A/N: I know very well I'm busy writing other stuff but I just felt like throwing my own teaser for kicks. Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokemon.

Swiftly, I live Dojo

by: LuciousX

I am a being of unusual nature,

Made only by the force that holds me,

I am the leaf that falls from the trees,

Clearly only the earth can control me,

I know I know I rhymed " me" twice,

But if you listen my haikus you'll know I'm quite nice,

I really a fighter than more than a writer,

My quotes are lows with my strengths are quite higher,

Curiously within the forest I lay,

my vision new to me as I wonder,

I wish to share my strength with every flo and sway,

From whisping hide to flying hunter,

But who am I that carries these lazed words asunder?

I'm merely Kojofu of the Pokemon series,

And I'm something you may wonder!

See you soon!

Lu: Yeah, didn't really took time with this just wanted to add something for my favorite Poke-obession. See you soon!