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James saunters into the room wheeling out a projector. He quickly sets up the movie equipment at speeds faster than what I, or any other human being in the room, can see. The light from the projector illuminates a white screen that slowly descends from the ceiling.

"We have a real treat for all of you; a few words of wisdom from a,friend, of mine," James chuckles darkly as he pressed a button on the remote in his hand, starting the film.

Good at least they aren
't talking today

Whatever film they're having us watch… it looks to be pretty old; old, as in black and white. Random words flash across the screen, but not displayed long enough to read. Then the phrase 'PICTURE START' appears initiating the classic countdown beginning at three. You know the one; where it shows the number, beeps, then the darker gray eclipses the lighter shade, this continues on until it reaches number one?







The man, or should I say creature? That appears on the screen is the most breathtaking thing I've seen thus far. His hair looks to be light color… maybe blonde? He looks like a blonde… being gelled back in a way that resembles the 1950's, and, though it might seem weird to comment on his cheekbones, they are so angular and fit his face in a way that makes him look almost angelic. But what draws me in the most are his eyes, though I can't tell the shade… fucking black and white movies… they appear light and kind. But if you look close enough, there is a hint sadness and nervousness. This would be the kind of guy you would need to hug if he were holding a "free hugs" sign, and that desire would increase if you see how defeated he looks… almost as though he is broken. What in the hell did they do to him?

"Hello, I'm Dr. Carlisle Cullen. As you have probably guessed I am a vampire, but a lot different from those you will meet. I can only hope none of you lot will find your way into my office, for your presence there only means you are either ill or injured as I am a Doctor of sorts for humans… or, erm, a 'Pet Vet', as the other Vampires refer to me. Since my rather abrupt introduction into this lifestyle, I have done independent research in Vampire sociology; which is what this video is about. This film will prepare you for what to expect in your future," he speaks quietly, but his voice reverberates throughout the room; I'd describe him as sounding soft, warm, and very non-threatening.

He doesn't have the sinister, malevolent quality I've noticed in the other Vampires… he really sounds like he doesn't want to be here. I wonder what his story is? During his speech, he rarely kept eye contact with the camera, usually his gaze was either directed down on the floor, or to the side.

He doesn't seem like the type that would own a human being but I wish he'd make an exception for me.

"Vampire society is heavily influenced by Class; basically speaking, the more money, and land, a Vampire possesses the more respect and power he, or she, will have over the world. Regardless of which class you are sold into, you will at some point be joining your Master or Mistress out in public; meaning, in the company of other Vampires and Pets.

"These Events may give you a taste of freedom from the place in which you are being kept, but, please… remain alert. Keep conscious of everything you do, say, and the way you act; as all your behaviours, even those less than desirable, represent the Vampire that owns you. It's pretty much a guaranteed way to receive the most brutal of punishments, a painful death, or being returned to the company you were purchased from if you at anytime make a fool out of the one that owns you" Carlisle ends with a sigh as his fingers reach up to rub the bridge of his nose.

This really seems to disgust him… weird
. Good, but weird.

As Carlisle continued to speak, images appeared on the screen to illustrate what he was describing, "At these functions, there are, usually, two types of meals prepared; again, depending on Class, there is a dish made of blood for the Vampire along with some Human food for the Pet. The Vampires sit in chairs, while the Pets are expected to sit, kneel, or lay at their feet; every Vampire is different. At times, the food for the Pet is kept on top of the table giving the Master or Mistress control over how much and when his or her Human eats, while at other times the meal is placed on the ground for the Pet to enjoy in peace.

"No matter which Class you belong to, or who you are in the company of, keep your eyes down and remain silent unless otherwise requested by your Master or Mistress. If you take anything away from this video… please, remember this: while in public or at social gatherings, alwaysstay with the Vampire that owns you. Being alone makes you vulnerable to a variety of heinous and abominable acts; rape being amongst those.

"As you have all probably learned by now, Vampire culture involves a lot of possession. The following images are common things used to mark ownership."

