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Sadie's POV

I was practicing my magic while Carter was slashing around with his hooked sword . I managed to not pass out that much anymore on doing a lot of spells. After long hours of practice I decided to rest and eat for awhile with Khufu. He was munching on some Cheetos. His face was smeared with cheese. I grinned. I made myself a chicken sandwich with some Coke. I ate outside the patio. While I ate my sandwich I watched Philip of Macedonia, our albino alligator swimming around the river. Carter went out the house to the patio and sat down with me opening his own can of Coke. I noticed beads of sweat trickling down his forehead.

" So, you got any better with some spells?" he finally spoke up.

" Yeah, I think so." I took a sip with my Coke and a huge bite on my sandwich.

He nodded. We both watched Philip splashing around like crazy. I realized something was wrong, VERY wrong. I immediately ran towards the river with Carter following behind me. Philip was staring at me with a scared expression. I was confused with his expression when suddenly he dived down and disappeared. Carter was leaning forward beside me stared down at the water with a confused but angry expression. I felt the same way with Carter.

"What happened to Philip? Did he drown?" I said with a shaky voice. Carter's eyes were brimming with tears.

"He couldn't drown! The water's not that deep you know." his voice was cracking a little bit from the tears.

I hugged him. It was a nice sister-brother moment but then I heard a strange bubbling sound. We broke off from the hugged and stared at the bubbling water. There was an image but it looked all blurry and unclear. Carter too, was staring at it with his eyebrows nit together. Then I heard a splash. I turned and saw Carter jumped into the river. I jumped in to save him but as soon as I did that something sucked me in. The bubbling water started to turn into a tidal pool. I saw Carter waving frantically at me.

"Carter!" I yelled at him.

"Sadie!" his voice sounded distant.

Rushing water was the last thing I heard and saw. Everything went black.

Of course I didn't have my ivory tablet with me when I slept so my ba drifted off to some place. It looked like a castle full of students. That place seemed to look like London but I didn't recognise this part. I've been living in London since my grandparents separated me and Carter. But I swore to Ra it was London. I saw school children wearing odd-looking robes. I flew inside the school. I was inside a classroom but I saw a couple of teachers waving their wands and saying spells. Whoa, is this some kind of magic school? I suddenly heard my name being called. My ba then returned to my body.

I woke up coughing up water. My eyesight wasn't that good at all at first but after a few seconds it went clear. First thing I saw was Carter looking at me with worry and shaking me to wake up. Second thing was I saw a man with a very long gray beard.

"Wh-Where am I?" I managed to talk.

"Umm... Dumbledore might explain that to you." I assumed the man with the beard was Dumbledore.

"Hello there Sadie. Welcome to Hogwarts, school of wizardry and witchcraft." he said with a booming voice that made me sit up.

"Wizardry? Witchcraft!" I gaped in shock. Carter seemed that he knew it first than I did. He just nodded reassuringly at me.

"But how did I- we get here?" I asked again

"You appeared at the lake this morning." Dumbledore said.

"Uh-huh." I stared dumbfounded. This place felt a lot like London. I looked around the room. It was full of paintings and books. Wait! Is that girl in the painting moving?

Dumbledore might have noticed me staring at the painting with a shocked look on my face 'cause he chuckled at that.

"Not to worry. It is practically normal for paintings or pictures to move around like that here in Hogwarts or anywhere else in Diagon alley." he smiled.

Diagon Alley? I never heard of that place before. "Is that in London then?" I tried to stand up slowly with Carter helping me up.

"Well, actually you're right." I stared dumbfounded. That's far away from the mansion then!

Dumbledore supplied us with the right school supplies and uniforms. He lead us to the Great Hall. There were a couple of 11-12 year olds lined up infront . Professor McGonagall began to read a scroll full of names. She began to call out names alphabetically. After several students being sorted, It was Carter's turn.

"Carter Kane!" I heard Professor McGonagall announce his name. Everyone was looking at him with anticipation. He sat on the stool while Dumbledore set the hat one his head.

"Ah! Very difficult to sort you out. Hmm... Brave and clever yet pure blood. Uh...Gryffindor!" then a dark-haired man stood up looking outraged.

"Gryffindor? He might as well be a Slytherin if he is pureblood!" the man shouted angrily at Dumbledore. Pureblood? What does that mean? Carter never told me anything. I stared at Carter hard. But he tried to keep his eyes averted from me.

