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Harry Potter had finally returned to his true home. Even though he had never finished his seventh year, the defeat of Lord Voldemort had proven the utmost skill of any wizard. Professor, now Headmaster McGonagall had accepted him with open arms and was looking for a successor for the Gryffindor house.

"Harry m'boy, I thought you wanted to be an Auror?" She was seated on what used to be Dumbledore's chair, looking at Harry as inquisitively as the former Headmaster had once done.

"I still do actually Professor, I just believe that I am not ready for it yet, it's only been a year since Voldemort's defeat and I feel like I need to get away from the pressure of being me for a while. I was thinking more along the lines of becoming an Auror in my later years and becoming a teacher here instead for now, since Hogwarts has always been my home." Harry was looking straight into McGonagall's worrying eyes.

"That's fair then, we will be glad to welcome you back home. I'm assuming you're applying for the Defense Against the Dark Arts position?" McGonagall had peered at Harry over her spectacles.

Harry had simply nodded and looked around the office he had been so familiar with, nothing much had changed since Dumbledore had left, even throughout the war. Harry had been part of the restoration of Hogwarts and it was up and running and restored in time for the following term. Harry looked at the portraits and noticed Dumbledore in a peaceful sleep and smiled slightly, while strictly looking for another particular one. "Um, Professor?"

Professor McGonagall spun around to the direction that Harry was staring at and sighed with her eyes closed. "Don't worry my boy; I never forgot what you asked me to put in here, in time you will figure out why I couldn't. On another note, I'm hoping the position that you are applying for, no longer has the curse since Voldemort's death. The teacher that succeeded the Carrows only lasted a year as well, but I'm sure if anyone could defeat Voldemort and his curses, it would be you." She winked and let out a hearty chuckle, which was something Harry never quite appreciated from his teacher until now, she was always a severe person but since the war she seemed to be more...easy-going. "How are Granger and the Weasleys by the way? I haven't heard from them in a while."

To this question Harry smiled widely, "they're great! Amazing actually, Mr. And Mrs. Weasley still miss Fred of course and Ron is becoming an Auror and helping out George's store, he said he needs a bit more time to become one since he missed out his last year and he wants to catch up to my level of skill," Harry laughed and continued, "Hermione is working in the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures since Kingsley offered her a job in the Ministry after she just finished her seventh year."

"Oh! Wonderful! I'm proud to have such students doing well; I heard Longbottom is also becoming an Auror also, what a fine young man he has become." McGonagall nodded to herself.

"Oh yeah! Neville's doing great; I keep in touch with him. Always talking to me about plants though, not much I can talk about there." Harry smiled faintly.

"Longbottom always had an aptitude for Herbology, maybe he can join us one day at Hogwarts." Professor McGonagall smiled and noticed Harry's changed expression. "Are you alright Potter?"

Harry slightly winced and looked up, unable to meet his former teacher's eyes, "everything's changed, I miss some people, that's all."

Professor McGonagall leaned towards Harry and grabbed his shoulder. "Life is all about changes Potter, you're an adult now. Look how far you have come, I'm very happy to welcome you back here and there will be a lot of students who have and will look up to you. The best you can do is teach them everything you know." Harry nodded confidently. "Now, with all that said, I'm awaiting your return at the staff table in a few weeks time on September 1st as our new Gryffindor head of house and Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, everyone except a certain staff member should be thoroughly excited."

Harry raised his eyebrow and started to open his mouth in curiosity but McGonagall whisked off her chair, grabbed him by the shoulders and led him out the door with a pat on his back.

Since the war ended, a bit more than a year ago, the Weasley home had expanded and accepted Harry and Hermione permanently as residents. They now successfully felt like one big family, Harry had taken over Percy's room who had now been married and working under Kingsley Shacklebolt at the Ministry and Hermione had taken a spare room which was formerly cluttered with Muggle artefacts. Harry returned to the Weasley home in time for supper and announced at the table he would be working at Hogwarts.

"That's great Harry!" Ron and Hermione chimed in unison; they stared at each other and giggled while Harry rolled his eyes.

Ginny came up behind him and pecked him on his cheek, "good for you Harry, right where you belong." Harry turned slightly pink from embarrassment as he was not prone to public displays of affection. He didn't even know where he and Ginny stood, he never did. Ginny had also finished her last year of Hogwarts with Hermione and was currently trying out for professional Quidditch teams, leaving not much time for talking. Arthur and Molly Weasley beamed at Harry and gave him affectionate pats on the back as they were bringing food to the table. "By the way," Ginny continued, sitting next to him, "can we talk after supper?"

Harry looked at Ginny and was interrupted by Mrs. Weasley filling his food with plate and nodded nervously. After supper ended, Ron and Hermione left hand in hand into the living room and Ginny led Harry into her own room. He hadn't been in there many times before, in respect of the Weasleys, he didn't want to be caught snogging their daughter in her room. Ginny led him to the edge of the bed and she sat next to him. "I wanted to talk about us, since I'm sure you've been a bit lost."

"Obviously I've been a bit lost, you're barely home nowadays and when you come back you're just kissing me in front of your family." Harry stated staring at the wall in front of him.

"I got a contract with the Holyhead Harpies, I-uh, I won't be spending much time at home anymore since they're based in Wales, I'll be moving there." Ginny's head sunk yet Harry kept his head straight and eyes unblinking.

"Of course, it's for the best, and I'll be at Hogwarts now so it's not like we would be seeing each other much anyways. Congratulations by the way." Harry briskly stood up, never looking at her and headed towards his room. Ginny covered her face as tears streamed down her cheeks. He had been partially upset not that she finally let go but for the fact that she had held on for so long. There was always a reason for the both of them to be together. Harry had also believed he was not as passionate about Ginny as he liked to have been and regarded her more as a sibling than a girlfriend. He sat down at his desk preparing for his class curriculum and wished he could be alone more than ever in this packed house. With the first day of classes a few weeks away, Harry knew it was time to focus on his task at hand than to dwell on emotions as he concentrated on his work.

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