The first picture is of a thick leather collar that distracts the eye from the beautiful neck that it oppresses. So collars… there's a possibility that I'll be tagged like some Goddamned animal. That image is followed by one of a leash… collars and leashes, how fucking appropriate. The next is of a man's pectoral marred with the bold lines of an 'Eye of Horus' tattoo, common in Egyptian art, with the name "Amun" written under it. Those blood sucking fuckers have the nerve to leave a permanent reminder of themselves on our bodies? No fucking way! What did they do before tattoos? Branding? Shit.

"The next photo will need some explaining as it is something none of you have probably ever seen before, however, despite this, it has a variety of names. Common names for it are: a Venom Tattoo, a Love Bite, a Silver Signature, and even a Scent Marker. The process of getting one is extraordinarily painful: first, the Bite must occur on a major pulse point on the Human body. This Bite is not one used to drink blood, nor is it one meant to kill.

"As the Vampire sinks their teeth in, Venom will be injected into the Pet's body. Not nearly enough to kill the Pet, but just enough is used to make the Vampire's Scent Marker a permanent fixture in the Pet's DNA. The intense burning is caused by the Venom binding to the Pet's genetic makeup. As a result, other Vampires will be able to smell the one that owns you mixed in with your own natural Scent for the rest of your existence; there will also be a visual scar that will remain on your body as well, which I will show in a moment.

"The thing about this Bite is…" Carlisle purses his lips, "once you have it on you, it's pretty much a guaranteed ticket to permanent Life as a Pet. Even if you are Released, other Vampires would be liable pick up on that Scent to take you on as their own Pet, since they will see you have experience; if you have the scent of Vampire Royalty in your veins, you will be even more of a commodity. Though the original or already placed Silver Signatures cannot be removed, the next Vampire will repeat this process to add on their scent. Now, here are a few photos of Venom Tattoos."

Oh, fuck! …That's some gnarly looking shit.

Pictures of different body parts flashed on the screen all marred with an odd marking.

Necks …

… Wrists …

… Thighs …

… Forearms …

… Ankles …

… Tops of Feet …

… Backs of Knees …

This "Venom Tattoo" almost looks like something you could find in a costume store; why does it look so gaudy? Vampires are fucking gorgeous, so shouldn't something they use to Mark look at least somewhat… cleaner?

The "Venom Tattoo" was completely silver in color, shaped like a human bite mark, and the whole area is raised from the skin.

There's no way that thing can be overlooked

Another thought struck me, causing me to choke on a laugh, Heh… it's like a disgusting silver hickey tattoo.

I guess maybe,if you had a choice, and this thing was given to you out of love, if these bloodsuckers are even capable of that… since their hearts are probably dead and don't beat, then it would be a beautiful thing… it would be a "Love Bite". I'm not gonna lie, I love it when a man marks my body after he sucks and nips at my sensitive flesh… I wear that shit with pride because it is an expression of adoration and even love, not just possession. Vampires seemed to be as dependent on ownership as they were on blood. Can't they just fuck each other, and leave us alone? Or, hey, I wouldn't mind being wooed by one like in the movies; at least then I would have a choice… a voice… instead of being sold and traded like the shit they put out on the antiques road show.

James POV

I have always been about the game… the hunt… the chase. When I'm not wasting my time playing zoo keeper with Vicky, we fuck, feed, and fuck some more. The whole living for Eternity shit, eventually, gets boring so every once in awhile I have to create a new way to entertain myself… a new game.

Looking at Carlisle, mope around on screen like the deer sucking fucker he is, I can't help but smirk thinking of my latest…'extracurricular activity'.

As a matter a fact, my new Game has gotten so popular that Vampires worldwide have gotten involved playing it; currently, the Territory Antarctica is up for grabs, because, one, people don't live on that cold ass block of ice, and, two, the last Coven there got wiped out by the Volturi Brothers because they were secretly plotting to take over that Worldwide Vampire Leadership position. So, now, since my new Game has caught on, the Territory of Antarctica is presently the standing prize to whoever wins.

The game is simple: Carlisle has never tasted Human blood. Why he wastes his eternal existence feeding on gamey animal blood when he could have the sweet flavourful elixir that his Human blood? Fuck if I know. To win the Game, all you have to do…. is get Carlisle to drink Human blood.