"Now,now calm yourself Snape. The Sorting Hat is NEVER wrong." Dumbledore said that in a surprisingly calm tone. Snape, I assumed shrank down on his seat and mumbled angrily about waste of purebloods or something. Carter slid off the stool and walked to the Gryffindor table.I heard applauses in the room. I was hoping I got Gryffindor with Carter. I didn't want to get separated with him again.

"Sadie Kane! Your next." I caught a couple of whispers and stares. I knew what they were thinking. I can tell from the looks of the Gryffindor table. I timidly sat on the stool. The hat was set on my head.

"Slytherin!" the hat didn't hesitate on saying it. I blinked my eyes. But how? Dumbledore took the hat off me and I walked slowly to the Slytherin table. I frowned at Carter. He also frowned back knowing we're separated.

After the sorting we started to eat dinner.

I ate sadly. A boy with silver blonde hair sat down beside me.

"Why should you be glum? You're a Slytherin! Pureblood. Your brother is such an unfortunate boy being stuck in a house full of mudbloods." I stared at him. What did he say? Mudbloods?

"What's this Pureblood and Mudblood business anyway? You make it sound like its a big of a deal." he shuffled in his seat then stared at me coldly he explained to me the whole time while eating dinner. He finished with a heavy sigh as if he finished fighting 10 Set monsters in a day.

"I'm Draco Malfoy. Of course you heard about me." he gave me a smirk. I nodded to play along. After the meal, I walked out of the Great Hall with Carter.

"Why are you in Gryffindor?" I yelled at him. His expression was just blank. I rolled my eyes.

The Slytherin prefects led the first year Slytherins to the common room. We pass the Slytherin Dungeon to a stone wall. Draco said the password ''Pureblood" to the wall then it opened. The prefect, gestured us to go in. There were only 3 of us first year Slytherins. We went inside the common room that looked well spooky. The common room has low backed black and dark green leather sofas with buttons, skulls, and dark wood cupboards.

"This is the common room where you can do homework or socialize with other Slytherins." the prefect said with an authorative tone. The first years was 2 boys and well me. A girl grabbed my arm and led me to the girl's dorm. There were 4 girls unpacking their stuff. I looked around. I could just open a Duat then summon my things but I'll do that privately.

"Well, don't you have your clothes?" the girl asked while she grabbed a suitcase underneath her bed.

"Um...I kinda lost them. But I'll manage to find them." I felt kinda intimidated by her. "Where do I sleep?" she just pointed to a bed at the corner of the room."I'm Pansy Parkinson by the way." she smiled. I sulkily went to my bed then sat by the corner of it.

"We are going to the bathroom to wash up for bed. Do you want to go with us?" a girl had a bundle of clothes in her hands said.

"Um... maybe later." Pansy and the girls left. I sat quietly waiting for everyone to clear out. I summoned the locker from the Duat and imagined a jersey bag full of clothes, personal necessities and the proper uniforms in it. After a couple of minutes of concentrating I felt something. I opened my eyes then pull it out from the Duat locker. As soon as I did that, I ran outiside to catch up with the girls who were just entering the bathroom. I took a warm shower, changed into decent clothes then combed my wet hair. After I had finished dressing up, the girls were also finished and ready to go back in the girl's dorm. I set my jersey bag on my bed. I sat on my bed reading the spell book that I got from Uncle Amos' library with a little help from a shabti.

"Sadie, we're going to the common room to socialize and hang out. You coming?" Pansy said who surprisingly became friendly all of the sudden. I set my book down which was in Egyptian under my pillow. I followed Pansy and the other girls out to the common room.

The common room's atmosphere began to feel different. When I first came in, it was cold and creepy. But after we freshened up it became like a warm place to sit and talk. I sat with the other Slytherin girls on the couch. I was leaning back on the couch while the others were sitting straight as if they're royalty. I saw Draco with 2 pudgy boys in each side of him. He looked like as if they were his bodyguards or something. I was wearing a white Egyptian cotton shirt with jean shorts. Mostly, all of the girls in Slytherin were wearing shorts. But of course I was wearing my favorite combat boots.

"Is this what you guys call ''hanging out''? I asked a girl with black long curls and dark hazel eyes.

"Umm... Not exactly. Its kinda a meeting now, not hanging out." I nodded with an "oh" expression. Pansy lied, of course.

"Now all of you had noticed a pureblood became a Gryffindor." Draco said slowly walking around. All of the Slytherins except me nodded. I got confused for awhile.

