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There was only one mall in Greendale, two stories and newly updated for the good people of the small East Coast town. Teenagers from the local school often hung out there in their spare time, especially in the trendy coffee shops and boutiques. Friday was usually busy, even more so when a school function was approaching, and teens roamed the stores in eagerness to find the perfect outfit. Sabrina Spellman, standing in an aisle of the mall's Costume Couture store, eyed a particularly appealing getup that would make her look like Queen Nefertiti in the flesh. At least to the average Halloween-crazed American.

She held the cup of now-cold coffee in her hands and mulled over the last conversation she had with her aunts. It was about her first day in the Other Realm, which would occur in less than a few hours. Apparently her father's family was eager to meet her. The only other relative she had met besides her Aunts Hilda and Zelda, was their youngest sister Sophie. She was nice enough, a little airy and frivolous but she welcomed Sabrina with a huge grin and warm embrace. What would the others be like? She wondered. Oh well, I guess I'll find out soon enough.

Sabrina took a sip of her coffee, grimaced at the coldness, glanced around and then undid the lid when she was certain no one was looking. Placing her palm above the liquid, she felt the energy pulse through her fingers and settle into the mocha cappuccino until steam radiated from the surface. She smiled and popped the top back on, pleased at her little trick.

"Chloe, what do you think about this?" Sabrina called to the other girl who was picking through wigs of various sorts. "It's cute, isn't it?"

Chloe had plopped a pirate hat on her wild curls. She turned to study the costume, tilting her head this way and that. "It's cute, it's sexy and it'll make your boobs look bigger."

Sabrina laughed and smacked her friend with the packaged costume. "You would think of that!"

The costume was a bit more revealing than some of the others, though it wasn't as daring as the Pirate's Booty costume. The saleswoman had informed the two girls that the thigh high pirate dress and eye-patch were all the rage with the young people. Sabrina had given the costume, the last one left on the shelf, a once over before turning back to her Egyptian mummy ideas.

"Tell me this isn't the last one!" A voice from the opposite side of the small store squealed. "It's not even my size!"

The raven-haired girl staring daggers at the saleswoman tapped her foot impatiently while the blonde at her side tried to calm her down. The saleswoman only glanced at the lone costume in her hand and sighed. A picture of a scantily clad pirate covered the front of the package.

"Oh come on, Veronica." The blonde piped up, her smile comforting and cheerful. "I'm pretty sure we can find it at another store."

The taller girl was practically gnawing her teeth together. "We already tried five others, including Riverdale Mall, Betty." She ground out the name, sending pointed looks to her companion. "The most popular costume this year, and I won't be wearing it!"

Chloe let out a whistle at the display, ignoring Sabrina's attempt to quiet her. "I thought Amy was spoiled. This girl takes the cake though."

"Clearly she's not eating it." Sabrina giggled as she surveyed the girl's near-perfect physique. She turned to look at her own figure in the mirror on the wall. She was average height, average weight, and when it came to her full appearance she counted herself as all around average. Her bright blue eyes sometimes gave reason for people to compliment her, but lately it seemed like although she was unique from others on the inside, she looked like any other teenage human. Nothing special. "I don't think this costume would look the same on me as it does on this model."

Chloe eyed the picture on the cover of the package and shook her head. "No one looks like that, Sabrina."

"She does." Sabrina gestured to the picture with a half-grin.

"Well, she's a model."

"She's still human."

"That has yet to be confirmed."

They both laughed and Sabrina shook all negative thoughts away. It was bad enough that she doubted herself as a witch, but to start doubting herself as a girl! She knew it was a common feeling among teenage girls but she was never one to wallow in self-loathing or judgment. It was just not a Sabrina Spellman thing to do. How many times had she been able to perk herself up by some silly joke or funny thought? How did she manage to become the president of the Party Planning committee at her old school? That's exactly it. Sabrina eyed the costume, pretending to study it. The old Sabrina Spellman was pretty normal. I was everything I'm trying not to be now. But in hiding out from the world, what was she really accomplishing? Sure, she was a freaky half-witch with insane aunts and a deadbeat warlock for a father, but she was still the same.

"Let's try on some costumes." Chloe smiled, changing her tone and taking off the pirate hat. "And I think I changed my mind. I'm going as a self-confident, female empowerment figure."

It took a moment for Sabrina to realize what costume her friend was looking at. When she did, she gave Chloe a deadpan stare. "So what's the matching male costume for Wonder Woman?"





