Movie night

Suki sat at the back of the room on an uncomfortable chair by herself waiting for the movie to start. She wasn't sure what the movie was she was just sure that she was being watched by the headmaster, which meant that in order to keep what Ian and the rest were working on safe she had to be as far from it as possible. Thus the movie.

She looked around the room bored, she hadn't been alone at a social event since before tower prep and the absence of Gabe's smart ass comments and whining was throwing her off. A monitor rolled down the screen at the front of the room and another at the back dimmed the lights. She hoped that the movie would be good and that it would distract her from the fact that she was sitting alone at the back of the lecture theater like a loser.

"What movie is it?" she asked herself trying to fill the silence her friends had left.

"Dr. No."

Startled by a response she turned sharply to see Ray Snyder sitting calmly in the seat beside her like he belonged there. Legs outstretched he looked far too comfortable for someone who had felt the need to acquire the seat next to her only after the lights went out.

"What are you doing Ray?" she asked in what she hoped was an authoritative voice.

"Watching Dr. No." he smiled lopsidedly at her and offered her his popcorn, "popcorn?"

"You know that's not what I meant right?" she quirked an eyebrow and studied his face before she took some popcorn. Ray wasn't her friend but he filled up the space they had left behind surprisingly well. She sat back in the chair to watch James Bond battle with whatever bad guy this movie involved, she assumed a Dr. No. She tried to focus on the film and not the fact that she was virtually alone with a boy in the dark. And not just any boy but a boy that liked her.

Twenty minutes into the movie she wanted more popcorn. She was afraid to turn and look at Ray for fear that he was looking at her, she couldn't quite make out what he was doing in the light of the movie. The craving for popcorn intensified until she finally turned to ask for the popcorn and found that he wasn't looking at her at all, he was absorbed in the movie.

She felt silly thinking that he was so in love with her that he would rather watch her than a James bond movie. She was momentarily fascinated by the way the light from the film light up his face. She watched as a smile light up his face. Curious as to what had put it there she turned back to the movie. She searched the screen to find what could have brought that smile to his face but she found nothing. She turned back to him and was startled to be looking into his dark eyes.

Had he been smiling because he had caught her looking at him? A blush flooded her face as she floundered trying to think of an excuse. All she came up with was, "Ummm I..."

Instead of laughing at her abysmal attempt to cover up her gawking at him he just smiled, that lopsided I know what's going on smile, and held out the box of popcorn, "Hungry?"

"Thank you." her whisper was almost lost in Sean Connery's voice as she took some popcorn from the boy.

Half an hour after that she was thirsty. She made a mental note to be more prepared next time she watched a movie. She shifted in the uncomfortable plastic seat and craned her next searching for where she should obtain a beverage.

"What's the matter?"

Suki turned in her seat to face him, "Where do I get a drink?"

"What do you want?"

"Just some root beer?"

"Wait here."

"What?" Suki questioned as she watched Ray get up from his seat. It didn't sink in that he was going to get her a drink until she watched him leave the room. She tried to focus on the movie while he was gone but his absence made her nervous for some reason. Had she enjoyed his company? Wasn't she supposed to be disgusted by him? She supposed that if that had been true she would have just moved to a different seat. Or at the very least she would have ignored him.

Now they had shared popcorn while watching a movie and now he was going to get her a drink. This sounded suspiciously like a date. She wasn't sure how she felt about that.


For a moment she thought the noise came from the movie but when it beeped again she knew it was her P.D.A. She fished it out of her pocket and turned the home screen back on; the light from the machine dazzled her eyes.

Coast is clear


She was in the clear to disappear into the observatory for the rest of the night, away from Ray. Something twisted in her stomach at the thought of Ray coming back to give an empty seat a root beer.

Still being watched on this end


She looked around the room, there was no one watching. She was a liar. Had she just lied in order to stay and watch a movie with Ray? She shook her head. No that wasn't it she wanted to watch the end of the movie. That's what it was... but if that had been why wouldn't she have just said that?

"Here" Ray was back standing in front of his seat and holding out a bottle of root beer, the top twisted off already and a straw trapped in the bottle by his hand. For some reason Suki took the bottle from him at the neck. Their fingers touched and the burning feeling it left behind contrasted sharply with the coolness of the bottle.