"Who are you referring anyway?" bad move. As soon as I said that Draco gave me a cold stare.

"Carter Kane." I was getting a little bit mad at Draco this moment. "Blood traitor I assume." he continued. "Blood traitor? What are you prejudice?" I stood up and yelled at him. "I am certainly not prejudice and hold your tongue first year." I rolled my eyes. If Carter were here he wouldn't have to pick up a fight. I sat down with crossed arms and glared at him the whole time.

"Peasant." I mumbled to myself. I usually don't say that to other people unless I'm extremely mad. Draco droned on and on complaining like a complete git. Bloody hell this is taking forever.

"What are you going to do about it? So what if Carter's in Gryffindor?" I glared at him. He pulled at his wand and came at me with it pointing at my throat. The girls were gasping. I didn't mind at all. I was grinnig at him.

"I told you to shut your mouth up first year!" He shouted. I closed my eyes and concentrated to make him a lizard. I pointed at him then opened my eyes. Success! He turned into a slimy lizard.

"Ah! What did you do to him?" Pansy screamed. The two sidekicks of Draco gaped blankly at the lizard. "Change him back, Sadie!" I rolled my eyes at Pansy. "Do it yourself if your a witch." I stood up and walked silently to the girl's dorm with a smug smile.

It was morning. Pansy kept glaring at me with hate the whole time. I glared at her from head to toe then walked out of the dorm to freshen up for the classes. I met Carter to get our schedules from Professor McGonagall. She gave us a parchment. I read the classes and the time. I also checked Carter's if we had the same. "We got the same classes!" Carter smiled. I rolled up the parchment and kept it in my robe pocket. We walked into the Great Hall in opposite directions to our table. I forgot to tell Carter I turned Malfoy into a lizard. I sat at the very end of the table. Eyes were staring at me full of hate. I ignored it and ate my breakfast. I saw Malfoy in human form again angrily stabbing his eggs with his fork. Pansy was beside him trying to comfort him.

"Guess you finally turned him back to human." I commented. Pansy gave me an angry glare.

"You were lucky Blaise turned him to human or else he could've been stuck into a scaly lizard!" Pansy yelled from across the table. Apparently, the Gryffindor table were laughing and smiling. Maybe, they're not that close to Slytherin.

"Whatever Pansy." I finished my breakfast and left the table. I went out of the Great Hall until I heard shuffling footsteps. I turn around to see Carter with two boys and a girl. One has flaming red hair and a boy with black hair and round glasses.

"What do you want?" the red-head shifted nervously.

"This is Harry and Ron , my new friends from Gryffindor." Carter pointed to the boys.

"You actually turned Malfoy into a lizard?" Harry asked with eagerness in his tone.

"Yeah, he got me irked up last night." I fiddled with my wand.

"Still got your old wand? Thought you won't use it." Carter pointed at my wand. "I just learned you woudn't pass out that much when you-" Idiot! Your blowing off your secret I thought to myself.

"Ah, never mind Carter." Harry had a confused expression. "Anyways, what's your first class?" I asked Harry.

"Charms." I checked my schedule."We got the same." I smiled hoping to win a new friend.

We walked in to Charms class. Apparently, we had to pick partners as always, I would choose Carter, but he wanted to have a different one and chose Harry. So, I was stuck with Ron. Professor Flitwick entered the room.

"Now, for today we will practice doing a tickling charm. You will be practicing with your partner." Professor Flitwick stood there waiting for us to start saying spells.

"You first Ron." I smiled cheerfully. Ron took out his wand and pointed it at me.

"Rictusempra" he mumbled the spell. I felt a tickling sensation surging in my body. I laughed hysterically. I saw other students laughing too 'cause of the charm. I paid Ron a little payback and this time using my wand, I pointed it at his face.

"Rictusempra" I followed what he said. Instead of him laughing hard on the floor, he ended up on the wall laughing harder than anyone. Eventually, he passed out from exhaustion that made him go to the infirmary. I was beside his bed the whole time waiting to apologize. He fluttered his eyes opened. I smiled.

"I'm sorry Ron. I didn't know my wand can be that powerful." he gave me a goofy smile. "Its ok , I never had seen one of those powerful wands before." I helped him sit up on his bed. Harry and a girl with bushy brown hair came rushing in.

"Ron, are you ok?" the brunette asked I notice her eyes were full of concern.

"Yeah I'm fine, Mione." I decided to be polite. "Hi! I'm Sadie Kane." I outstretched my hand expecting a hand shake. She took my hand and shook it.