"Are you ready, Sabrina?"

"Hilda, don't make her nervous. There's nothing to be nervous about, Sabrina."

"Except those Council Patrollers…I hear they even enforced a new curfew for anyone without their License."

"What? I don't even know what any of that means!"

"Don't listen to her, Sabrina. And Hilda, stop exaggerating!"

"I'm just saying…"

The three witches stood in the center of the old town library, clutching their coats in the chilly October evening and practically whispering to each other. The sky had turned an orange-pink color and Sabrina took a deep breath and tried to understand what her aunts were preparing her for. They had prepped her enough after they had announced she would be making her first visit to the Other Realm. It blew Sabrina's mind trying to comprehend the idea that the Other Realm was basically a different dimension, plane of existence, whatever it's called. There were portals around the world for witches and warlocks to travel through, established when the two worlds had become too intertwined.

"Ok, so these portals were created to keep humans and witches safe, right?" Sabrina asked for about the tenth time as they walked up the steps of the stone building. Sabrina went over what her aunts drilled into her head, talking aloud to get it right. "Way back in the day when humans believed in magic, there was no real control over how to cross over. Often the worlds would intertwine and then soon problems arose. Humans getting lost in the Other Realm, witches revealing themselves and causing trouble, just plain disorganization."

Zelda nodded. "Correct. And don't forget the wariness and fear humans sometimes had of us. It caused a great deal of lives and magic for the ruling leaders to decide the portals were necessary to keep the worlds connected but completely separate."

"How did they create and seal the portals? Why can only witches get through?"

Hilda opened the glass door for them and raised her brow. "This was way, way back in the day Sabrina. No one knows how the elder leaders did it. It's believed they were much more powerful than any of us these days. Possibly they had magic from the original source in their blood. Our legends tell us they were directly connected to the earth and when they passed on, they sealed their magic in the Mana Tree, creating a vessel and source for all our society."

This confused the teen even more, and she frowned as they stood in the empty library entrance. The closing hours were posted on the table. Five more minutes and the place would be officially closed. Lucky for any witch in need of a trip to the Other Realm, the head librarian was the director of the North Eastern Portal. She approached them from the front desk, her long bleach blonde hair was pulled in a tight ponytail on her head. It would have made her pale face seem intimidating but as she got closer, there was a kindness in her presence. She appeared in her early thirties, her dark eyes sparkling.

"Hello, Spellman sisters. Break any hearts lately?"

Hilda waved her off with a grin. "Oh Lunata, you know we gave up that business two decades ago."

The woman adjusted her deep blue silk top and a low laugh that was almost a giggle escaped her pale lips. There was something almost ethereal about her that made Sabrina feel at ease. She had a calm face, with eyes that seemed to see everything. She looked at Sabrina then, her face lighting up. "So this is Sabrina. I've heard much about you."

"Only good things I hope." Sabrina replied, wondering what her aunts had been gossiping with this woman about. She glared at them while Zelda suddenly became interested in a crack on the wall and Hilda winked back.

"Oh, but of course." She stared at Sabrina with wide eyes. "You know, I knew a Sabrina a few hundred years ago. Such a beautiful and kind princess. "

Sabrina could picture the beautiful and kind princess, sitting atop a white horse or standing before a kneeling knight. Of course she had blonde hair and one pink lock sticking out against the medieval backdrop. She smiled at Lunata, waiting to hear more.

The woman blinked. "She drowned in a river."

That's not the story I needed to hear. Sabrina looked over to her aunts who had mixed expressions of horror and amusement on their faces. Zelda had her mouth opened in a perfect 'O', eyes bulging.

"How uneventful." Hilda murmured.

"Actually it was quite an event." Lunata replied casually. "They named a river after her in fact. And her drowned body was laid in the best grave as her mother mourned her beloved daughter greatly."

Hilda snorted. "That's a lovely tale, I'm sure. But it's not exactly a Disney fairytale is it?"

Lunata motioned for them to follow her. "No true fairytale is. Please follow me if you wish to visit the Other Realm."

The room she led them to was on the second floor and adorned in various paintings and tapestries. There was an old fresco mounted behind a glass which consisted of a scene of young maidens frolicking in the forest, chased by a young soldier wearing a crown of leaves and a red cape. Sabrina stared at it for a time, and realized with a start that one of the girls looked very much like Lunata. She turned and met shining dark eyes in a pale face.