Easy, yeah? It's not as easy as it sounds.

That bastard has been abstaining from Human blood for over three hundred years, because he "has morals… human life is precious… doesn't want to be like Dad". Blah, blah, blah. He and his Mate provide medical treatment to Pets worldwide; I prefer not to waste my money or my time watching him fawn over some useless Pet like he's Doctor Doolittle, or some shit. I look at Humans like they look at Fish: they're easy Pets to keep alive, they make great food, and if it dies… so the what fuck ever. Just toss it out, and get another; if you're quick enough, you can drink the blood before it runs cold.

However it's happened, Bastard's built up a resistance to blood. So pretty much the only way to get him to feed off of a Human was to find his Singer…

Why? It is physically impossible to resist the lure of your Singer.

The only Rule is that you cannot physically force him to drink blood. You can lead the lamb to slaughter, but you can't force it down his throat.

Making eye contact with Vicky, she smirks and winks at me; my Mate pretty much has the same twisted thoughts as me. We had tried to convince Carlisle to come down here, and do this lecture live instead of playing the video… but the man's not an idiot. He knew the only reason why we wanted him here was so we could see if his Singer resided in this batch of Pets. Carlisle fucking hates my guts. If he didn't believe that "all life is valuable", there's no doubt if he would have ripped me to shreds and burned the pieces Ages ago.

Looking back at the projection screen, I notice Carlisle has reached the end of his little "Lesson". Now comes the most annoying bit: his fucking monologue, followed by his Goddamn dramatic exit. He needs to drink some Human blood, and chill the fuck out.

Finally fixing his traitorous golden eyes right into the camera he says, "I am so sorry for the situation you have been forced into. If there was a way for me to shield you from my Kind, I would. I know a lot of you are so young… it's such a tragedy for your lives to be stolen from you. For each of you I will pray, each and every day. Once you leave the safety of the training facility, you will face horrors, and see things that could destroy your soul; I beg of you, always remember that no matter where you go, that the Lord will be with you, He loves His Ch-"

"Okay, fuck this shit. I can't stand another Forsaken moment listening to that compassionate self righteous idiot," Vicky shouts as she shuts off the movie projector.

Chuckling, I feel pride, That's my Mate.

"So many fucking badass, useful Gifts and he gets compassion. How fucking pointless. All he does is bitch, and whine all of the Goddamn time; 'every life is precious' my ass, not when I'm fucking thirsty that's for Goddamn sure," Vicky mumbles a rant too low for the weak little Humans to pick up on, but I was able to hear it very clearly. Loudly, she speaks to the Pets, "The rest of you, get Hell out of here, and go straight to your cells, no food tonight… James and I had a little too much fun with the used Pet help earlier," she chuckles darkly with a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

The Pets are quick vacate their seats, and rush out of the room. Now, if I can get Laurent to leave, Vicky and I can have a little fun

All four of us are tucked into our cells listening to…"SHIT. HARDER, JAMES!"… fucking awkward.

Mike, Alice, and I were all seated on my bed, eyes shifting nervously across the cell as we tried to think of something to distract ourselves from the fuckery taking place in the other room. Lauren, as usual, is curled up on her bunk with a pillow squeezed over her head. But, since Victoria screams like a banshee and James fucks like a jackhammer, so we've been hearing, it's nearly impossible to ignore.

When I say I've heard James fucking… I mean it. Literally, I can hear their bodies crashing together right now. The sound is hard to describe, it's not like the slapping of skin I'm used to. It's more similar to the sound of a construction site, where they use giant power tools to drill into the cement.

"MMM! FUCK, BABY!" Victoria moans.

"YOU LIKE THAT?" James growls.

"CL-CLOSE! MMM," she shouts.

For Pete
's sake, this sounds like a crappy seventies porn audio tape! The only reason why I want them to climax at this exact moment, is so that they'll shut the Hell up!