"Hermione Granger." Hermione said cheerfully.

"I heard you turned Malfoy into a lizard?" she added. I giggled and nodded at her.

"Guess that's a yes." she shrugged. I noticed Ron kept staring at Hermione with a twinkle in his eyes.

"I'm late for Potions, sorry got to go guys!" before I left Hermione grabbed my arm. "I have Potions too. Want to go there together?" I thought for awhile, I will get lost somehow.

"Yeah, sure" I agreed. "Anyways, I might get lost in the process." we both laughed at my joke. We climbed a couple of staircases. We arrived just in time. As we sat down together I noticed Malfoy giving dirty looks at Hermione.

"Well, today we are making an Armotenia." Malfoy smirked at Pansy who giggled like an air-head. Surprisingly, both Hermione and I rolled our eyes at them at the same time. We used her cauldron we surprisingly worked well. After several minutes the Armotenia potion was done. I scented the Hall Of Judgement, Anubis' domain. I shook it off.

"So, were gonna drink it or what?" I was reaching for the cauldron when Hermione yanked my hand away from the potion.

"Are you crazy? Armotenia is a love potion. It'll make you obssessed to someone you fancy." I blushed from embarrassment. "Sorry" my voice seemed small.

Professor Snape came over to our table and examined our potion. "Very nice and precise, Kane. Full credit for you. 15 points for Slytherin." I opened my mouth in shock. That was unfair, Hermione did half of the work.

"But Hermione helped too. She deserves a fair grade." I protested as soon as I said that Snape frowned. "Fine. 5 points for Gryffindor and 10 points for Slytherin." he walked away to another table. I saw Pansy sneering at us with that obnoxious face.

"Is he always like that?" I whispered to Hermione. "Yeah, he hates Gryffindors. Mostly, he likes Slytherins like you." she said with a small voice.

"But I'm not like Pansy and Malfoy. They're obnoxious prejudice who-" Hermione cut me off. "You don't need to say that, Sadie." Hermione kept quiet after that. I never wanted to be Slytherin in the first place.

We both went to the Great Hall for lunch. "See you later?" Hermione smiled then nodded and turned to the Gryffindor table. I walked towards the annoying Slytherin table with Snape at the right side. Unfortunately, I got stuck beside Pansy again. She kept flirting with Malfoy. By my guess, Malfoy looks a bit too annoyed. Luckily, I ate my lunch peacefully without interruptions.

After lunch I met up with Carter by the lake. He babbled about the Gryffindors being so cool and fun. I was secretly jealous of him 'cause he got a wonderful friendly house while I was stuck with prejudice dungeon.

"...And they have this small tournament in-" I cut him off.

"Please listen to me for awhile!" I waved my hands frantically at him to make him listen.

"Ok, ok just calm down, Sadie." he held his hands up. "Don't you think its dangerous to stay here longer? Anyways, we don't belong here. Bast might go bonkers if we're gone too long!" Carter shook his head.

"But Sadie! We get to study magic. Unlike the House of Life they'll probably vaporize us after 2 minutes just staying there!" Carter complained.

"Fine, only for this term, okay?" he gave me a hug.

"Thanks so much little sis!" he ran back inside the castle. I sat on a large rock by the lake. I stared at my wand. It was made of ivory and carved with such grace. I sat there lost in thought until I heard rustling noises by a bush. I walked slowly towards it with my wand ready. I searched the bush until I saw a blonde git making out with a pug face girl.

"Malfoy? Pansy?" I said with my mouth hanging open. Apparently, they looked annoyed.

"What do you want now, Sugar Cane?" I felt make cheeks getting hot with anger. No one calls me that!

"How dare you call me that, Pug Face!" I yelled."You want me to hex you for a century, Sugar Cane?" Pansy yelled back. I didn't want to get into another annoying argument so I turned her into a toad with my wand. I turned around to leave but I felt a hand grabbed my forearm abruptly.

"Kane, you better turn Pansy back or else" he gave me a very intimidating glare.

"What if I refused to?" I shot back. Malfoy took out his wand and pointed it at me. My eyes bulged out.

"Guess little sugar cane is scared?" he let out a chuckle. "Don't you dare call me that, Malfoy!" I pointed my wand at him.

"I believe you are bluffing, Kane. I know that you don't know any hexes right now." he smirked. I was caught off guard with his remark.

"I thought you're a wizard? Why don't you turn her back to a girl right now then?" this time it was me who was smirking.