"My family. My grandmother and her sisters." She cocked her head to the side. "She looked so much like me in her youth. And that blasted Arcadius could never decide which of the sisters he loved best. So fickle, even for a mortal."

Sabrina stared at the fresco, awed and speechless. She didn't even mind the other witch's last statement, not until the woman widened her eyes and apologized.

"I meant no offense. I sometimes forget myself. My friends tell me I am very blunt."

Hilda hid a laugh behind her hand. "Don't worry, Sabrina is too busy trying to figure out how old you are. Which you don't have to reveal, by the way. You and your family hide it better than the rest of us."

"Sabrina, fun witch fact number one," Zelda began smiling conspirately. "Lunata's family is responsible for the nymph legends of old."

"What?" Sabrina gaped at the pale woman.

Lunata merely kept her calm expression in place. "Yes, long ago the women of my family were a bit more wild and free than the average human woman. They did not wish to live in the Other Realm and consequently some of their antics in this realm were seen as a bit…other worldly."

"I'll say." Hilda gave the fresco a look over and shook her head. "Makes me wonder why you're always cooped up in here, with that wild blood in you."

Lunata was about to respond when Hilda held up a hand to stop her. "I know, I know. You were chosen by the Council to watch over the portal and it's a duty you must perform to prove that your family is not just party hard witches without honor."

"Speaking of portals, shouldn't we be leaving soon?" Zelda reminded her sister. "We're probably keeping Mother waiting."

"Oh no." Hilda groused. "Wouldn't want Her Majesty to waste her precious Other Realm time."


Lunata gave the sisters a curious look before nodding and started toward an oak door on the other side of the room. She paused before it as the Spellman witches followed, Sabrina taking up the rear. Her slender hand on the doorknob made Sabrina's heart pound furiously in her chest and she hugged her coat closer to her, although she could feel her magic heating up her skin. It tingled in anticipation and energy, sensing the force on the other side, and reading Lunata's body language as she closed her eyes to twist the knob. Somehow Sabrina could feel the air pulsing as the white-haired woman began to pull the door open.

"Only magic blood can step through this door." Lunata informed the Halfling teen. "And only I know the spell to open it."

And then there was light pouring into the room, bright and pure. The air hummed sweetly and Sabrina swore she smelt a flowery scent fill the room. Her hand automatically lifted to shield her eyes from the rays, though she soon realized they had dimmed into nothing more than a soft glow. Her aunts stood nonchalantly to her sides, smiling at their niece's reaction. Lunata grinned, her face aglow in the halo of the portal behind her.

"Are you ready Sabrina Spellman, half witch and half human, to enter the realm of magic?"

Sabrina gazed at the portal, only seeing white. It was the strangest thing, to stare into pure white space. The magic in her body hummed contentedly now, but her heart hammered so that she was sure they could all hear. So she took a deep breathe, calling on her body to relax and letting her magic thrum within her, warm and comforting as a mother's caress.

Finally she looked at the portal keeper and managed a small smile.

"Yes." She whispered, taking one step forward.

And then her aunts took her hands, Lunata moved aside, and with one last deep breathe, they closed the distance into the brightness and left the realm of mortals behind.




There was the feeling of her magic being expanded, as if it was filling her entire being and dripping from her skin. She imagined being bathed in it, like golden lava, but instead of heat there was coolness and a fresh wisp of mountain air on her cheeks. Nothing to see meant nothing to examine, and all senses were clouded with a sort of hazy fogginess. It seemed to last no more than a second and yet Sabrina felt every millisecond was filled with powerful energy. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. A dream.

When she opened her eyes, she almost fainted. Luckily the two gentle hands held hers in a comforting grip and she closed her eyes again to breathe.

It was as if she had been pulled from a daydream, and yet remembered everything. No, that's not it. Sabrina tried to think of a comparison. It's more like when a person has been in a certain position for too long and when they get up too quickly, their head feels light and dizzy. But that didn't seem quite right either. In fact, she felt every nerve in her body alive and ready for anything. Her magic sang. Yeah, as weird as that sounds. Sabrina grinned, her eyes still closed. My whole body is singing.

Suddenly she laughed that she had been so nervous, afraid even. Without another thought she opened her eyes and took everything in. White walls, white ceilings and a white floor. There were doors around the room, just like the one they had stepped out from. And people. Sabrina suddenly realized the people in the large buildings that looked somewhat like a terminal. She could've laughed at the thought.