"Thanks." she smiled at him as he took his place next to her.

Suki smiled when Ray leaned towards her, his eyes still on the screen as he told her, "Did you know that she was only paid $6000 for this role?" she laughed quietly at how outraged he seemed to be at the fact.

He leaned back into his chair but his arm stayed beside hers almost touching in such a way that it raised the hairs on the back of her neck and sent little jolts of nervousness throughout her body.

The movie ended too soon. Students started to move and shuffle in front of them. Ray and Suki looked at each other as the lights went on as if not sure what was supposed to happen now.

"I guess I should be getting back to my dorm..." Suki drank the last of the root beer and set the bottle on the table in front of her.

"Yeah that's usually what happens after this." Ray smiled and stretched before he stood up.

Suki found herself looking up at him he was wearing that half smile again. Ray held out his hand to Suki and she was amazed at how confident he was that she would take it, he maintained eye contact and his hand was still. Suki looked around first before she let him pull her to her feet.

They meandered down the stairs of the theater together, side by side. Only the monitors were left in the room by the time they reached the doors. Perhaps they had been watching her because Suki felt a chill run down her spine as they passed through the doors.

"So how did you like the movie?" Ray asked as they walked towards her dorm room.

"Who doesn't like James Bond?" Suki laughed a little to herself, looking over at Ray. He smiled laughing quietly as well.

"What are they showing next?" She asked him as she watched him walk causally past the hallway that lead to his dorm.

"Raiders I think?"

"What's that?" she slowed her pace as she saw the door to her dorm room up a head.

Ray stopped dead in the middle of the hall, "Please tell me you're joking?" he watched her reaction and knew that she wasn't, "It's the first Indiana Jones film."

"Oh," she waved it away and shrugged, "I haven't seen it."

"You - you haven't seen Raiders of the lost ark? That's crazy!" Rays amazed outrage echoed through the hallway. They stood feet from Suki's door. On the other side of that door CJ was no doubt waiting to find out if Suki was still being watched and what had happened at the movie.

"Is that a big deal?" She asked hoping that CJ wouldn't open the door and find her in friendly conversation with Ray.

"yes." he said evenly there was a sense of finality to it. "I will see you at the movie next week. Not seeing Raiders, that needs it be fixed as soon as possible."

Ray smiled and it wasn't until then that Suki realized that they were standing exceptionally close. There was maybe two rulers worth of space between them now. She thought she could feel his body heat hit her in waves as he stood there calmly. Why wasn't he nervous to be this close to me? Her mind practically screamed. He was the one who had a crush on her so why was she the one who was nervous as to what was going to happen. If this was a date like so many things indicated perhaps there would be a good night kiss. His head moved close to her and her eyes widened in what she assumed was fear. She was frozen to the spot, completely at his mercy only two feet from her dorm room.

"Night Suki." he whispered before kissing the top of her head. And with that he left, back down the hallway that led to his dorm. She stood outside her door for at least five minutes before she entered the dimly light room.

"Suki what happened your face is red?" CJ got up from her bed and walked over to Suki. She wanted to check Suki for any injuries but Suki just moved silently towards her bed a hand on the top of her head.

"Suki what happened?" CJ asked again more strongly. This time Suki looked at her and actually saw her friend.

"He kissed me." Suki sat heavily on her bed and almost in a daze started to get ready for bed.

"Who kissed you?" CJ almost screamed.

"I think were going on a date next week..."


"Oh." Suki spoke again almost surprised that CJ was even there, "Ummm... Ray..." she muttered half hoping that CJ wouldn't notice or care that she had had a very tame tryst with Ray.

"Suki... were they really watching you?"


"You wanted to stay with Ray? I thought you didn't care for him?" CJ asked making her way back to her own bed.

"Its not so much that as he went to go get me a drink, it would have been awful if he had come back and I was gone."

CJ pulled her covers away and turned the light off leaving them both in the dark, "Suki?"

"Yes?" she answered the darkness.

"I think you might like Ray."

"That's ridiculous CJ."