I guess they are approaching their orgasms, because they are no longer saying coherent things; they seemed to have made that transition from civilized to savage. Words are now replaced by growls, hisses, and purrs. I can hear more things breaking, and glass shattering as they take no notice to their surroundings. Intense emotions or feelings, whether it be anger, sexual, or possession bring out their primal sides?

Out of nowhere James releases this really loud snarl, and it sounded different from all the others; it's so guttural and deep, the power behind it is Earth shattering. The final roar is followed by a loud wail from Victoria, it sounds like she could be in some sort of pain? Maybe he bit her? Well, whatever happened, it's over. Oh, thank you to Whoever is Listening…

Wow, did I really just sit here attempting to give a play by play, and an in depth analysis of two sadistic blood suckers fucking? I have way too much time on my hands in this prison; they should give us something to do to occupy our time… like a deck of cards or something

. That way, the only entertainment I get won't involve creeping on someone else's sex life.

After sitting around for awhile, we eventually, and silently, decide we might as well go to bed.



I'm jolted awake by the sounds of Lauren's screams.


Lauren POV

The popping sound accompanied by the buttery aroma that is popcorn fades as I slowly trudge my way up the stairs. Tonight is Saturday night, which means movie night... with my parents


This is some lame Tradition my Mom started, in order to make sure we all have some family time during the week. Every Saturday night I am forced to ignore the rest of the World,
yeah that includes turning off my cell phone, and watch three movies with them; one was picked by each my Mom, Dad, and me. Don't get me wrong: I love them, but, come on, we're talking Saturday nights people.

Opening my wardrobe, I pull out my pink and green plaid flannel pajama set. After putting my night clothes on, I head to the bathroom and brush my hair, pulling it back into a ponytail. I make my way over to the door to put on my pink fuzzy slippers when I heard it.


"Oh shit!"


"Run Sarah!"

"Carl! Oh no please don'


Deep inside, I knew that going downstairs and
"helping" will do no good. Being a fan of horror films, I am well aware that going and investigating what's going on in a situation like this a bad idea.

I should be quiet.

I should stay upstairs.

I should hide.

I should call 911.

But, I don
't do any of those things; my parents are in danger, and I can't stand by, playing a passive role. Grabbing my glass vase off the dresser, I race out of my bedroom and down the stairs.

"Please we'
ll pay you back I swear!" I hear my Mother scream.

"We just need more time!" My Dad adds with a sob.

"Skipping town, and changing your identity isn'

t the best thing to do if you wanted my trust. You disrespected us. No one weasels out of their debt and lives; we have a reputation to maintain!"A foreign voice snaps in reply.

Entering the living room my body freezes with shock when I see the two freakishly pale men in dark navy suits, wearing matching glares that have their claws on my parents. The man with the salt and pepper colored hair has my Dad in a choke hold; there is s a deep gash on the right side of my Dad

's face and the blood seeping out seems to entrance his captor. Tears are flowing from my Mom's eyes as the guy with the long black hair held a blade to her throat.

They are so focused on what they were doing that they don't notice me… until the glass vase slips from my hands, and shatters onto the polished hardwood floor.

Fuck! Two pairs of crimson eyes snap in my direction.

Red eyes! How the hell do they have red eyes?

My Dad gives me a long hard look before he suddenly shouts,
"Take our Daughter, Lauren".

"WHAT? Carl, what are you -" my Mom yells, shocked.

"Honey, you

know we don't have the money. If we can't pay them, we'll die. It's the only way!" My Dad begs my Mom to understand what he was saying.

"Daddy?" I whisper, trembling.

My Mom squeezes her eyes shut, before taking a deep breath and saying,
"If we give her to you… will our debt be completely erased?"

"Mom… WHAT THE HELL?" I shout, wanting desperately to wake up from this nightmare.


re willing to give up your Daughter so easily? You Humans are selfish Creatures,"the one with the black hair, who was holding my Mother, laughs.

Smiling, the other one agrees,

"Seriously? I suppose, if we sold her to a Slave training facility, we would get more than enough to cover the debt and the interest."

"Mom… Dad… don'

t you guys love me? Why are you doing this to me?"I start sobbing, unable to hold it in anymore.