"First time, eh?"

Sabrina jumped at the rough voice to her right. "What the-?"

The man sitting at the table a few feet from her gave her a look that meant he was not sorry at all. But he apologized. "I never understand why a witch or warlock would want their babe born in that realm. The little ones are always shocked first time they come 'ere."

He gave Sabrina a look over and ran a hand through his copper hair. "You ain't a little one though, that's sure."

Hilda stepped in front of Sabrina and cleared her throat. "Good of you to notice. But since when did they allow major creeps to become portal monitors?"

"Oi!" The man straightened the collar of his blue uniform. "I meant no 'arm! I was just making an observation…"

Zelda sighed. "No 'arm done," she teased in his accent and glanced at his name tag. "Rupert."

He laughed. "Oh, mock me all you want, but I swear it. Anyway, you must be the infamous Spellman sisters. Your 'ead witch sent me a message that you'd be coming."

He spread some papers out before them and Zelda took the pen he handed her. Sabrina was still chewing over the concept of the portal stations being like an airport. A portal port. She chuckled at that, and then laughed inside her head again at the monitor having a Cockney accent. Oh God, this is just so Harry Potter-ish. I wonder if they have a wand shop.

Zelda and Hilda called their niece over to show her inter-travel passport and to enter her name and time of arrival on the check-in sheet. Then she was given a folder to welcome her to the Other Realm on her first visit and a pamphlet on where all the best shopping centers and entertainment were located in Ūnus City, first city built in the Southern Regions and center of the largest portal center in all the lands.

"So this is where most portals around the world lead to?" Sabrina asked in amazement, watching the people bustle by as they filled out the check-in sheet and went their various ways. The hall was huge, and Sabrina took in more time to study it. There were windows at the top of the ceiling, revealing a clear blue sky. Some of the doors had lines of people waiting to exit or enter. One side for leaving the realm and one for entering. It was organized if a bit hectic.

Hilda was the one to answer. "Well, it's where many lead. When the portals were created they needed at least one city to connect to. Not all portals lead here, there are far too many for one city. But most major ones do."

"I didn't know Greendale was that important."

The portal monitor snorted. "There ain't 'ardly anyone uses this portal. Makes my job easier but who knows why they made it."

"Well it certainly gave us a reason to move to Greendale." Zelda laughed slightly. "Now off to show our little Mixed Heritage witch what the Other Realm is like."

Sabrina followed her aunts after a polite goodbye from Rupert the monitor, trying not to stare at the witches and warlocks who passed. Contrary to her fantasies of them wearing cloaks and top hats, or at least striped stockings and black boots, they were all dressed scarily normal. One woman even had a Twilight shirt on. Their all coming back from or going to the mortal world! Their dressed like how they would dress there. The thought occurred to Sabrina as they walked to the main entrance and passed the concierge desk. Some of the people at the desk were working on some sort of computer, only it seemed to glow with magic. One woman had her purple hair tied in a wild bun, her eyes rimmed generously with black liner. She was wearing a simple blue uniform but her hair was too wild to pass in the human world. She looked like Rapunzel's sister who was going through a rebellious stage in her life.

Hilda noticed Sabrina's observation and smiled. "Bold hair colors are in right now, in this realm I mean. So congrats, Z! You're in style for once."

Zelda smiled at her sister a little too brightly. "As are you, my favorite ginger."

They exited the building and let Sabrina take in the city; buildings, trolleys and all. It was surprisingly like a human city. Except for the occasional horse trotting down the pavement. New York has horses too. Sabrina reminded herself. True they were a tourist attraction, but this city was a tourist city as well. Trolley cars zipped past, shiny and filled with people and Sabrina had a feeling they were bewitched into moving. There were also the one or two carriages that were pulled by proud horses, witches and warlocks who were leisurely sightseeing. They wore expensive looking clothes and Sabrina guessed that this was a past time of theirs. Many of these witches and warlocks were not dressed like the ones in the terminal. Sabrina hadn't been completely wrong in her assumption that these people would dress like Victorian high society. One teenage girl strode past with a tipped top hat and garter stockings. The boy walking beside her somehow reminded her of a rock-star with a fetish for velvet and leather.

Sabrina couldn't help but snort. "She's rocking that petticoat, but I thought you guys said people dressed normally here."

