A Quick Note

This collection of Vampire Diaries ficlets was borne of extreme boredom and an urge to write. They're quick little stories, all independent of each other. The only thing they have in common is that they're all concerning the characters of the TVD TV series.

Each piece will be complete in its own right, though the collection itself will remain ongoing. I'll add to it whenever I have something to add, so if you want to stay on top of things, I recommend putting the story on alert. Below, you'll find a Table of Contents, which I'll update every time I add a story, so you can look through the list, read the individual summaries, see the characters, and choose which ones to read, if you don't want to read them all. They'll be in the order they appear in the drop down menu.

Believe me when I say that the ideas for each piece are completely random, so if you have a prompt that you think you'd like me to fill, please, feel free to leave it in a review, or PM it to me. Considering the nature of this collection, I'll be open to almost anything, so long as it isn't smut (trust me, it's better that way) or slash. I also refuse to write Bamon (sorry if that's your thing, but I just can't wrap my head around it) and I'm not a particular fan of Stelena either (Delena, all the way). Taking all that into account, I'll do my best with what you give me.


Table of Contents

High School Girls (K)
Damon-centric, mentions of Stefan/Elena
Stefan has failed to consider one minor detail about his girlfriend: her age.

(Be Careful) What You Wish For (T)
Caroline-centric, mentions of Caroline/Matt and Caroline/Tyler
The old saying is true: be careful what you wish for.

Joust (T)
Katherine-centric, implied Katherine/Stefan and Katherine/Damon
There are no knights, only little boys who think they understand more of the world than they truly do.

Defining Love (light M)
Damon-centric, mentions of Damon/Elena
It wasn't so long ago that love equalled sex or blood. Or sex and blood.

Sinking (light M)
It happened before she had a chance to resist but either way, she didn't want to.

Forfeit (K)
Katherine-centric, implied Katherine/Klaus
Remember tonight…for it is the beginning of always.

Vampires Don't Wear Leather Jackets (K)
Elena-centric, crack!fic
"Have you seen what's on TV lately? What passes for a vampire in film? They're wearing leather jackets for God's sake. Leather jackets!"

Choices (T)
She stills wakes up sometimes, wrapped in their arms, and knows she's a hypocrite. But she understands now, how easy it must have been for Katherine to just keep them both.

God Gave Us Memories (K)
Liz-centric, musings on Caroline
Murderer. Bloodsucker. Vampire. Monster. Caroline, her Caroline, is none of those things.

Family Night (K)
Elena-centric, implied Stefan/Elena and Damon/Elena
"Damon, what is this?" He smiles down at her, shrugs and says, "Family Night."

With the Best Intentions (K)
Elijah-centric, with Elijah/Jenna undertones
Of all the things Elijah would have expected to throw him off kilter, Jenna Sommers wouldn't even have made the shortlist.

(Sorta Step-) Daddy's Girl (T)
Ric-centric, implied Damon/Elena
Damon is not the kind of guy men want for their daughters.