The two men release their hold on my parents, and made their way over to me. My parents took one last look at me, and my Mom whispers,

"Take care, Sweetheart" and then they avert their eyes.

"I FUCKING HATE YOU BOTH!" I screech, betrayal settling in my heart.

The two men tightly grip my arms, and drag me out of the busted front door. I scream, and cry the entire way; begging my Parents to change their minds. Fed up with my struggles, one of the men takes out a syringe and stabs it into my neck.

I black out almost instantly

Gasping for air, my body shoots up to a sitting position. That memory always makes me depressed, especially as I learn more about the gravity of the situation my parents selfishly sold me into. The two people in this world I was supposed to trust the most simply tossed me aside as if I was useless. I can't help the sobs that leave my body, as I consider the fact that maybe my parents didn't love me… at least, not as much as they claimed. When I look up, I notice all my cell mates are standing at my bedside and staring at me with worry?

"What do you guys want?" I rasp out as tears continue to flow down my cheeks, unable to stop.

"We heard you screaming in your sleep, and we wanted to make sure you were okay," the boy with the bronze hair, I think I'd heard the other girl call him Eddie, whispers.

"Um, thanks? It was just a nightmare, no big deal," I lie averting my eyes, as I try to stop crying.

"That's not true, Lauren. If you talk about it, I'm sure you'll feel better," the annoying spiky haired chick spoke lightly.

"You know what? Maybe I don't want to talk about it," I respond with a sneer.

"You know, your pigheadedness will get you nowhere," the other girl scoffs.

"Fuck. Off! If I say I don't want to talk about something, then you should leave it at that! Stop being nosey, and let me have what little privacy I have left!"

"Since you have no friends here, I was just trying to help. There's no need to be a bitch about it!"

"Ali, come on she's fine maybe we should…" Eddie tries to break in, as he places his hand at the small of her back as though trying to lead her away.

"Edward, don't touch me. She can't go on acting all aloof and superior, not after she woke me up; especially since she woke all of us up. She owes us some kind of explanation," 'Ali' reprimands him, causing him to raise his hands in surrender.

"I don't owe you shit! Back off, before I make you back off, you pint sized whore!" I scream back at her. If it's a fight she wants then a fight she'll get.At least this gives me another avenue to push all my pent up emotions to, as my tears stop and my eyes narrow.

"Girls, come on. I know this whole situation is making us crazy, the whole 'being held against my will and sold to vampires'thingdoesn't do it for me, either; but we are all in this together. We're in the same situation, facing the same things. All fighting amongst ourselves creates is yet another obstacle for us to overcome. We have to remain a solid team, if we're going to make it out of here," the blonde boy speaks up. I think he was trying to calm down the brewing fight.

"Mike… that was so corny. I can't believe you just said that; it sounded like some weird remake of a Hollywood sports team movie, or something," Eddie chuckles.

I hope this little diversion diffuses the topic; but, then again

Rolling her eyes, the witch continues, "Look, just spit it out so we can go to bed; I would rather not have a repeat of tonight the next evening."

With a deep sigh, I feign boredom as I check over my nails and yawn.

"Fuck you, Lauren; I'm tired of your shit! You know what? I'm sure nobody misses you back on the outside, not even your parents!" Alice's comment immediately causes me pause, and I start crying again.

Alice POV

"No, no, no," she sniffles. "I'm not that bad. They love me, they love me! They had no choice, they miss me every day. No choice, no choice. I'm Daddy's Girl, and Mommy's little Princess, always," she sobs as she wraps her arms around her folded legs, and starts rocking back and forth while shaking her head from side to side.

What the hell?

I guess… I struck a nerve. Shit. Not her too.

I didn't mean to hurt her like this. It's just, I try to be as positive as I can, but being locked in a dungeon for days with a bunch of strangers really brings up old memories, and drives me crazy. Crazy? I was once crazy, my parents said so before they took me away so I could heal. I tried not to use my extra sense, it's not normal, it's crazy. But he said I wasn't crazy, he said I was special, and then he brought me here.