"Oh didn't we tell you classic cliché is all the rage now?" Hilda shrugged. "The kids are getting into being ironic with their stereotypical witchy getup. It's a message in the name of fashion."

"You mean a few kids wanted to be different and everyone else thought it was cool."

"Pretty much."

"Ok, no more sightseeing." Zelda interrupted hastily. "Your grandmother is not a patient woman."

Hilda pretended to sigh deeply. "And where do you get it, I wonder?"

Sabrina managed to keep up with her aunts as they boarded a trolley car, taking a seat by the window to gaze at the bustling city she had dreamed about. The tall building to her left was made of stone and gargoyles, creating an imposing presence among the more modern buildings surrounding it. Zelda caught her niece's eye and grinned.

"The Department of Magical Maintenance." Zelda inclined her head to the stone monument, which looked old and historic. "It was one of the first buildings of the city and where the Council designates workers to look after laws and all that witchy business."

"Where they keep track of our lives, you mean."

The voice was so very quiet Sabrina didn't think it was real at first. But she turned to the man beside her and realized it was from him the statement came. He kept his head low, the brown golf cap shielding some of his expression. Golden hair curled at the nap of his neck, and his tall, lean body was angled casually in the trolley seat. Sabrina's aunts eyed him up and down, but not in their usual embarrassing manner.

Finally Hilda merely laughed. "Oh, of course! Especially how many times I took back my ex-boyfriend."

The stranger chuckled, speaking low so only they could hear. "I wouldn't doubt it, though I do doubt that's what interests them."

Sabrina glanced between her aunts, ready to ask what the heck he was talking about and who the heck he was. But Zelda straightened and ignored her niece's questioning gaze. The rest of the trolley passengers didn't seem to notice or hear the exchange and before any of them could speak again the trolley bell rang, signaling they were stopping.

The strange man stood abruptly. "My stop." He shrugged his plain brown coat against himself and bowed slightly. "Ladies."

Without a glance back he slipped into the small group of people getting off and disappeared into the crowded street, his cap no longer visible. The trolley started moving again, Sabrina arching her neck to try to get a glimpse of where the man went off too. It was useless though and she turned to her red-haired aunt about to speak.

Hilda was gazing at the street they were leaving behind, her eyes searching. She pursed her lips and began to murmur. "Fifty Eight Street on the Rue Hexa…"

"What is that street?" Sabrina asked in confusion. "And who the heck was that creeper?"

Zelda shrugged. "Some nut case, I'm sure. Just like on the subway or bus in the Mortal Realm."

"He seemed to know you though. Maybe you didn't recognize him…he was kind of keeping himself on the down low it seemed." Sabrina laughed. "Maybe he's a stalker."

Hilda frowned, placing a finger on her chin in thought. "Could've been my ex fiancé the lion tamer."

Sabrina almost choked on the gasp she released. "You were engaged?"

The trolley entered a more suburban area, large old looking houses with grand front yards lining the sidewalks. It looked like the mortal neighborhood her aunts lived in. Only on some serious steroids or crack.

Zelda kept her smile from becoming a gigantic smirk it seemed, her eyes wide with laughter. "Oh Sabrina, if you only knew how many times your dear Auntie Hilly was engaged."

Hilda only turned her attention to the passing houses. "It was a grey patch in my life."

"Patch?" Zelda really burst out laughing now. "More like the whole quilt."

"Zelda!" Hilda bumped her sister on the bench with her shoulder, causing the other Spellman sister to ram into the woman passenger beside her. The shorter witch ducked her head in embarrassment and meekly apologized to the now sour looking woman. It was Hilda's turn to hold in a laugh. She apologized too, but not without cracking a smile when the woman 'humphed' and turned away. Sabrina couldn't help but giggle at her aunts antics.

"You are so immature, Hilda."

The trolley bell rang again and stopped at the corner of a quiet street. Passengers began to gather their things and Zelda informed her amused niece that they were getting off too. She slung her bag over her shoulder and followed the two older witches off the trolley and onto the sidewalk. The other witches and warlocks went on their way casually, apparently not in a rush as the people in the city were. The same could not be said of the Spellman women. They rushed down the street with Sabrina taking up the rear, huffing as her aunts seemed to move at an unnaturally fast pace.

"Since when did you guys walk so fast?" Sabrina groused as she bumped into her aunts. "What the…?"

