"Well I change my mind, now lets go!"Peter said running

"OK" Edmund and Lucy said

"Where are we gonna build the playhouse anyway?"Peter said

"Well, right over there! Where Susan is standing" Lucy Said then ran there.

"Hey Susan, I've recruited two more crews to work!"Lucy said

"I think there will be less need for these crews for the playhouse is 90% finished" Susan said

"Well, there is still 10% left" Edmund said

"Yeah if you think about it logically" Peter teased

"I'm done with that logic thing you know Smart guy" Susan said

"Enough with the chitchat" Lucy whispered

"Yeah Let's get going" Edmund shouted excitedly

Then 30 minutes passed later by , and the playhouse is finished!

"I'll just get some food from mrs. Macready" Lucy said

"You better go off right now because we need to start As soon as possible" Edmund said