First off, if you're expecting the bubbly, funny and cutsey Sabrina; this isn't how she's gonna be in my fic. I wanted to expand her as a character and explore alot of the things in the comics more. So basically this is not at all related to Sabrina the live action tv show really. Same basic characters and all, but completely different mood.

Characters are drawn from the Archie comics; so there will be some that didn't appear in the shows. And the aunts are really different, I know. But again, their the versions from the comics!

Anyway, enough rambling. Hope ya'll enjoy...^-^

Disclaimer: Nothing is mine of course.


The woman examining the room tapped her perfectly manicured nails against the table with precision. Her sharp black eyes studied the two women seated opposite her. A small smile graced her red-lipstick lips as she finally spoke.

"Well, it seems that she is doing tolerably well."

The shorter of the two women across the table rolled her eyes. "Did you expect to find her malnourished and abused?"

"Zelda!" The other women beside her hissed, glaring at the shorter woman with dark green eyes. She turned to the woman before her. "I'm sorry, Della. What my sister meant to say, was that we would hardly expect you to believe we weren't suitable guardians for our own niece."

It defiantly was the thought process of the Spellman family and Witches' Council, even as the two witches pleaded their case numerous times. Before their niece turned sixteen, they had already planned everything out. They would ask the council to be her guardians during her Training, because her father was nowhere to be found and her mother couldn't possibly be any help. They were the only willing relatives to offer her Training. It seemed simple enough. They didn't anticipate getting so much criticism after nearly a month of having her in their care.

The raven-haired woman merely regarded the two sisters coolly. "I never implied that you weren't. But it's a very difficult task, is it not? Having a teenage Halfling under your roof? Especially a Spellman."

The two sisters before her were opposites in most ways, both physically and mentally. While Hilda was tall and slim with vibrant red hair, Zelda was small and curvy with hair she never denied or verified to be naturally dark green. She had it up in wild curls around her face now, her eyes lighting up with fire. That was the one thing they did have in common. Pride.

Both women straightened, their eyes wide with defiance. It was one thing to insuniate that they were incapable. But to assume that because of their family? No one was left alive if the two sisters felt that their family name was being slighted.

"What the hell does that have to do with anything?" Zelda rose from her seat. "As if us Spellmans were lowly savages?"

Hilda rose more calmly than her sister, her eyes masking any emotion except disdain. "Her being a Spellman, even half, does not automatically make her troublesome or weak. For decades you high-and-mighty witches have felt superior to my family because of what happened centuries ago."

Before Della could reply, the redhead continued. "And I'm sorry to seem brash, but I think you've seen what you needed and now must have nothing more to say."

With a flounce of raven hair, the Spellman's Head Witch was walking briskly towards the front door. She turned around sharply as she pulled it open. Her face was calm. "I'm sorry to have offended you, Spellman sisters. I meant no ill toward your family, especially since I chose to be your Head Witch." She took her purse from the coat hanger and huffed it over her shoulder. "Until our next meeting then." And she closed the door with a thud.

The two sisters stood for a moment in silence, the sound of the dripping kitchen faucet reverberating through the room. The three cups of tea were left untouched on the table.

Zelda turned to her sister and blew a green strand from her face. "The wicked witch is such a bitch."

Like I said, the aunts are different from the show I know. It's hard to separate them; writing this was so confusing! XD

More to come!