In her haste she failed to notice them stop before her and she sighed, turning to the house they stood before. To say it was large was an understatement. It was huge. With white trimmings and gigantic glass windows. It even had a tower and a marble fountain in the front yard. Marble fountain my butt, Sabrina took in the landscape. More like a pool.

"We learned to walk so fast because of what resides in there." Zelda pointed her finger with what Sabrina assumed was exaggerated anxiety. "The dragon in the castle."

Hilda snorted. "A dragon is a bit gentler…"

"Ok, I think you're talking about Grandma Lydia, right?" When the two sisters nodded with raised brows, Sabrina laughed. "Oh come on! She can't be that bad when there's a house like this in the picture."

When they began the walk up to the iron gate, Zelda shuddered. "House isn't exactly the right term for this prison."

"Tomb has a nice ring to it." Hilda added as nonchalant as she could be. She pressed her hand to the gargoyle head on the front of the gate. The eyes suddenly glowed bright with magic.

"Who is it?" A woman's voice asked impatiently as the gargoyle's mouth moved. "If it's the YWIA selling those damn rings again, we already bought five, thank you."

Sabrina stared wide eyed at the gargoyle's iron lips forming the words. "That's…so…"

"We are definitely not the YWIA selling those damn rings and I bet you didn't even buy one." Hilda knocked on the lever under the gargoyle face. "Now open up you harpy!"

Then the white glowing eyes turned into bright green ones that peered at Hilda with scrutiny. Suddenly they widened and glanced at Zelda and Sabrina. Sabrina squeaked and grabbed her aunts in surprise when those eyes fixed on her.

"That is so creepy!"

The gargoyle began to speak again. This time the eyes rolled. "It seems she really is half-mortal after all. And you were supposed to be here an hour ago! What took you so long, you banshees? Did you get caught up luring mortal men to their death?"

Hilda fumed beside her niece. "We were actually busy cleaning our house from all the brimstone and ash you left from your last visit. And next time don't sharpen your horns on our dining room table."

"Oh both of you stop." Zelda squirmed uneasily at her sister and the stone gargoyle. "Just let us in, Vee. I mean, look at poor Sabrina! She's about to faint."

The three all turned to the pale teenager who was still hanging on to her aunts. She stared at the gargoyle with a mix of horror and shock. She squeaked again when it met her gaze. Those green eyes looked awfully familiar. In fact they looked almost like…

"Fine!" The gargoyle grumbled. "You're buzzed in. Hurry up, she's waiting."

The gate slowly opened as the gargoyle's eyes faded to stone once more. Sabrina only followed lamely behind her aunts, still mulling over the talking gargoyle. She could've sworn those eyes matched Aunt Hilda's. Especially the way they rolled at a particularly clever but insulting remark aimed its way.

"That gargoyle…" She began, almost nervous about the answer she'd receive.

"Was a peephole for the gate." Zelda informed her niece with a small smile. "Just like in the human world when rich people have cameras to see who's at their gate. Our version is a bit more interactive."

"And bitchy when Vesta's using it." Hilda announced with slight scowl.

"That was Aunt Vesta?" Sabrina gawked at her aunts.

Hilda rolled her eyes, so much like the green gargoyle eyes. "Duh, Sabrina! Stop being so mortal."

"Gee, let me see if I can try." Sabrina closed her eyes and scrunched up her nose. She shook her head and opened them again. "Well look at that, it didn't work!"

Zelda laughed while Hilda poked her niece with a "brat" muttered under her breath. Sabrina grinned and continued to follow them until they reached the front porch where Zelda finally knocked on the large mahogany door. The whole house screamed rich to Sabrina.

"You really do have to get used to this realm though." Zelda advised the younger girl. "Even if something surprises you, don't show it. It's what they'll all be looking for."

Somehow those words didn't put Sabrina at ease at all. Her fingers wound into the strap of her bag unconsciously, and she began tapping her foot. "You make it sound like I'm about to enter a contest."

"No, but you'll be judged all the same. Not in this house so much, because you're still family. But in this realm, half witches must prove their heritage even more than full witches."

Before they could continue their discussion the door opened and they were face to face with a tall woman in a tight grey dress. Her brown and golden streaked hair was in a tight bun high on her head, and she glanced at the witches before her with sharp green eyes. Sabrina tried her best not to fidget as the woman tapped her manicured finger on the door frame.

"Greetings, dear sisters." She looked back at Sabrina. "And welcome, niece."

