After that taping, William was just about to go talk with Anna but

He saw Her talking with Ben, and he wanted to get to disturb them

But Skandar stopped and holded his arm just to stop him.

"Look, you can't be so stupid, Are you" Skandar said

"What is it now" William said

"That's Jealousy" Skandar said

"Change it" William said

" OKAY THEN, so, what do you think about him" Skandar answered

Skandar is a fast thinker, he gets what a person means easily

But by the five of them he is only second to anna, the most lets say unintelligent is William

Of course, when they shooted Narnia The lion the witch and the wardrobe

Anna and Skandar always talks to each other

"Ugly orange" Will said

"Be Positive, How can you know his weaknesses if you will just go and attack him step forward" Skandar said

"I think he's smart, C'mon lets spy on them" William added

"I think we don't need to hide, Lets sit there 1 meter away from them, pretend we're talking" Skandar said

"So you Graduated at Oxford" Anna said

"Yea" Ben said

"That's where I study, you're very interesting" Anna said

"Oh my, Shes interested in him" William said with his voice troubled

"Shut up" Skandar said eagerly hearing the conversation

"Thank you, Beautiful one" Ben said

"You're handsome too" Anna said

"They're flirtin!" William said in a more troubled voice

"I thinks so, we have to make a move" Skandar said

"Your right" William said

*A Glass broke* " OH NO, I DROPPED MY GLASS!" Skandar shouted

That made anna and ben stop from talking

Its getting more and more interesting, later on its georgie

Will William ever get Her? Or Ben will eventually take her heart?

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