Just like the future, when the past decides to show itself in my mind, I freeze. The world around me gets hazy and I See it. Sometimes I See what was, but most of the time I See what will be. I haven't had one in awhile, though, because I've been trying to suppress it; it'd been working until now.

I was eleven…

"Momma, you and Daddy can'
t have another baby now, not yet; it's a bad time," I plead with my Mother.

what are you talking about? You know, a new baby won't mean we're replacing you, right? You'll always be Mommy's Little Girl," kneeling, she furrows her brow as she pushes the hair out of my eyes.

"No, Momma, it'
s not about that! The baby will die. It will come out dead, and you and Papa will be so sad,"I whisper to my Mom with my eyes filled with unshed tears.

Her face immediately hardens as she grabs my wrist, and looks me dead in the eye, saying,

"Mary Alice, don't you say such horrible and violent things."

"But, Momma, it'

s true!" I shout, wanting her to understand.

"Mary Alice, not another word! Go outside, and find something to occupy yourself with!"

Hanging my head low, I run outside, climb into my tree house, and sit at the pink dining table set across from my stuffed animal bear named Cynthia. Filling each of our floral tea cups with imaginary tea, I pass Cynthia her cup and start sipping on my own.

"Cynthia, they don't believe me! I know it's going to happen I've Seen it" I whisper.


Sitting outside, drawing animals on the driveway with chalk, I'm dreading what is about to happen. Today is the day. My Mom didn't take me seriously, and tried having a baby anyway. Her belly has just started to get big with the baby, and now it's all about to end.

Coloring in the spots on the giraffe

's neck, I ready myself for it.

s heartbreaking cry breaks the silence of the early afternoon.

Dropping my chalk, I rush into the house to find her. The scene I walk in on is a perfect match to my Vision. My Dad is sitting on the floor with his head in his hands, crying; blood is all over the toilet, floor, bath tub, and my parents. My Mom is curled up in the bath tub clutching the lost ruby stained Angel in her arms. Hearing me enter the room, my Mom looks at me with her eyes filled with hate.

"You," she points a finger at me, and I slowly shake my head back and forth, knowing what was coming before I start to cry. "You wanted this; you, you Cursed me! YOU DID THIS TO YOUR OWN BROTHER! WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU! You, Mary Alice, are crazy, and I'm going to make sure you go to a place where you can never hurt someone again!"


My Parents are walking ahead of me, hands clasped together forming a united front while I trail behind them with my head down as we approach the large white building.

The Mayflower Mental Institution.

I follow them into the building, knowing that this is the last time I will ever see them again.


Two years later, at thirteen years old, I was still there.

My Parents think I

'm crazy, and now it looks like Doctor Henry Jenks believes I am too. Perhaps they're right?

Looking at me over the top of his glasses, Doctor Jenks, the Institution
's "top Psychologist" tries to understand my behavior, "So, you can see the future, Mary Alice?"

"Yes," I whisper.

"That makes you a Psychic then right?"

"I guess so," I shrug, wanting nothing more than to shrink into the uncomfortable seat I'm on.

"Okay, so I have a red, a blue, and a yellow card sitting in my desk drawer. I will select a color, place it on the ground, and you will use these so called '

Psychic abilities' to see which card I have chosen."

"Sir, it doesn'

t work like that."

"What do you mean?" He gave me a patronizing smile.


m not powerful enough; it's missing a trigger, I guess. My Visions come at random, and they usually happen while I am asleep."

"You mean dreams."

"No, they'

re not dreams, they're Visions!" I seethe; I know what I'm talking about.

"Okay, Mary Alice, settle down; now tell me about these dreams," he chuckles at me.

"I will be taken from here, and brought to another prison; but this one will be preparing me for a new life. There is someone important there who needs me… he'

ll be so scared. I don't know why but the place has a really sinister vibe."

With another condescending smile, Doctor Jenks replies,
"Mary Alice, just as every child, you have a well working imagination… that's all it is. This dream is simply your self-awareness that you need to be contained. Always. Even though you escape, you get put back in a different place; a place that scares you, but prepares you for your future. This is just your acceptance of the counseling, and medication Programs. It's scary, but you will realize the benefit of healing your mind. The little boy is a manifestation of yourself. You're scared, but you recognize the strength you'll need."