"Nice to see you too." Hilda pushed her way inside, passing her sister without a care in the world it seemed. She raised her brows as her stiff sister still blocked the doorway. With a roll of her eyes, Vesta let the other two females in. Apparently Hilda and her strict-looking sister were more similar than they knew or cared to admit. Here goes nothing. Sabrina followed the trio into the marble foyer and stopped herself from drooling on the clean floors. The foyer was larger than Hilda and Zelda's living room, with double stairs winding to meet on the second floor. They may be a weird family, but they know how to live.

"Mother's been waiting for you since she woke up this morning." Vesta's heels clinked on the floor as she led them down the hallway.

Various flowers lined the table tops and paintings of distinguished strangers hung on the walls. She stopped beside one painting and smiled at her niece. It was meant to be warm, but Sabrina mentally cringed. She turned to study the painting Vesta was motioning to. Suddenly a lump caught in her throat as she met the eyes of her father. He looked proud and tall in his riding clothes, his body strong on the chestnut mare he was perched upon. Sabrina focused her eyes on the small patch of painted grass in the corner of the scene instead. It's bad enough I have to see the real thing in a few moments.

"Edward was always such a showoff when it came to his horsemanship." Vesta smirked. "Of course he did have reason to be."

"You said Mother was waiting." Zelda prompted her elder sister. Sabrina thought she saw her aunt glance her way, but she trained her eyes on the wall. "I'd hate to keep her waiting some more on account of Eddie's pony bragging."

Hilda snorted. "He always nagged me to go riding with him."

Vesta shot the redhead a glare. "The only reason you went was to flirt with the stable boys."

Hilda crossed her arms over her chest defensively. "They flirted with me first, Medusa!"

"Siren." Vesta shot back, crossing her arms as well.



Hilda laughed triumphantly. "That's not even female!"


"Enough!" Zelda trilled with red cheeks before Hilda could retaliate. She gave her sisters both a long stare and huffed. "You two are both so childish. And you as the eldest, Vesta…"

Hilda began to stick her tongue out at her brunette sister when Zelda snatched her hand in the air and murmured something Sabrina didn't catch. Hilda's eyes grew wide and she jumped in surprise. Her tongue glowed with magic.

"Thelda!" She squeaked with her tongue still protruding from her mouth. She raised her hand to release her own magic and then groaned. "Thealing thells not thair! Thop it!"

Vesta, despite her elegant appearance, burst out laughing. She didn't notice her younger and shorter sister eye her with a mischievous grin. Without another word Zelda waved her hand toward the taller witch, who was now laughing even more loudly. Suddenly she snorted in the pristine white hallway and she held both hands to her mouth. But her laughter continued.

"You little…imp!" Vesta giggled uncontrollably, clutching her sides and trying to speak through her snorts. "Stop this…at once…Zelda!"

Sabrina could only stand there meekly, eyes wide. "Um, Aunt Zelda. You sure that's okay to do? A sealing spell means only you can reverse it, right?"

"Oh they can unseal this one, but it takes a bit more magic and concentration."

The two sisters glared at the green-haired witch who was smirking with a pleased glint in her eyes. Hilda's tongue was still sticking out unflatteringly, her hands on her hips. Vesta kept cackling like a madwoman, one hand to her mouth and the other gripping her stomach. It all caused Sabrina to wonder if she should be in hysterics because it was hilarious or because she was actually related to these insane magic wielding women.

The thought vanished as soon as a figure slowly approached, clad in dark purple and clasping a golden mirror to her chest. The shadow she cast across the three witches was great in both the figurative and literal sense. The lights from the room she had entered from created a glow around her raven crowned head, but there was no trace of any angelic qualities in that unyielding mask. Her dark eyes narrowed at the scene before her and she closed her eyes for a brief moment.

"Damn." Zelda muttered as she quickly waved her hands at both her sisters who stopped their respective actions. All three women took a deep collective breath.

The older woman before them merely sighed in return. When she spoke, her voice was stern and resonant. "Somehow I knew I'd find you all in a predicament like this."

The witches remained silent, watching each other with cautious eyes as if waiting for someone to speak up and tattle. Vesta began to open her mouth, glanced at Hilda and snapped her lips shut again. The matronly woman in purple finally turned her steely eyes on Sabrina's still form beside the other witches. An elegant black brow arched and she blinked.

"Well," She started matter-of-factly, as if waiting for the half-witch to speak. "Aren't you going to greet your own grandmother?"






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