstairs, and I left the bathroom to go downstairs and look. Liam was sprinting up the stairs, and when he found me, he held his arms out to the sides, as if to block my sight. "Lindsay, I don't think you need to-" I ran past him, knowing something was going on downstairs with Harry. As I got there, I immediately saw what the fuss was about.

Harry. And Alice. Making out on the couch where he had just told me he loved me ten minutes ago.

My head started spinning, and I couldn't feel my legs. I could feel myself screaming and shouting, telling him it was over, calling her a skanky bitch, and flinging the necklace he gave me at him. I felt like I was stuck in a horrible dream, it didn't feel like real life. Harry reached out for me, drunk confusion in his eyes, but I screamed at him to never touch me again. I tried to run up the stairs, but I fell, hitting my head on the banister. Spots filled my vision, and my head hurt more than ever. I felt someone pick me up, princess style, and before I knew it, I was laying on a bed in an unfamiliar room. I touched my head and winced. I unintentionally moaned.

"Are you okay? Well, that's a stupid question. But do you need anything?" I didn't have to look up to know whose room I was in, or who had just saved me. His voice was familiar, a ghost coming back from the corners of my mind. Zayn. Suddenly, I felt sick to my stomach.

"I need a trashcan. I'm about to vomit."

Zayn got up and came back quickly, and set the trashcan in front of me just as I threw up. Zayn held my hair back, and gave me a piece of gum and a napkin when I was finished.

"Thank you."

"Its no problem. I'm so sorry, Lindsay. He's a real bastard. I wanna kick the shit out of him, but I can't. You don't deserve it."

At that moment, it finally kicked in, and I finally realized what had just happened. Harry had cheated on me. He really had cheated on me, while I was just a floor above him. I started to cry. Not loud obnoxious tears, but the horrible, unstoppable, silent crying that

makes you unable to breathe. Zayn didn't say anything, he just sat there with me and rubbed my back.

When I finally stopped crying, I was left completely exhausted. Zayn pulled down his bed sheets for me, and helped me under the covers. When he started to walk towards his sofa, I took his arm and pulled. "Stay, please." The thought of being alone frightened me. Zayn nodded, and crawled into bed next to me, hesitantly pulling me in closer to him. I let him do it, and I fell asleep faster than I ever had in my life.