"NO! That'

s not it! Stop twisting my words!"

"Mary Alice, calm do-"



"Mary Al-"




"Alice," a silky voice whispers in the night, waking me up.

Mumbling incoherently I blink the blurriness out of my eyes and see the silhouette of a male figure standing over me.
"Who are you?" I couldn't help but ask. I know he shouldn't be here, it's lights out and everyone leaves you alone at this time; I also know that he wasn't a Staff member or a patient… but

I wasn't scared.

"Shhh… that is not important. You have such great potential, Alice," he murmurs softly, "when you are of nineteen years of age, I will take you away from here to a World you'
ve only dreamed of, Child."

"I can'

t leave. I can never leave. I'm crazy!"

"Humans fear, and alienate, that which they do not understand. Not all people here are crazy; some just have skills and abilities that exceed the normal Human understanding; these differences make the average Humans uncomfortable, hence the reason why they isolate them from Society. I work at facilities like this to rescue those that are wrongly put in these places because of their Gifts, and I bring them to a World unlike anything they have ever imagined. Alice, I know of your extra Sight. If you think it has power now, just you wait," he chuckles.

"You aren't Human… are you?"

"I believe your Visions have already provided you with that answer, Pet," was the last thing he said before I blink… and then

he's gone.

So I'm not crazy, and he's coming back for me in 6 years…


With a deep breath, I'm back in the Present; it's a little disorientating. There are holes in my memory… I don't know if that Vampire did something to me, or if it was the medications from the Psych ward, but that was the first time I've seen that Vision in its entirety.

Snapping my head from my thoughts, I notice everyone is staring at me.

Edward POV

One minute Alice and Lauren are going at it head to head, then one of Alice's comments breaks Lauren down, and she starts to cry. Next thing I know,
Alice has this glazed over look in her eyes, like she's here in body but not in mind. Is it possible for her to be looking at something other than what's in front of her? Ugh, this is a fucking mad house.

Alice remains stock still, without blinking for about five minutes; Lauren is so freaked out by the whole thing that she stops crying.

When Alice comes back from wherever she was, she takes a few breathes to steady herself then she jumps up on top of the bed and locks her arms around Lauren. Alice cries into the other girl's shoulder as she keeps apologizing; initially Lauren looks uncomfortable with this random display of affection, especially sense the two were just about to rip each other's hair out five minutes ago, but eventually she falls into the hug and the girls cry together. It's like some newfound mutual understanding the two have without having to speak.

Girls are fucking weird.
Before going to bed, we all had a long talk while sitting in the circle on the ground. Lauren shares the tragic story of how her Parents knowingly gave her to Vampires, instead of paying the money the owed to their Company. Although I feel like she's leaving things out, Alice tells us how she was sent to a Mental Institution, and then brought here by a Vampire. Both mine and Mike's stories have the same theme: we were lured in by a job offer; his was Football while mine was Modeling, and then we were abducted. With all the drama out of the way, we all lay our mattresses side by side, snuggling up together on the makeshift bed and fall asleep. For the first time in awhile I felt at peace.


"Attention passengers, we will now begin our decent to beautiful Italy," a pleasant female voice rings through the loud speaker.

Wait. WHAT?

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Fact: Phoenix has the highest kidnapping rate in the United States.

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If you haven't already, read Mating by sandraj60. It is one of the first Carlisle/Edward slash fics I've ever read and it's an incredible story. This last chapter blew my fucking mind. Sandraj60 is amazing, she's one of the first people I started talking to on FFnet, and she has really inspired me, and has shown me a beautiful world of C/E lovin'. She also has this one shot called Nestingwhich is unlike any story I have ever read. She has this unique way of describing a vampire transformation. I know some of you out there are thinking EWWW CARLISLE AND EDWARD GROSS! NO, not gross. It's fuckhot and beautiful in the best ways. Just give it a chance she's listed under my favorite authors, honestly I didn't think I'd like this pairing but now I'm hooked.

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